5 Simple Ways New Moms Can Improve Their Health

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This past Monday I made a big mistake.

I thought I was being awesome, heading to the gym to do my second round of a Power Pump class. Maybe the fact that my instructor was MIA should have tipped me off that something wasn’t quite right about this day.

But, when a different instructor invited the four women who had shown up for the Power Pump class to join her Silver Sneakers class (with modifications for us, since, well, we aren’t 60+ year olds) in 15 minutes, we all agreed, myself included.

So, we pulled out our weights and mats and did a decent workout.

But, somewhere along the way I began to not feel very good. Yet, my stubborn, push-through-anything self was determined to finish and give this workout a strong effort.

This was a mistake.

By the end I had to sit to finish the few stretches and moves she had us move through. I felt nauseous. I was pale. I was weak. I didn’t want to move.

Yet, I had to move. My four children waited for me in childwatch, where my two hours of childcare neared their completion. Somehow I needed to get them and take us home.

But, yet I couldn’t force myself to get up. Putting away the mat took considerable effort. Putting away one set of weights required me to rest on a bench press bench and close my eyes for at least 5 minutes (and I only got up then because someone asked if I was done – funny because I never began using it). I never put away the second set of weights. I grabbed my kids, grateful my baby walked, put all the kids in the car, and then it happened.

With my hand still resting on the shut car door I began dry heaving and then puking. In the parking lot. Of the gym. Right next to my car, with my four kids inside of it.

This was not my finest moment.

I almost, never, ever puke, and I avoid it like the plague (even when I’m pregnant, I never throw up).

My sweet daughter Alison asked me what I was doing, asked if I was puking, came out of the car, and asked if I was okay. She even found a plastic bag in the car to put up front in case I needed to heave while driving us home.

What a sweet girl! I totally appreciated her gesture.

I felt better after “getting it all out” and once home and some food and drink consumed, continued to feel better, though wasn’t 100% a few times throughout the rest of the day.

And do you know why this happened?

It wasn’t because I didn’t eat breakfast (I had), or because I hadn’t stayed hydrated during the workout (I had my own water bottle and regularly drank), or because the workout was the rough (it was difficult, but not impossible!).

No, the real reason I tossed my cookies that morning was because I only had about five hours of sleep the night before. 

Being a mom is exhausting. Having a breastfed baby who consistently gets up at least once at night is exhausting. Working from home, in the evenings and on into the wee hours of the morning, is exhausting.

Despite getting more sleep over that weekend, I dumbly stayed up until 2:15am Sunday night working, woke at 4:30am to nurse the baby, and woke for the day at 7:15am.

Not sleeping for more than 2ish hours straight is dumb. Idiotic really, especially if you think you can do a hard hour-long workout the next morning.

It got me thinking about choices we make as moms in the name of health, fitness, and well-being. While some things can’t be helped (like teething babies who wake in the middle of the night), there are some things we can do to ensure we are taking at least baby steps to be healthier.Simple, easy things moms can do to improve their health. It's all about the little things!

5 Simple Ways Moms Can Improve Their Health

1.) Get More Sleep.

I mean it. Take naps. Sleep in. Go to bed early. Sleep train your baby. Get a better, more comfortable mattress (and take better care of the one you have). Resting more will help you better handle all the craziness that is having kids. I know I’m more patient, more grateful, more energized when I have sleep!

2.) Eat Better.

When you are heading to the gym (or working out at home), it’s super important to fuel your body with the proper nutrition before and after your workout. You can also challenge yourself to give up sweets, avoid eating out for months at a time, meal plan, cook healthier meals, give up soda, eat more fruits and veggies, give up cheese, eat more organic foods, and so on. Every little healthy choice will help improve your and, likely, your child’s health too.

3.) Take Some Time for Yourself.

Little babies, toddlers, and preschoolers are super demanding of our time, energy, and focus. They need our help to do practically everything for the first few years of their lives, which means moms get drained. Fast. And make stay at home moms feel lonely. Make sure you take some time for yourself to get some fresh air, turn off the distractions, read good books (and scriptures), meditate, pray, enjoy some silence, exercise, pursue a hobby, talk to a friend on the phone, have a girls night or date night. Do something for you, that really benefits your happiness meter.

4.) Exercise.

Exercising regularly, even if it’s a quick walk around your neighborhood pushing the stroller, helps energize new moms. Of course, exercise smart and don’t overexert yourself, especially early postpartum. Listen to your body, unlike I did this past Monday: if your workout is making you feel weak, light headed, or sick, stop before you are almost crawling out of the gym and upchucking in the parking lot. Exercise has great benefits for new moms: it helps moms build muscles, endurance, stamina, flexibility, and maybe some postpartum weight loss too.

5.) Go Natural.

Going natural is such a trendy thing right now, and for good reason. Our lives are inundated with chemicals. As a new mom, concerned about your own health and that of your family, opt for natural cleaning agents like vinegar and baking soda, health remedies using essential oils, and foods that are non-GMO foods. Choose beauty and personal care products that are free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, colors, and metals.

Over a week ago, in an effort to go natural with my deodorant choices, I decided to try out Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Natural Deodorant.Simple, easy things moms can do to improve their health. It's all about the little things!

Tom’s of Maine Deodorant

Tom’s of Maine is a leading natural personal care brand, and their deodorant is the best-selling natural deodorant (and has been for decades). Their new 24-hour odor protection deodorant formula comes in new and improved scents, and, like before, is free of aluminum, artificial fragrances, preservatives, and petrochemicals. Plus their packaging is fully recyclable, and they don’t do any animal testing

However, I’m always skeptical, somewhat, of using natural products because for some reason. I think chemicals = works stronger/better (even if they aren’t better for my body to use). I don’t want to use a deodorant, that well, stinks.

Plus, I haven’t really had an issue with deodorants not working or reacting poorly with my body’s natural chemistry. My husband, on the other hand, is completely the opposite of me and has to frequently switch up his deodorant because it will stop working after a period of time and he’ll reek before the day is out.

So, maybe you’re wondering, if something isn’t broke, why mess with it?

Even if something works, something better might be out there (sometimes that grass is greener, right?). I know chemicals and other products aren’t actually the best for me to absorb into my skin, so if changing to a natural deodorant doesn’t negatively affect me and actually works well, why not make a healthier choice for my body?Simple, easy things moms can do to improve their health. It's all about the little things!

Tom’s of Maine only costs slightly more than the deodorant I used before. Considering it takes me months to go through a single stick of deodorant, that small extra cost is minimal. Plus, with every purchase, Tom’s of Maine gives 10% of profits back to helping people and the planet so I can think of the slight cost difference as me paying it forward to help planet Earth, so yeah!

When I received Tom’s of Maine deodorants I was pleasantly surprised by their variety of great smelling fragrances (the apricot was my favorite) and how well the good smell hung around, even after hitting up the gym!

Because I prefer heading to the gym first thing in the morning, yet homeschool, I don’t have time after the gym to shower off immediately, as the baby goes down for a nap, and it’s a great time to do school with my twins six year olds. And man, sometimes I reek! So, I was delighted that Tom’s of Maine actually did a great job of keeping the stench at bay! And I stayed fairly dry at the gym too.

An extra benefit of Tom’s of Maine is that it doesn’t leave deodorant lines on my shirt. The long lasting deodorant is more of a clear gel stick. This alone is pretty fantastic reason to switch in of itself! No stressing or worrying as I hurriedly dress myself (because with four kids I rarely have time to double check myself in the mirror) that my shirt has any crazy white horizontal deodorant lines on it.

So, after more than a week using Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Natural Deodorant, I’m making the switch permanent. It works. It’s better for my body. So, why not? Switching to natural products is one of the simplest ways I can be healthier as a mom.

You can find out more about and support Tom’s of Maine by following them on their social media channels: TwitterFacebookInstagram, and YouTube.

Despite my Monday starting off fairly rough at the gym thanks to my serious lack of sleep the night before and not listening to my body as I worked out, at least I was trying to make some healthier choices, like exercising and wearing Tom’s of Maine natural deodorant as I did so. At least those two things weren’t mistakes.

What are you doing to be healthier as a mom?

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  1. Karen says

    I don’t really do anything to improve my health, and that’s the problem! haha It’s something that I want to work on, though. It’s important to me to set a better example for my daughter.

    • says

      Ha. I understand! I sometimes feel like I’m not all that healthy, because I don’t always eat the healthiest foods, etc, so I am just glad I get exercise fairly often. lol. But, yes, I do think setting the health examples is huge. Good luck!

  2. craftyone says

    In order to improve my health, I have been completely eliminating foods from my diet that cause digestive issues. It has been difficult but rewarding.

  3. says

    I have been loving Bikini Body Mommy. She posts 90 day challenges for free, you lose the weight right along with her and it is amazing! She is a mom, each series is based around losing baby weight and getting healthy as moms, so it is applicable on every level!

    I just had this same recognition of needing to sleep if I am going to work out intensely, and I am so glad to read this. I am not alone. It is so hard being moms and we can’t do everything, but sleep can’t be the thing I sacrifice for everything else!

  4. Meaghan says

    I try to work up a sweat at least 5 days per week. This morning I got a short run in with one of our dogs, and have felt awesome all day!

  5. Christine H says

    Tom’s is the best! I love their apricot scented deodorant. I strive to have a natural and organic diet as much as possible.

  6. Sarah Gillespie says

    I try and squeeze in four gym days a week .We also strictly stick to the outside isles of the grocery store when getting food .Going in the middle isles is where all the super processed stuff is, which we try to avoid .

  7. Laurie Nykaza says

    I try to eat right and also got an integrated medicine Dr to work with. Also sorry I put my email address in the boxes where i follow

  8. Sue Hull says

    I drink lots of water,sleep 7-8 hrs everynight and eat right. Its hard to cut out bread. Its my weakness. Lol! Thank you for the chance 😀

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