5 Fantastic Elf on the Shelf Alternatives You’ll Wanna Start This Year

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I LOVE these Elf on the Shelf Alternative Ideas for counting down to Christmas! I don't know which unique advent activity idea is my favorite for my family!

If Elf on the Shelf isn't for you, here are five Elf on the Shelf alternatives for your family. Start a great new family Christmas tradition that you can totally get behind this year. Just before Christmas last year, my kids were 3½ and 1½ and I was 37 weeks pregnant.  And I turned into a crazy person.  I had this super intense need to make the looming holiday mean something “more”.  I scoured Pinterest, and I harassed my family and friends about their traditions.   I needed to find a way to connect my kids to the meaning of the holiday and not to the fluff. And then I gave birth to our third minion two days before Christmas.  ...

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