Dealing with Potty Training Regression? Ask Your Toddler This Question

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If your young child or toddler is going through potty training regression with frequent accidents, ask them this ONE question. If it works it will save you a lot time and sanity!!

Once we had figured out the right incentive for our 2 year old son, he was potty trained. It was magical and wonderful and we were thrilled it was as easy as finally figuring out the right incentive - this reusable sticker book. He would get a large vehicle sticker for going poop in the potty and a smaller sized one for pee. Worked awesome! So when the potty training regression hit a few months later, we were stumped. We tried pulling the sticker book back out, but this time with only moderate success. Our son was peeing at friend's houses, at our house, and didn't seem to really care. In fact, he once ran over to his little ...

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