Why Cleaning Your Bathtub with Bar Keepers Friend is the Best

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Ever since I first used Bar Keepers Friend and it completely revitalized a nasty dirty stainless steel pizza pan, I’ve been a big fan! I’ve used it to remove scratch marks from dishes, clean copper bottom pots, easily remove grime from my pans, and more. My favorite use for it though is cleaning my bath tub!

Our bathtub gets especially grimy where our shower curtain liner meets the tub. It’s like all the dirt collects there and multiplies. We tend to get this buildup of black grossness between cleaning the tub. how to clean bathtub with dirt ring

After I finally took the time to clean our shower curtain liner, I again cleaned the bathtub with Bar Keepers Friend. I love using it because it works so well and doesn’t require me to scrub much at all! And I can clean the whole tub in minutes. As someone who hates cleaning the bathtub and shower walls this is a very big deal.

How to Clean Bathtub with Bar Keepers Friend

Materials needed to clean bathtub

Instructions for Cleaning Bathtub

1. Wet the tub walls and sides. Turn on the shower head for a minute and spray around, or turn on the tub, or fill a cup with water and splash it around. Doesn’t matter. Just get it wet.

2. Sprinkle on the powder Bar Keepers Friend. A little goes a long way. You do not need to coat the entire bathtub. You’ll spread it around once you start scrubbing. Or squirt the liquid version in some key areas (that may be extra grimy and soap scummy) but do not coat your bathtub!

bar Keepers friend for cleaning bathtubs

3. Wet the scour pad (or sponge or washcloth) and start working in the Bar Keepers Friend. Don’t forget to get the tub walls, and all ledges and sides of your tub.

cleaning bathtub with Bar Keepers Friend

4. Rinse the tub with water. Again, do so as in the manner most convenient for you. I typically turn on the shower and fill a cup and get water where I need it. Rinse all the water and residual Bar Keepers Friend down the drain (again another reason to go light – less rinsing time).

5. Dry with a towel of some kind.

You’re done!

how to clean bathtub easy way

Please be aware that the little circles (maybe from some sort of suction cup bath mat someone had used prior?) that appear in my photos are permanent and have been there since we moved into our apartment and nothing has worked on removing them. The tub itself is very scratched and damaged, but it clean (for my tub) after I use Bar Keepers Friend!

Here’s a video I did for Hometalk showing how to clean the shower head (and a few other things in the bathroom)!

Another fun easy way to clean the bathtub is by using a Magic Eraser!

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