I Think It’s Time for You to Meet a Wonder Woman (or Two)

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We’ve all met someone like her before. #WonderWoman

Someone who is quite honestly amazing. Where seemingly everything she does is fantastic. Someone we often call a “Wonder Woman.”

Dr Pepper wants you to appreciate the Wonder Woman in your life and has asked me to share my story.

Wonder Woman MaryDawn

In college, it was my freshman roommate, MaryDawn. I have never met anyone like her before or after.

She’s truly a unique breed of awesomeness.

MaryDawn and Me

MaryDawn and Me in College

During college, she usually took between 17 or 18 credit hours every semester of hard classes, aiming to double or triple major and graduate with honors! She was on a full-ride scholarship from the start of her college career because she was so smart and involved in so many awesome things while still in high school. She learned several languages, enjoyed swing dancing, was a seamstress, played multiple instruments well, got excellent grades, and did four years of marching band (like me) playing an instrument (the baritone) which she picked up a few weeks before auditioning for the BYU Marching band!

The summer after our freshman year, she traveled to Africa with her brother, for fun. She went on to live in Brazil as a foreign exchange student for a semester, went on a European tour and an Asian tour, lived in Russia for a semester after she married, lived in Washington state where she spoke Spanish during her mission for our church, and lived in Washington, D.C. for an internship.

To top it all off, she is incredibly personable! She introduced herself to everyone she met and took a genuine interest in them, always asking them how they spelled their name and tried to come up with unique ways of remembering their names, which she did with shocking accuracy – I swear she knew half the people on campus by the end of her time there (she did both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at BYU).

MaryDawn is also hilarious and has the best laugh and smile. She’s naturally beautiful, enjoys sports, especially running, and has completed marathons, I think in part to prove that she could do it. She’s also extremely frugal and thrifty, honest, humble, and spiritual.

She is truly one of those women – a Wonder Woman.

I am truly in awe of everything she has accomplished in her life, especially the struggles and challenges she has overcome like the loss of her father almost immediately after her wedding, as well as a couple of health issues.  I truly believe she is remarkable and extraordinary in so many ways.  I stand in wonderment of her.

And I’ve been blessed to call this Wonder Woman one of my best friends for the last decade. I still love to call and chat with her on the phone, even though we haven’t seen each other in years. Whenever we chat we have such a great time catching up and laughing, as I listen to her latest adventures in life, and she listens to mine.

dr pepper wonder woman can

Wonder Woman Kirsten

In a few weeks, my best friend and Wonder Woman, Kirsten is moving away with her family to their new home near Dallas, Texas on a gorgeous piece of property. It’s exciting for them, and what they’ve dreamed and talked about for so long. But, their move means I will no longer have my best friend nearby.

Kirsten, too, is a Wonder Woman in many ways and I will miss her like crazy.Kirsten and Katelyn - best friendsShe is a smarty-pants who majored in statistics in college, swam on scholarship all 4 years, and graduated debt-free. She cooks, bakes, sews, gardens, cans her own food, keeps an impeccable house with five children, spends hours homeschooling four children aged 6-14 with a toddler at her hip, often taking their work on the road when traveling.

I admire her for the amazing parent that she is as she is both strict and firm yet loving and fun, and for the loving and supportive wife she is to her husband, supporting him so much in his business which often requires her to cook large amounts of food, rearrange bedrooms constantly for various house guests, and filing taxes, as well as going without him home for extended periods of time, often back-to-back, while still doing everything that’s needed of her.

As a thrifty and frugal individual, she rarely spends money on herself. She’s a practical, humble, down-to-earth, rarely wears makeup or wears anything other than jeans and a T-shirt (or sweatshirt) type woman, which is perfect because she’s still remarkably beautiful anyway.

She’s honest about her shortcomings and is always working to improve and better herself. She wakes up at 5:30 am, or some awful early time, and heads to the gym at least twice every week to work out and get back home to start breakfast before her children wake up and they start their school day.

But, the truly best thing about Kirsten is how she serves willingly and frequently. I swear she has babysat every single child in our church congregation at some point and always unpaid. Sometimes even for entire work days, and for large families. She is always there for whoever, whenever, if she is able she brings food, gives rides, helps out.

Kirsten is a Wonder Woman. She is a strong, brave, virtuous woman who tries her darndest to do the right thing, no matter what, simply because it’s the right thing to do. She is loyal and friendly yet fierce when it’s called for. She will fight to defend what is most important to her.

Finding someone who claims the title of best friend and Wonder Woman, is a rare accomplishment, which is why I will miss having her near!

Love this post! Such a great list of "Super Hero" qualities of Wonder Woman! I know so many amazing Wonder Women! Mothers, friends, aunts, teachers, and many more incredible women. Other Wonder Women I Know

In addition to MaryDawn and Kirsten, I have met some very incredible women in my relatively short life who deserve so much admiration!

A single mom with five kids who is working hard to educate herself and enter into a profitable workforce while struggling to keep her family together.

Women with husbands deployed and fighting overseas for months, or years, at a time, who weather through those years with determination and hope.

I know a Wonder Woman who takes care of multiple High-Needs/Special-Needs children at the same time, day after tiring day, because she loves them and wants the best for them.

I know Wonder Women who kept their faith and hope despite the death of a child or children.

I know Wonder Women who juggle many hats of supporting their families financially, going to school part-time or full-time, work to lose weight, get the kids off to school on time, and support a husband who is going through a very rough time emotionally.

I admire Wonder Women who have multiple young children in a very short period of time, struggle financially, but make the best of it, like my own mother who had 10 children within a 13-year span, all without having family nearby to support and help out and had a husband gone all the time as he worked to support his huge family as an over-the-road truck driver.

Wonder Woman is any number of women we know in our lives who are awe-inspiring, astounding, and extraordinary in their own ways. These women invite admiration, curiosity, and marveling.

These Wonder Women are strong, confident, independent, warriors who don’t put up with crap from anyone, who are truth seekers, fair, and lovers of peace. They hold strong morals and prove their worth by their actions. And sometimes they are even drop-dead gorgeous too.

The Other Wonder Woman You Likely Know But Forget

It’s often easy to see the admirable and awe-inspiring, even extraordinary features of our friends, family, and even strangers we don’t even know! Yet, we balk and disagree when someone suggests to us that we, too, are a Wonder Woman!

Me? Wonder Woman? Hardly!

It’s easy for me to see my numerous faults, daily shortcomings, and things that are far from awe-inspiring or wonderful, because I know myself so well. I know my imperfections so intimately that it’s often hard to see myself from another’s vantage, where they often see something much better and noteworthy than I see up close and personal.

But, I know that I need to take those compliments when they come, say thank you, and acknowledge all the things I am doing (at least) okay at. To see how far I’ve come in various aspects of my life. To see how maybe I am actually pretty wonderful, at least in some way!

I am a Wonder Woman because I became a first generation college graduate and paid for most of my education myself. I am a wonder woman because I survived carrying and having twins, and then two more children.

I am a Wonder Woman because I run a successful income-generating blog that I built through a lot of hard work while simultaneously staying at home to homeschool and raise four children.

working mom wonder woman

I am a Wonder Woman because I am confident and stand up for what I believe in and constantly seek truth (even without a lasso). I try to create peace in our home and befriend others I meet.

I encourage you to discover your own Wonder Woman qualities, as well as those within others, and pick up the new Wonder Woman-themed Dr Pepper packaging available Walmart. And get ready to see the new Wonder Woman movie that will be in theaters on June 2nd!
wonder woman dr pepper at Walmart

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