The Best Modest Swimsuits for Moms of 2017

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Looking for the best modest swimsuits of 2017 that are great for moms? Here are four great online stores that sell modest swimsuits that are still very chic!

I live in Austin, Texas, so that means swimsuit season starts in April. No joke. It can get up to 100 degrees toward the end of April, which means there’s nothing else to do to beat the heat but put on your swimsuit, take the kids to the pool, and jump in.

However, for the past three summers, I have either been pregnant or nursing for more than half the time, which makes it hard to justify buying a new suit.

This summer will be the first one where I can wear a non-maternity swimsuit, so I wanted to check out all my options.

The last swimsuit I have is from a store called DownEast Basics, which I absolutely loved. I bought it in 2013. I liked the print, the length, (I’m 5’11”) and the way it hit me and covered up the areas I didn’t want to show.DownEast Basics Modest Swimwear for momsIn between pregnancies, I wore this swimsuit a lot. Now, there may be some mamas out there who are super fit and can jump into a bikini again after a couple kids, but I am not one of them. I prefer a tankini or one piece for a little extra coverage and for modesty’s sake. So the other day I figured I would get the opinion of some of my friends who are also moms to find out where they buy their swimsuits.

I got the usual suggestions for nearby retailers, like Target, JCPenney, Kohl’s, TJMaxx, Marshall’s and Dillard’s.

I know that if I really wanted to, I could go into any one of those stores and find a cute modest swimsuit that I liked, but the only problem is I would have to take all three of my kids inside to shop around, and I know that’s not happening. I have found that I enjoy online shopping more and more since having multiple children.

After browsing through multiple websites that were suggested to me, here are the top four modest swimsuit websites that I liked.Great list of websites that sell fashionable modest swimsuit and swimwear for moms and teens who value modesty during the summer poolside. Tankinis, One-Pieces, Halter tops, tanks, boy shorts, swim skirts and more are available in great colors and styles.

Best Modest Swimsuits for Moms of 2017

Lands’ End Modest Swimsuits

I had a lot of people suggest Lands’ End to me!

The main advantage of ordering a swimsuit from Lands’ End is that everyone says they last forever. You do have to shell out quite a bit initially, but everyone who commented said it was worth it for the quality.

For a tankini combo, bottoms are anywhere from $30-$40, and tankini tops from $50-$100. One piece bathing suits are around $130 or more. The really cool thing about Lands’ End is that they have a “Mix and Match” tool that lets you design your own swimsuit from their collection. You can also highlight problem areas that you want controlled such as:

  • Flatten tummy
  • Full body slimming
  • Minimize bust
  • Enhance bust
  • Conceal thighs

lands' end modest swimsuits for moms

After having three kids, this is a pretty cool option! You can also order your swimsuit in sizes regular, plus, petite, tall, and tall plus. Since I am fairly tall, I have a problem with tops being long enough for my long torso, so this is a win-win. I was also happy with all the different prints and designs available at Lands’ End. They have swimsuits in pretty much every color and style. So again, great quality, variety, and very mom-friendly, just a little bit on the expensive end.

Hapari Modest Swimsuits:

I had never heard of Hapari Swimwear before, but a friend suggested it, so I checked it out.

What I liked the most about Hapari was how they had the same print available in different styles. Their tankini tops come in Classic Bandeau, Sport, Twist, Classic, V-Neck, Push-Up, etc. All the different neckline options are great as it allows you to get a top that fits your comfortability level. You can show off a little more or a little less skin depending on the cut of top you use.hapari modest tankinis

They have swim sales that go on from time to time. Right now you can save 20% with code VIBE20.  They also have some pieces that go on amazing clearances. Often you can get a tankini top for around $39, but most retail between $60-$70, with some going up to $109. Bottoms are around $20-$40. From their website:

HAPARI has created more than 10 modest tankini styles. HAPARI’s line of modest tankini tops offers coverage to keep you comfortable and confident without sacrificing style. Our tankinis includes built-in features that shape, sculpt and support you in all the right places, and our durable premium fabric holds its shape while providing industry-leading protection from the sun.”

I loved Hapari’s selection of prints, and I really like all the different styles. They have some seriously cute swimwear. I didn’t think any of the suits screamed, “I’m a MOM!” either.

The downside is their selection of one-piece swimsuits: they only come in V-Neck style. So, if that’s not the cut you want, you are out of luck.

Divinita Sole Modest Swimsuits from DM Fashion

DM Fashion is another website I had never heard of before, but definitely worth checking out! This website reminded me a lot of Hapari Swimwear, but with a couple styles available that Hapari and Lands’ End didn’t carry.

A new look this summer seems to be this “peplum” tankini where the top flares out in a cute way to look really flirty and fun. I like this style because it’s different and it does something new with the basic tankini.Scalloped Peplum Tankini dm fashion divinita soleA lot of Divinita Sole swimsuits are also ruched on the sides, which is instantly slimming and flattering.

These swimsuits can be summed up in one world: GIRLY.

I loved all the colors and all the different styles. You can do a halter, sport, ruffle, pretty much anything you want.divinita sole modest swimsuits for moms 2017 Tops are all the same price at $79, and swim bottoms are all $32, but you do get a 10% discount if you buy the top and bottom together. The cool thing about Divinita Sole is all their one pieces are $79, so they aren’t charging you a bunch extra like some other websites do for a one piece.

DownEast Basics and Neesees Dresses Modest Swimwear for Moms

I put DownEast Basics Modest Swimsuits and NeeSees Dresses Boutique Modest Swimsuits for moms in the same category, because they carry a lot of the same swimsuits.

DownEast Basics Modest Swimwear for Moms

DownEast is where I purchased my last swimsuit, so I had to check them out this year to see what they had available. Unlike Lands’ End, Hapari Swimwear, and Divinita Sole Swimwear, their selection is not as extensive, but what they do have is super cute!downeast modest swimwear suits

They have 28 swimsuits available, and their one-pieces are only $49! This is by far the cheapest price for a one-piece I found. Their tankini tops are $39 and their bottoms are $22, which is pretty affordable. Right now through April 9, you can Save 25% on all swim with code SUNSHINE!

I wish they had more selection though. However, I do know these swimsuits are high-quality because mine has lasted a long time, so I don’t think you have to worry about that even though the price is less!

NeeSees Dresses Modest Swim for Moms

NeeSees Dresses carries really similar colors, styles, and prints, with one-pieces being $54.99, tops around $45 and bottoms $24.99 or $19.99.

The cool thing about NeeSees is they don’t charge you tax on your order, and shipping is cheap at only $3.99. neesees dresses modest swim for moms 2017This is ultimately where I ended up ordering my swimsuit from. I really liked the print and colors of the suit I picked out, and I liked the price.

When my swimsuit came, they sent me briefs instead of boy shorts.neesees dresses modest swimsuit for moms

When I asked what had happened, they apologized and acknowledged that it was a mistake on their end, and that there was a mix up with the company’s supplier. They told me I could return the suit or keep the briefs for a 50% off discount, but they could not get the boy shorts. I was a little disappointed, but I opted for the discount because I think the suit still looks good. I was pleasantly surprised with their customer service, so I would probably order from them again.

Overall, the options for modest, cute, affordable swimwear for moms have really gone up since a few years ago. I remember shopping for a swimsuit as a teenager and not having near as many options as there are now. The bottom line is, if you want a cute, modest swimsuit, you do have to pay a little bit more than you would at, say, Target, but you really do get what you pay for.

Elena Gillis is a wife, mom to 3, and owner of one pet cat Ricey. She has loved to write ever since she was a kid, but doesn’t get to do it as often as a stay-at-home mom to three little ones. She has a degree in Broadcast Journalism from BYU and worked at the radio stations Classical 89 and KUER while in school. Elena is a native Texan who enjoys Mexican food, dates with her husband, and book club with her girlfriends.

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    I ordered a really modest tankini/boy short set I found on eBay for $15 from China. The shipping was expensive but the suit was so cheap it payed for itself! It’s been probably 5 years now and I’m still wearing it! Thanks for the suggestions.

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