The Truth about Popular Kitchen Appliances and Their Health Claims

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Today, we have more possibilities in cooking than ever before. We are offered to buy so many tools and “healthy” kitchen appliances every day that we practically can’t know what is safe and what isn’t. And boy, are those ads convincing!healthy cooking appliances and gadgets - review

I, myself, am guilty of buying into trends and splurging on expensive small cooking appliances that offer something “new” and “healthy” and “good for busy people.” I spent $400 on a juicer that is now sitting in a box.

With all these ads saying practically the same things, how do we decide which one to buy if every one claims that their product is “100% healthy and safe”? We deserve comprehensive information about everything we aim to buy. That’s why I made a list of these “healthy” kitchen cooking appliances, and researched a bit if they really are good for us, and included some personal thoughts as well.

Great review of supposedly healthy kitchen appliances! The Instant Pot, Food Steamer, Smart Oven, Air Fryer, and Juicer! Which of these small kitchen gadgets do you own? Are they worth the money for the health benefits? Healthy Cooking Appliances Review

Healthy Cooking Appliance #1 – Air Fryer

Air fryers are highly popular kitchen appliances these days. An air fryer prepares food with a very small amount or completely without oil, using hot air which circulates inside the container. That way the prepared food contains less oil and thus – fewer calories.

An air fryer offers simple and quick meal preparations, perfect for those who don’t have much time cooking and want to eat healthier meals.

Although many claims say that it is dangerous for your health, air fryers showed itself as a very useful kitchen appliance. The claims that it isn’t good didn’t prove to be right either. One study compared French fries made using air fryer, an oven, and a traditional deep fryer. It turns out that air fryer uses half as much oil as the ones prepared in an oven.

Personally, I think that this small kitchen gadget is really practical and easy to handle. You can leave it on the countertop and not worry about it at all. For example, you can put the vegetables, meat or other food inside and go finish other jobs until it is done. Then, just transfer the meal to your plate and enjoy the meal! Its maintenance is also easy – just wash it with warm water and a little soap.

If you want to purchase this gadget, only think about the space in your kitchen – do you have the place to put it? Also, if you have kids you must ensure that it is in the safe place, since children may get burned if they touch it while it’s still hot.

Healthy Kitchen Appliance #2 – Food Steamer

Food steamers are closed pots which are heated with its inner steam. They cook food with the pressure and the steam which circulates inside the pot. They can cook almost every kind of food with very good results – you can prepare a meal with no oil on the lower temperatures and accomplish amazing taste. Also, you can skip boiling, burning or microwaving which will ensure that nutrients remain inside the food.

Steamers are highly useful, but you should research a bit on which kind and brand to pick. I chose the pot which is made entirely from glass and stainless steel so that I am sure my food stays healthy. I’d advise you to avoid plastic steamers: glass or stainless steel food steamers are better choices.

Every steamer is, however, dangerous if it isn’t used properly. You must close it properly and handle only when completely cooled down. It can cause its cap to blow because of pressure or burns on your hands due to its high temperature.

Healthy Kitchen Gadget #3 – Instant Pot

These Instant Pots are a smart version of steamers which have key functions and many features available, like planning the meal, smart programming, etc.

An instant pot has its own cooking system and doesn’t need a burner. It takes a few minutes for the pot to heat up and create steam, but then it keeps it inside and prepares delicious and moist food. You could say it’s a combination of an electric pressure cooker and a slow cooker, and it allows you a lot of different ways to prepare food.

Is it healthy? Yes. Several studies have shown that food loses less nutrients when prepared in an Instant Pot than when it’s just boiled or prepared in a microwave. It is an excellent solution if you have enough space for it and are interested in this kind of cooking. It’s becoming super popular too especially in busy households.

Healthy Kitchen Appliance #4 – Smart Oven

Yet another “smart appliance”, the smart ovens are computer-based ovens which offer multiple options compared with the traditional ones.

They have all features of a regular cook – and much more. For example, a smart oven has cooking programs for different food, heats up faster and smarter, has a built-in thermometer and may offer you suggestions for the meal, etc. Meal preparation is simplified and with that, certainly healthier.

I personally love the functions for cooking it offers and the option to reduce oil and fat – this way I have an excellent meal with a minimum effort! This makes it better than regular ovens, but it is not for those people who can’t adjust to new technologies. Its multiple features may help but at the same time scare someone away who isn’t familiar with it. So, if you are familiar with today’s technology, this might be just for you! I’d say it’s a perfect cooking gadget for millennials, especially the mini smart oven!

Healthy Kitchen Appliance #5 – Juicer

Juicers are definitely one of the most bought small kitchen gadgets ever – they help us extract the juices from fruit and vegetables.

But, are they healthy?

Juicing fruit is good for some of us who don’t have time to consume a lot of healthy food. Still, which is the best way to juice fruit?

Centrifugal juicers are really affordable, but they might destroy some nutrients inside the fruit when squeezing, due to its high temperature. The best solution may be the slow juicers, which practically crush food with low speed and that way keep all the vitamins in your juice. These juicers often separate pulp which may be reused – so put a little of a pulp in a juice to ensure a fiber intake and you have an excellent drink.

The popularity of juicers has been growing lately but, to be honest, I’m not a huge fan. Yes, I tried out this craze, and even bought one slow juicer, but I’ll always prefer a whole apple over squeezed out kale juice.

Whatever tool you end up choosing don’t forget to do your own research first and see what fits yours and your family’s needs the best. Ask your friends and neighbors with similar taste and lifestyle who own it and even try it first – that will help you to evaluate its convenience and the taste of the food. Make sure that foods which you will prepare are healthy and made with love – that is what really matters in the end!Great review of supposedly healthy kitchen appliances! The Instant Pot, Food Steamer, Smart Oven, Air Fryer, and Juicer! Which of these small kitchen gadgets do you own? Are they worth the money for the health benefits?

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