1. Kathleen says

    I wish I had this book for my first pregnancy. Seriously. It was long before the book though. It’s crazy how much your body changes and some of the changes are so permanent.

  2. Chelsea @ Life With My Littles says

    I love this post! Pregnancy is so crazy and you go through so many emotions and so many new feelings as your body changes. It’s awful and amazing at the same time, and I agree with everything you said. And I loved the What to Expect books, and especially the app! It’s fun to follow along with both throughout your pregnancy!

  3. Hezzi-D says

    I’ve heard such good things about this book. I didn’t know there was another one on eating healthy when you are expecting. Good to know for the future!

  4. heidi says

    Katelyn, you look so great! Those books were so helpful when I was pregnant and had young kids. Great giveaway idea, and I’m sure first time moms are going to love this post.

  5. Sarah says

    My husband and I are trying for our first child; this book would be so helpful! I hope I have pregnancies like my mother, all healthy pregnancies and healthy babies!

  6. Kerry says

    I’m done having children, but this book set would make a great gift for my nephew’s wife, who is expecting. Thanks for the opportunity.


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