Dealspotr Review: The Deal Site that Pays You for Sharing Coupon Codes!

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Anyone else hate the feeling you get when you realize you missed out on saving money because you forgot to use a coupon? Or to use a promo code? Or missed out on freebies or sales for something you were gonna buy, simply because you forgot to look for one (or left your coupon at home)?

I do. I really do. It ticks me off that I essentially wasted money I didn’t have to. Which is why I try hard to look up promo codes, discounts, and get cash back whenever I can, especially if I shop online. I mean, if you’re on a computer already, it’s really easy to do a quick Google search for “[Store Name] Promo Code.”

However, not all promo codes and discount codes are valid. Which then just wastes my time, and doesn’t end up saving me money.

That’s why I like a new deal site called Dealspotr.

Dealspotr Review

Dealspotr is different because it is an open, community-edited deal site that aims to have 100% working promo codes and sale information.

All codes are user-sourced and verified, complete with screen shots of the deal working (or not), for which it’s users are rewarded (monetarily) for participating and promoting their site!dealspotr deal homepage

That is pretty great, especially for anyone who is an avid online shopper or deal hunter or bargain hunter. because you can be rewarded for always knowing about the best deals and coupon codes online. (If you are a blogger that does affiliate marketing, you also have a big edge on this end too – more on that in a minute).

It’s great if you are shopping online because you will find the most accurate and verified coupon codes online which will save you oodles of time and money.

Essentialy, with Dealspotr you can save money shopping online AND make a little money at the same time, which it makes it fun!

Dealspotr has over 40,000 members who have shared over 5 million deals and they’re growing fast. (So be sure to join too!)

How to Shop Online using Dealspotr

Dealspotr is pretty similar to many other deal sites. You can browse for coupon codes, sales, and deals, or search for a specific product or interest, or look up a specific store to browse the coupons and sales listed specifically for them.  You can even see deals that are starting soon or ones that come with freebies. If you don’t see a promo code for your retailer, you can also request that one be added so deal hunters will know to go searching for you.

If you have favorite places you shop, you can add them to your favorites list for easy savings. Dealspotr lets you subscribe to various members too, or products, or interest, and you can repost deals on your “feed.” It’s a true social platform of shoppers and savers.

Once you find the discount you wanted, you click on the deal info which will then redirect you to their site. If there is a promo code you want to use, then hover over the promo code before clicking through and it will copy the promo code so you can enter it at checkout.

How to Earn Points on Dealspotr

Saving money with their hopefully up-to-date and verified codes aside, Dealspotr is a fun way to earn a little extra money.

The trick to racking up the points (and thereby gift cards) fast is checking in and using Dealspotr regularly. The more posts you verify, the more active you are on the platform – following others, verifying deals, reposting stuff to your feed for your followers to see, and posting new deals – the more points you can earn for doing those same things again in the future. They reward you for being active and for sharing accurate deals and info.

Here’s a sample of the points I earned on the platform doing various tasks:Dealspotr Points for Validations and Codes

As you can see, the points are not usually the same amount. The points are based upon how well you verify and share new deals. More details on that to follow.

Here are some of the (many) ways you can earn points on Dealspotr:

  • Post or validate a new site-wide promo code.
  • Post or validate a BOGO deal.
  • Add a new sale or promotion (without a code).
  • Validate or update a deal listed already.
  • Complete your daily checklist (for 200 points), which can include super easy things like:
    • Pick 3 sweet deals from today’s Trending deals and repost them on your feed.
    • Subscribe to one new Influencer.

dealspotr daily checklist

  • Refer a friend: 2000 point bonus plus earn 10-20% of the points generated by all your referrals over the lifetime of their accounts.
  • Bonus 5000 points for joining using my referral code and completing your new user checklist and post your first valid deal. Enter WHATSUPFAGANS during registration to receive those points!

How Verify a Deal on Dealspotr

One of the easiest things you can do to earn a decent amount of points is to verify a deal already listed on Dealspotr. To do this, you’ll find a deal that you want to validate (or invalidate as the case may be sometimes) an click on the text portion of the deal that says something like “20% off Angel Baby Organic Toddler Pillow at Amazon” instead of clicking on the large 20% off or the discount code text. Next, you’ll follow their instructions on how to verify it. You’ll need to take a screenshot as proof either way.Verifying deals and codes on Dealspotr

You can verify older deals and add your own specific fine print (instead of copying/pasting) for extra points when validating deals. And if a store is in the “Shopper Requested Store” you can earn double points for verifying any codes or coupons listed. Find more info on Shopper Requested Stores.

How to Add a Deal on Dealspotr (and Maximize Your Earnings)

Adding deals is fun to do. It can be as simple as finally going through your spam email account where you send all those requests for email to (or am I the only one who has one of these emails?) and checking out a store’s latest email to you and then submitting that info to Dealspotr. Of course, popular stores are likely to already be added (but you can verify them then), but if you are signed up to smaller retailers, it could be a great way to add unique deals to the site!

When you add deals, the amount of points you earns varies, depending on some known (and seemingly unknown) factors. I am not sure exactly why some deals I’ve posted received more or less than others. It seems somewhat a mystery.

However, there are some things that boost the (random) number of points you earn per deal submission:

  • Create a basic, clear and concise deal title. Avoid typos and misspellings. (Or your accuracy score will go down.)
  • Don’t include extra words or promotion language (“limited time”, “hurry” exclamation points, or “and you also get…”, and so forth)
  • Provide a link to the landing page where the deal is located. Must be easy to find.
  • Do not include affiliate links.
  • You may add personal referral codes for Uber, Eat24, or Google (and perhaps others. It’s not super clear on the website).
  • Don’t post links to other deal sites or coupon blogs (or screenshot to them).
  • Share the fine print: Single-use, applies to only certain brands or manufacturers, etc but do so in your own words for bonus points.
  • Search for duplicate deals first.
  • Add an accurate expiration date and start date.
  • Don’t add expired deals.
  • Don’t post codes exclusive to other coupon sites that look like “RETAILMENOT10” or “GROUPON30”
  • Add your own specific fine print (instead of copying/pasting) and instructions for extra points when submitting deals.
  • Earn 2x the points for finding working promo codes for Shopper Requested Stores.
  • Makes sure to add a screenshot of the code or deal. It’s required.

Points Needed to Redeem Money on Dealspotr

With all these points, I know you’re dying to know what they are good for! For every 10,000 points you earn on Dealspotr, you earn a $10 Amazon eGiftcertificate, sent to your email address, within 7 days of redeeming.dealspotr points and rewards

Earning 10,000 points won’t happen in a day or a week, but like I said earlier, you earn more points when you are active on the platform adding deals, verifying deals, and completing your daily checklist. This improves your accuracy score, which gives you bonuses on each deal you post.

How to Use Dealspotr as an Influencers or Blogger

If you are an online influencer or blogger (like me), you can join the Dealspotr Influencer Network and receive additional perks like:

  • Inclusion into their Influencer directory
  • $5 access code for your readers
  • 5000 point bonus.

You can then become a Verified Influencer (which I currently am) which allows you some additional perks like:

  • A badge for your site saying you are verified,
  • Earn 20% commissions and $2 up front for people you refer to Dealspotr and
  • Double lifetime points multiplier for people you refer.

You earn this badge by completing your new user checklist, entering in your blog in your settings, placing a Dealspotr button on your site, and validating your site after it’s posted.

You can then become a Trusted Influencer which allows you a few more perks like:

  • You can redeem your points for cash via Paypal.
  • Bonus points!

You earn this top tier badge by posting or validating your first 5 deals on dealspotr, trying out the Dealspotr deal sharing widget on your blog, and introducing (and submitting) a detailed article about Dealspotr to your readers (which is what this post is).dealspotr influencer network - new verified and trusted influencer tiersSo, it you are a blogger, with at least 1000 visitors a month, you can get an automatic upgrade to the Influencer Network without an application if you use my private referral code w54Ni2Lj. If you do, both you and I will receive a referral bonus once you are verified.

Also, as an influencer you can syndicate the money-saving tips found on Dealspotr’s blog onto your own website. This is a great way to share great tips with almost no work to your readers and have great content on your site. You can also apply to become a blog contributor for them as well!

They also have a Blogger Talk forum and other helpful resources for their influencers, as they are invested in your success in promoting them.

Overall, I think Dealspotr is a pretty cool website with a fresh take on the traditional deal sites, making it much more community-focused and user generated. It’s also great to not only save money when shopping, but to be rewarded for verifying deals and helping other people save money!

I do think the platform is a bit clunky, and the various ways to earn points and upgrade levels and all of it is a tad confusing, and verifying and adding deals does take a little bit of time and work, but it can be an easy way to earn some extra money online.

The fun part of earning extra money is seeing how the deals you add help other people save money, as they share that information with you! I love helping other people save money, which is why I am sharing this website with you!

If you’re already couponing or sharing coupons online, I feel like the extra work of using Dealspotr to earn a little something extra is worth it.

And if you hate wasting money because you missed out on savings, or wasted time looking for coupon codes that were all expired, Dealspotr is a great place to look for up-to-date codes and deals.

Be sure to join Dealspotr today and cash in on all the amazing savings!Promo Code | Discount Code | Earn Money Online | Earn Amazon Gift Cards | Dealspotr Review

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