How to Save Money on Groceries Without Ever Leaving Home

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If you want to try out online grocery shopping, here's how to make it much more affordable! Save money on groceries without coupons or leaving home!

I hate grocery shopping. And it's not even because I have four kids that join me when I go. The main reason for my disdain is the high grocery bill at the end and still feeling like we don't have any food a few days later. My frugal nature encourages me to find ways to save money on groceries. I clip coupons. I shop sales. I stockpile when the price is right. I use money saving couponing apps on my phone. I buy generic. I avoid eating out too! Nonetheless, I always spend more than I want to, because I want to spend $0 on food. I know. It's unrealistic, cause, well, I need to eat and so does my family, and it isn't going to ...

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