An Honest Look at the Stitch Fix Pros and Cons

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In January 2017, I received my third Stitch Fix box to see if their clothing could finally make its way into my wardrobe, instead of just their jewelry. In this Stitch Fix review, I highlight what I consider the Stitch Fix pros and cons.

What is Stitch Fix?

In case you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s a fashion clothing subscription box where a stylist handpicks items for you, based upon your Stitch Fix style profile that you complete before your shipment arrives (you can see my first September 2016 Stitch Fix review for a really good rundown of what’s included in the quiz).

The service costs a $20 styling fee, which can then be used toward purchasing one or more of the five items in your box. If you purchase all five of the items they send you, you receive a 25% discount.  Stitch fix pieces can include not only clothing, but accessories like jewelry, shoes, and handbags too (you decide what to receive).

The Stitch Fix prices start at about $28 for the cheapest items (for items like jewelry) and go up to over $200 an item. You tell them what price range you are most comfortable with in your style quiz.

They offer styling services for women, maternity, and men’s and offer gift cards.Stitch Fix Pros and Cons | Stitch Fix Cost | Stitch Fix Negative Review | Stitch Fix Positive Review | Bad Review | Honest Review | Clothing Subscription box | Fashion | Style | Personal Stylist | Trends

Stitch Fix Review January 2017

Last month I received my third Stitch Fix box and this time there was no jewelry inside, only five clothing items. Here is what I received:

Grey Margaret M Eudora Knit Dress – $68

The note from my stylist, Sonia, said “Dresses are great options when you’re a busy mom on-the-go. Effortlessly dress up the Margeret M with the earrings from your first Fix – such a cute date night outfit – or wear it casually for running the kids around in with a pair of flats or sandals.”Stitch Fix Pros and Cons | Stitch Fix Cost | Stitch Fix Negative Review | Stitch Fix Positive Review | Bad Review | Honest Review | Clothing Subscription box | Fashion | Style | Personal Stylist | Trends

I love a great dress, but this was so off from my personal style. Because I am an endowed Mormon, I need dresses that cover at least a little of my arms and are come down to my knee. This dress did neither, which meant I had to put on a black shirt and black leggings in order to photograph myself in this dress for you all! And those “leggings” are really just my workout pants (I don’t actually own any leggings – they aren’t my thing).

My husband also said it looked like a first-trimester maternity dress, so yea for looking pregnant when you’re not. It was a big old flop. PASS!

Also, I don’t wear dresses while running errands with my kids.

I found a somewhat similar dress here and here.

Light Purple Kut from the Kloth Siena Cropped Pant – $58

My stylist’s note on this said, “Hi, Katelyn. Happy Fix day! I took a look at your second Fix review and decided to start your 3rd Fix experience with a new pair of capris. I think you’ll appreciate their easy-care instructions and comfortable fit. A fun color to brighten up your wardrobe with, style it now with the Kaileigh blouse and as you transition into spring with the brighter, printed Papermoon blouse.”Stitch Fix Pros and Cons | Stitch Fix Cost | Stitch Fix Negative Review | Stitch Fix Positive Review | Bad Review | Honest Review | Clothing Subscription box | Fashion | Style | Personal Stylist | Trends

I live in Texas so a crop pant isn’t a bad idea, especially since I only own like one pair right now that aren’t also sweatpants. But, these were not my color. I love purple, but not of this hue. They also hit me at a length that wasn’t very flattering on my figure, were a bit snug, and just… no. So, I apologize now that you have to see me in them in the next several images as well.

You can find similar pants (but in white) here and (patterned) here.

Teal Green Papermoon Holden Scoop Neck Blouse – $38

Sonia, my stylist for this Fix, said this about this blouse and the next one, “Both blouses are machine-washable and will keep you cool in the TX heat! On a chance day where you happen to get a little chill, layer with your favorite cardigan or jean jacket.”Stitch Fix Pros and Cons | Stitch Fix Cost | Stitch Fix Negative Review | Stitch Fix Positive Review | Bad Review | Honest Review | Clothing Subscription box | Fashion | Style | Personal Stylist | Trends

She meant really cool, as this top was completely sheer and see-through, so much so that I kept that black shirt I put on underneath the dress they sent me in order to wear it appropriately (you’re welcome) And, if she read carefully in my last two reviews, I mentioned how I don’t own any cardigans…. nor do I own any jean jackets.

I am not opposed to this top’s patterns or bright colors, but I didn’t like how it laid and thought it hit me a little higher than I usually like my tops to lie (a problem I have often as a tall person).

I would have preferred this cute blouse top from Target, or this blouse-like top from Target as it’s much cuter.

Black and White McMullin Crew Neck Blouse – $38

This was a very thin, see-through top as well. Thankfully it was black in the center so you couldn’t see through it as much. I wasn’t a fan of the black and white combo though as I don’t think it looked very good on me nor is really my style.Stitch Fix Pros and Cons | Stitch Fix Cost | Stitch Fix Negative Review | Stitch Fix Positive Review | Bad Review | Honest Review | Clothing Subscription box | Fashion | Style | Personal Stylist | Trends

Here’s a very similar black and white color block blouse from Macy’s.

Teal Green Mak Doreen V-Neck Pullover – $38

My stylist made no mention about this piece in her notes and this was by far the best item in my box!Stitch Fix Pros and Cons | Stitch Fix Cost | Stitch Fix Negative Review | Stitch Fix Positive Review | Bad Review | Honest Review | Clothing Subscription box | Fashion | Style | Personal Stylist | Trends

It was the perfect depth V-neck, the sleeves were nice and long, it didn’t ride up when I raised my hands (though still felt slightly short in the torso) and was very soft. I even liked the teal color, even though it’s not a color currently in my wardrobe. I seriously considered keeping it! But, due to tight finances that month, and the realization that I won’t get to wear it too much here in Texas, I passed, unfortunately, but I did really like this one! I paired it with the Stitch Fix earrings from my first box, and Stitch Fix necklace from my second box.

I did find a sweater similar on Nordstrom though.

Total January Stitch Fix Costs:

Subtotal: $240.00

Buy 5 discount 25%: -$60.00

Styling fee: -$20.00

Credit (I had on my account): -$2.00

Total for all 5 pieces: $158.00 (plus sales tax)

That works out to $31.60 per item, should I have kept them all. I ended up returning all the items, which unfortunately meant I lost the $20 styling fee, which was taken from my credits, although I thought I was promised a waived fee after I submitted my feedback on my previous box when I signed up for this one. This means I lost out on a (free) $20 credit I had in my account because I didn’t keep anything in the box. Not super jazzed about that. But, I really didn’t want to spend $16 (plus tax) on the V-Neck Pullover, even though I really liked it.

Now that I’ve sampled three Fixes, let me do a run down of the Stitch Fix pros and cons, starting with the positives.

Stitch Fix Pros and Cons | Stitch Fix Cost |Negative Review Positive Review | Bad Review | Honest Review | Clothing Subscription box | Fashion | Style | Personal Stylist | Trends | Wardrobe | Examples | Unboxing Stitch Fix Pros

While I haven’t had a home run with any of the Stitch Fix boxes, and thought this third box was the furthest off from my personal style, there are still many pros, advantages, and benefits to using their service.

1. You get to experiment.

Stitch Fix, if you are an unfashionable person like myself, or simply have an adventurous spirit, is a great way to experiment with styles, colors, patterns, textures, and fashion that you may or may not have ever tried on in store and see how they actually look on you. I have never tried cardigans or blouses before so it was interesting to see how I liked the ones they sent me, or not.

2. You don’t have to go to the store.

Obviously, the big advantage of Stitch Fix is that you don’t have to go to a store, try on 100 different items in 5 different stores in the hopes of finding a handful of new pieces that you really like. It saves you that time and hassle. Stitch Fix does the shopping for you, freeing you to do anything else with that 1-3 hours of your life shopping. If you really don’t like shopping for yourself (guilty!) it’s wonderful!

3. It’s fun.

Trying on new clothes is fun! Even if I hated the pieces (like in this box), it’s fun to try on new clothes and to see how you look in whatever new style.

4. The quality is good.

These items aren’t bottom of the rack, plain, boring, low-quality, clearance bin items. They are made well, with quality materials, from good companies (even if I haven’t heard of any of these namebrands before).

5. Referral Program.

If you love Stitch Fix or want your less-than-fashionable (or fashion-crazy) friend to get some great new pieces for their wardrobe, you can refer them to try Stitch Fix! When you refer a friend with your personal, unique referral link, you will receive a $25 Stitch Fix credit as soon as your friend’s first Fix is shipped! However, there is a $600 referral cap for the year, an FYI, in case you get more than 24 friends to try out Stitch Fix within one calendar year.

You can also buy a friend, who would love their services, a gift card!  So try your first Stitch Fix and start referring friends!

6. Shipping, returns, and exchanges are free.

Each Stitch Fix box comes with a pre-paid return envelope, and you are not charged for shipping to your home.  If you want or need to exchange an item for a different size, or because it is damaged, you can do that for free as well.

7. Fashion-forward.

Stitch Fix works with more than 250 established and up-and-coming labels and brands—some you’ll find featured in magazines and on celebrities. For example, your shipment might feature clothing and accessories by Kut From The Kloth, Joie, Citizens for Humanity or Gorjana. Part of the fun of Stitch Fix is that they introduce you to new brands that bring diversity and freshness to your wardrobe.

stitch Fix box styles inside
9. Personalized to fit your style.

With a thorough style guide, room for specific notes where you can let the stylist know exactly what you (or aren’t) looking for, you end up with clothes that fit your personal style, or at least try.  This service is personalized, which is pretty unique! No two people receive the same items in a box! Plus, the more Stitch Fix boxes you request, the more they’ll learn your true style aesthetic and truly deliver, or so they say.

10. Improves your wardrobe.

If you’re like me, your wardrobe is lacking nice pieces. T-shirts make up a majority of what I wear for tops, and my jeans are all several years old. Stitch Fix is a great way to slowly (and easily) improve your wardrobe, one box at a time.

11. On your schedule.

Unlike many subscription box services, Stitch Fix is not automatic (unless you want it to be). They are there when you want to use it, with no automatic monthly (or bi-weekly) delivery or charges for you to use it. This is a huge plus for anyone who ever forgets to cancel a subscription service!

12. Great for special occasions.

Because they are shipped on your schedule, you can use Stitch Fix for special occasions like weddings, vacations, parties, job interviews, or dates. Doing so takes some stress off of those events and will (hopefully) provide you with something great and perfect for the occasion at hand without ever having to go to every store in the mall!

Stitch Fix Cons

1. The $20 Styling fee.

As you can see in this last box, the $20 styling fee is a problem for those boxes where you don’t actually like anything in the box, or decide that you just can’t stomach the huge cost for that piece right now. You’re then out $20. Which sucks. (So hope and pray you do like something and be as specific as possible so they’ll hit something out of the park for you!)

2. 3-Day Return Window.

I find this to be very short! I don’t know why they have made it so short of a return window. Perhaps because people might wear something to a special event and then return it.

3. Only get a discount if you buy all 5 pieces.

There are no sales. There are no clearance items. There are no other discounts or special promo codes. No cash back from Ebates on your order. You only receive a discount if you purchase all five items at the same time. The $20 styling fee goes toward the purchase, but since you’re paying that anyway, it doesn’t “really” counts as a discount.stitch fix clothing example

4. Takes several boxes to finally figure out your style.

The vast majority of Stitch Fix users will not love every single item sent to them in their first box, or likely their third, or fifth. It takes a while for them to “figure you out.” This can be frustrating (and expensive) if you don’t like anything in your boxes until then. That said, they try hard to make sure you do like at least something!

5. No peaking before your box comes.

Your stylist doesn’t send you an email before they ship out your box and ask you if you’d prefer the green or the pink in a certain style, or if you’d prefer the crop pant or the shorts. There is no peeking or choosing before your box comes. It is completely up to the stylist to choose for you.

6. Your personal stylist changes.

My first box was styled by “Kate.” By second and third box were styled by “Sonia.” Your stylist can change. Some reviewers recommend requesting the same one so they can get to know you and your wants better.

7. It can be totally off.

You can do your best to fill out your style guide thoroughly, handpick styles you love on your Pinterest board for them, and leave very specific likes and hates in your comments, give thorough feedback on your previous boxes, and still get a box of items that are totally off, unfortunately.

8. Expensive.

A single skirt can cost $98, a pair of pants $88, and a blouse $68. Those prices are crazy expensive (to me), and those aren’t even on the most expensive end of their offerings. Because you have to buy five (expensive) items at one time in order to save 25%, you’ll shell out $150-250 per box (or more) should you get a winning box.

9. Can’t request specific items.

Stitch Fix doesn’t exchange items for a different color, and you can’t search the internet for Stitch Fix reviews, find an item you love from someone else’s review and request that exact item from Stitch Fix. Chances are they don’t have it in stock. They recommend instead giving your Stylist an idea of what types of pieces you’re looking for rather than exact pieces.

10. Don’t currently offer plus sizes (coming Spring 2017!).

If you wear a size above XXL or 16 in women, Stitch Fix is not going to work for you, at least until they launch their Plus size offerings later this Spring. They do however offer both maternity and Men’s through size XXL.

Now that you know all about Stitch Fix Pros and Cons and what to expect thanks to this review, my first September 2016 Stitch Fix Review, and my second December 2016 Stitch Fix Review, I hope you’ll give them a try for yourself and decide whether or not it is right for you!  Or whether you should seriously consider gifting someone a Stitch Fix gift card who would love trying out new fashionable clothes!

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    I actually really like those purple pants on you! haha. It’s too bad that patterned top was so sheer. I’ve had good luck with my Stitch Fixes recently, though I wish you didn’t have to buy everything to get a discount!

    • says

      I know, right?! And the purple pants were okay… Made me feel “older” though. Ha. Maybe I still want to feel like a teenager, and dress like one too. Do you review every box you get, or not so much?

      • Virginia Lawson says

        I personally did not like what they chose for you. Nothing seemed to suit you. I think you do fine on your own. And yes, 20 xtra is silly. I feel…..not worth it. Nice job reviewing.

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