6 People You Forget to Thank All Year and Gifts They’ll Appreciate

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Great appreciation gift ideas to say thank you to various service industry providers like the mailman, stylist, teacher, military personnel, etc.

Once again, the Christmas holiday is upon us and I’m looking around wondering where the year went!  The older I get, the faster it seems to go.  Part of getting older means hopefully getting wiser too, right? As I get “wiser” I try to focus more and more on gratitude – all of the things in my life that I take for granted and how much they bless me: my car, my “day” job, this blogging opportunity, comfortable shoes, macaroni-and-cheese…okay, okay, I digress, but it’s all true! I also like to use this time of year to remember all of those people who give to me all year long and bless my life as well, and that’s really the focus ...

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