20+ Awesome DIY Elsa Costume Tutorials for Little Girls

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Love this list of DIY Elsa Costume Dresses! It's giving me some inspiration as to how I want to make my daughter's Queen Elsa dress from Disney's Frozen for Halloween.

Looking for some Homemade Elsa Costume Tutorials and Inspiration? Then read on! My daughters love the movie Frozen! I don't know a little girl that doesn't. And Queen Elsa, with her awesome ice powers, beautifully long flowing cape, snowflake decals, and beautiful braided hair, is many little girls favorite princess. I'm sure a Queen Elsa costume will be on the top of the Halloween costume idea list this year. I hate forking out a bunch of money on poorly made Halloween costumes (especially when I have twin girls to outfit). So, I wanted to put together a huge round-up of DIY Elsa costumes to give you some inspiration to ...

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