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Fagan Family Photos 19 - edit blogHey there! What’s up? I’m Katelyn Fagan. And this is my blog. 

This blog is about me and my family. But, not so much in that annoying “Oh, my kids are the bestest of all the bestest best kids in the whole wide world” obnoxious sort of way.

What’s up Fagans? is about our journey through this awesome, totally hard, thing called life, and how we are doing our darndest to make the most of it.

Although this life is full of change, disappointment, trials, and heartache (all of which we’ve experienced in our marriage), it is also full of beauty, hope, joy, and love.

I like to remind myself and others who stumble their way to my site of the good.

Here at What’s up Fagans? you will find posts that are honest, practical, and helpful to your soul, your home, your health, your children, and your spouse. 

You will regularly find posts about pregnancy and raising kids because I am a mother of four children, including a set of twins.

You’ll find that I approach parenting with a sense of humor and honesty. Because while I’m trying to raise awesome kids with boundaries, responsibility, work ethics, and religion, I don’t really know what I am doing. Like you, I just try my best.

My Best Pregnancy Posts:

what's up fagans familyMy Best Parenting Posts:

This means my posts on motherhood will be peppered with my failures as a mother, my short temper, yelling fits, selfishness, and character imperfections, in the hopes that you just might relate.

My Best Posts on Motherhood:

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You will also regularly find posts about how to save money and make extra money, because I am extremely frugal. Like, I rarely ever go shopping for myself or buy anything, and regularly pick up the cheapest brand of something when I do, even though it often lives up to its low price tag. Fortunately (or unfortunately) my spender husband tends to balance out my cheaps-Kate self.

My Best Money-Saving Tips:

But, life also necessitates a certain level of budget-consciousness as we are now a family of six and my husband is a PhD student.

Fagan Family Photos 46 - Edit BlogThe hubby is currently earning a doctorate degree in Mathematics Education with at least 2 years to go until he can graduate and hopefully work in his dream career as a college math professor.  This degree is the reason we are currently living in Texas, though I originally hail from Wisconsin.

Because I deeply and profoundly believe marriage is an essential, fulfilling, happy part of life, you’ll find marriage tips and date night ideas here. My husband and I celebrated 7 years of marriage in November 2015 and still love each other (in case the slew of four kids in 5 years didn’t give that away).

My Most Popular Posts on Marriage:

In order to see my husband through his degree and afford life, I work-from-home as a blogger. But, I’m also a stay-at-home-mother and homeschooler.what's up fagans jumpingAnd it’s rough. I honestly stink at making sure my priorities are in their proper places all the time, but am working hard to step into balance. So you’ll also find posts about managing life and living simply.

My Best Posts on Homemaking and Simple Living:

Because I’m not just a wife, mom, homeschooler, and blogger, I’m also the Primary President at church, a book club organizer, a child of God, an off-and-on again exerciser, a homemaker, and a social butterfly.

My Best Posts on Faith

You’ll find blog posts on all those aspects of my life here at What’s up Fagans? because I know I’m not the only 21st Century mom juggling many hats!
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Whether or not you’ll agree with me in all of my posts, I hope you’ll always appreciate my humble, down-to-earth, non-judgmental, goofy, all too practical, frugal, Mormon-self, who has a hard time holding grudges and smiles a huge toothy smile very easily. May God bless you and your family on your journey in life.

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