Potty Training: What Really Happens After You Ditch the Diapers

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Potty Training in 3 Days? Talk about a pipe dream! Love this honest and humorous post about what happens after your child leaves diapers behind.

This is a sponsored post by Charmin and Acorn Influence. All opinions are my own. As I walk past our children's bathroom, I see it. I see that I am a failure. I see that I clearly suck at potty training my kids. Because inside the bathroom sits the unflushed toilet, the all-too-dry towel, and toilet paper squares spread all over the floor. Again.My potty-trained children are five and a half years old and still many of the finishing touches of potty training escape them. Honestly, I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do to help them at this point. They've been without diapers for over two and a half years. It's not like they ...

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