Practical and Thoughtful Gifts for Expecting Moms She’ll Absolutely Love

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Gifts for pregnant women don't have to focus on the baby! What a great list of thoughtful gifts for expecting moms that are just for her! I would have loved these type of pregnancy gifts.

Sometimes when you're pregnant you want attention and gifts that are just for you, the expecting mom, not just for the new baby. You want to receive gifts for pregnant women that say "I'm thinking about how this little bundle of joy is going to change your life - and I want this gift to help." Or, maybe that's just me. Many of the pregnancy gifts I suggest are things that will make life for the momma-to-be easier, more manageable, but also more enriched. These go far beyond baby registry items! These are items first time moms, or second time moms (and beyond) to help them enjoy carrying a new life inside of her and outside of ...

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