8 Perfectly Romantic Gift Ideas for Him for Valentine’s Day or Anniversary

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Want awesome and romantic gift ideas for him this Valentine’s Day or for your anniversary? Read on for my top romantic items you can gift your husband! Romantic gift ideas for him for husband for boyfriend | Valentine's Day Gifts | Anniversary Gifts | Romance | Love | Affection | Spouse Gift | Marriage Gift Ideas | Presents | Christmas | Special occasion | Wedding Presents |

It’s crazy how I totally lucked out by marrying the man I did. He’s a natural romantic and gift giver. He loves to show his love for me by his actions, words, and gifts, and not just for birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions.

No, my husband brings me flowers after we had a fight, or I had a particularly rough day at home with the kids. He’ll buy me chocolates when it’s the Time of the Month because he knows I’ll want them. He’ll pick me up my favorite soda, chocolates, ice cream, or candy bar because he knows I’d like it, and rarely splurge on myself to get.

My husband even enjoys picking out and buying clothes for me!

Seriously, he’s amazing. And I’m lucky to have such a doting husband! If only I were as doting to him. Unfortunately, gift giving, spending money, and being romantic are not my personal strong suit. Like, really not.

So, when it comes time to give a gift to my husband for the more romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day and our anniversary, I’m not usually flush with ideas, let alone for a normal Tuesday.

I polled some friends, searched the internet, and found some amazing products and ideas that scream romantic, thoughtful, and sometimes sexy too! I hope that if you want to give a gift that’s more lovey-dovey than practical (which are the type of gifts I usually prefer to give and receive) you’ll find something amazing on this list!

**Please note I am focusing more on romantic gift ideas for him rather than romantic gestures or romantic dates for him. The following are more specifically things to give him, like in a box, than romantic ways to show your affection, even though some gifts you’ll enjoy together.

Romantic Gift Ideas for Him – Perfect for Valentine’s Day or Anniversary (or whenever)

romantic gift for him - picture frameA Picture of You

Your husband loves you and thinks you are beautiful. Gift him a beautifully framed and/or personalized picture of yourself or you and him together.

Or you could hire someone to hand draw or paint your favorite picture of him or of the both of you. Artists on Etsy offer this if you don’t know someone in person (and sorry, I’m not currently making any, though I have drawn a picture of my husband and framed it for him as an anniversary gift one year and he loved it!).

If you’re feeling extra brave and think it’s something you’d both enjoy, you could also look at doing a Boudoir photo shoot (Groupon usually has great deals on a shoot too), though maybe keep the photo in the bedroom.

You can make a Photo Mosaic Print to make it more unique, or print the picture onto something like a mug, calendar, blanket, or glass (and more) with a site like Shutterfly.com.

Love Coupon Book - SidebarLove Coupons

These have been super popular for years now, and for good reason. It’s a fun, easy way to get out of your comfort zone and spoil your spouse. There are lots of places and ways to get cute pre-designed love coupons from. A few of my favorites are:

GeneralYour Story. Your Love.

Your guy loves you and there are few things more romantic than your love story! Why not gift your husband or boyfriend a book, scrapbook, photo album, journal, or binder that commemorates your relationship. Here are some great ideas:

Romantic gift ideas for him for husband for boyfriend | Valentine's Day Gifts | Anniversary Gifts | Romance | Love | Affection | Spouse Gift | Marriage Gift Ideas | Presents | Christmas | Special occasion | Wedding Presents |However, if you want to memorialize a specific date or place, there are some really cute ideas for that too.

Anatomy-of-a-Great-Love-Letter Romantic gift for himLove Letters

Seriously, a written expression of your love and feelings for your man is super romantic, thoughtful, and kind. He’ll LOVE it and cherish it (well, at least if he’s like my husband at all). Here are some ideas to get you started and keep the ideas going should you want or need some prompts, or want a cute way to format and gift your letters and notes of affection and adoration.

Game of Love Bedsheets - Date Night Made Easy!Sexy Romantic Notes, Gifts, and Games for Him

Maybe the romance simply needs to be turned up a notch in the bedroom by making it fun and flirty. Here are some great romantic gifts for him that are also sexy!

Melt couples massage course - romantic gift for him - valentine's day gift idea for husbandMassage

Physical touch is romantic because it’s intimate. For some extra romantic gifts that involve massages, consider the following:

  • Foot Massages. Give them yourself at home, or go together to get foot massages and/or pedicures! I love checking Groupon for deals on local massages.
  • Couples Massage. Get pampered alongside your partner! Again, check out Groupon to save on a couples massage.
  • Take the online Melt: Couples Massage Course and you’ll be able to give each other amazing massages from home, whenever! And bonus: Right now, you can get foot massage for free when you purchase the course for Valentine’s Day!

To make your massage extra special, be sure to pick up a massage oil candle or Bath and Body Works massage oil.

Flip the Switch – Give Him Flowers and Candy

I know this may seem cheesy, but seriously, sometimes your man wants to be surprised with flowers and candy! My husband, though, might actually prefer if I gifted him a large plant for inside our home, and no, not a plastic one. Flowers smell great, liven up a space, and are romantic to receive. And who doesn’t love getting their favorite treat, just because?

Groupon always has some great offer for flower deliveries too! Or, if your guy would prefer, get him one of those edible arrangements instead or a FruitBouquet.

Something He Wants

It seems to me that many men simply want to receive gifts that are stuff they actually want! To them, that says romance!

Giving them that new TV, that pocket knife, watch, gun, magazine subscription, vacation, camera, tablet, show tickets, or experience he’s been asking for, or hinting at, for months definitely lets him know that you are listening to him, understand him, and know exactly what he really wants (and what’s more romantic than that?).

So, as a reminder, sometimes it’s best to not overthink the gifts we give in order to be “romantic.” Take your man’s cues, figure out what he wants, and surprise him with it!

I’m hoping that gifting one or more of these to my husband will let him know how much I love him. I hope your guy really loves one of these too!

Let me know what your husband finds romantic, and maybe I’ll add it to my list!

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