Practical and Thoughtful Gifts for Expecting Moms She’ll Absolutely Love

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Sometimes when you’re pregnant you want attention and gifts that are just for you, the expecting mom, not just for the new baby. You want to receive gifts for pregnant women that say “I’m thinking about how this little bundle of joy is going to change your life – and I want this gift to help.”

Or, maybe that’s just me. Many of the pregnancy gifts I suggest are things that will make life for the momma-to-be easier, more manageable, but also more enriched. These go far beyond baby registry items! These are items first time moms, or second time moms (and beyond) to help them enjoy carrying a new life inside of her and outside of her!Gifts for pregnant women don't have to focus on the baby! What a great list of thoughtful gifts for expecting moms that are just for her! I would have loved these type of pregnancy gifts.

Gifts for Pregnant Women

Maternity Clothes for Pregnant Women

As pregnant women we don’t want to look like a blimp or feel like a whale while we are expecting, but we also don’t want to shell out bookoo bucks on maternity clothes that we will only wear a few times over the course of a few months. We want maternity clothes that rock but won’t break the bank.

This is where someone gifting someone maternity clothes becomes a blessing! 
Gifts for pregnant women don't have to focus on the baby! What a great list of thoughtful gifts for expecting moms that are just for her! I would have loved these type of pregnancy gifts.

StitchFix for Maternity Clothes – $100

Gift the pregnant woman in your life a Stitch Fix gift Card! She can use it to find some adorable, fashion-forward pieces that match her style, and help her not feel like she’s as big as a house, or she can save it and use it to help her dress her postpartum body. You can check out my first Stitch Fix review and my second Stitch fix review and too if you are unfamiliar with their service.

Or gift her a fun maternity shirt like this Basketball T-Shirt for $17.99, or something useful like some Belly Button Bands (or Belly Button Body) which you can get for free with code ENBABY when you pay the $11.95 SP&S fees.Gifts for pregnant women don't have to focus on the baby! What a great list of thoughtful gifts for expecting moms that are just for her! I would have loved these type of pregnancy gifts.

Picture Gifts for Pregnant Women

Maternity Photo Session or Newborn Session

If you have a skill for taking beautiful photographs of people, why not gift your services to your pregnant friend in the form of a maternity photo session, newborn photo shoot, or family pictures for after the baby is born (depending on your skills and your friend’s wishes).  I had a friend gift me a newborn photo session for after my son was born and I thought it was the best gift ever!

If you don’t possess those skills yourself, grab a gift certificate from your favorite local photographer (you can check Groupon for deals on local photographer services) or even JCPenney or Target Portrait Studios for the session of their choice.

Photography Class

With a new baby on the way, the desire to photograph every. single. moment. is immense in today’s digital world. But, there’s a high chance your pregnant buddy doesn’t know much about taking “good” photos! Help her out by signing her up for a photography class! There are likely places near you that do a great job, but there are also several great online courses she can take too via  Craftsy‘s Basics of Digital Photography class or their free professional family portraits class. There are also other great photography courses offered on Groupon.

Memory and Photo Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women


Groupon often has great deals on Canvas Prints, Custom Photo books, photo wall decals, and more, and Groupon makes it super easy to “Give as a Gift” with that button right below the “Buy” button. Your pregnant friend can redeem them for pictures of her new baby.


Gift your expecting mom a pregnancy journal! They are a fun way to remember every little thing she experiences during her nine long months of waiting for her bundle of joy. Or gift a pregnant woman this fun DIY 53-page “Our Love Story for Baby” that will become a one-of-a-kind keepsake for her new baby.pregnancy-journal-gifts-for-expecting-moms

Number Month Stickers for Pregnancy and Baby

It’s a super fun trend for people to take pictures of their growing girth as well as to take pictures of their baby every week or every month with stickers! You can pick up a variety of styles from Etsy for both Pregnancy Month stickers and Baby Month stickers. There are also some on Amazon.

Belly Cast Kit

While it’s fun to take pictures of a pregnant belly, it is fun to truly capture exactly how big a pregnant belly and how someone carried their baby via a Belly Cast Kit! Not all pregnant women will want to do this, or keep this, but if your friend or wife loves sculpture and all things memories, gift her a belly cast kit!

M-DISC Long-Lasting Digital Storage Solution

Because we live in the digital age, and every expecting mom will take 1.2 million pictures, give or take, of their baby before they graduate high school, gift a pregnant woman M-DISCs! M-DISC is the best way to store digital photos, files, and images so you’ll that information forever. Like forever ever. The discs are supposed to last for 1000 years and are resistant to extremes in temperature, light, humidity, heat, magnetism, and EMP. M-DISC cannot be overwritten, erased, or corrupted by natural processes, and a single M-DISC can hold up to 100 gigabytes of information. It is also compatible with any DVD or Blu-Ray drive so you can access your data anywhere, anytime, for a very long time!

Pick up a stack of discs and a burner as the perfect pregnancy gift! Bonus! You can get 15% off all M-DISC products with my special discount code KATELYN in their store. They also sell M-DISC on Amazon and portable Blu-Ray Burners on Amazon.

They are launching a monthly service very soon where they’ll burn (more like engraving) your digital content automatically onto an M-Disc and ship it to your home every month for only $8/month. Find out more at

Meal Services and Food Gifts for Pregnant Women

Nothing says “I love you” more than food, am I right? Especially food that magically arrives at your doorstep! When your a new mom, having to grocery shop (especially if it’s flu season) with a new baby is overwhelming. Make it easy for your pregnant friend with these gift ideas just for her:

Walmart Grocery

If your pregnant friends lives near a Walmart that offers their curbside grocery pickup, you could order her groceries, and all she’d have to do is drive there and pick them up, without having to go in the store at all! You can save $10 off your first order of $50 or more through December 31, 2016 with my referral code RD3XBB1B. You can read my Walmart Grocery Pickup Review for more information about this service.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron offers a better way to cook, with fresh ingredients and great recipes delivered weekly to your home. Blue Apron has no commitment or fees, so you can prepare delicious, inventive meals at home. You can get 3 Meals Free on Your First Blue Apron Order or $30 Off Your First Blue Apron Order making it $29.94 for 3 recipes/week for 2 people, or $39.92 for 2 recipes a week that serve 4 people to start. But now that the food will still have to be cooked with this service, however, everything is provided for her to cook a great meal that’s healthy for her and baby. Plus, shipping is always free, and you can skip any week. Gift Blue Apron and help feed a pregnant woman great food! I’ve tried it out and found it to be very delicious and healthy!

pregnancy gift idea - meal services - hello-fresh-meal-services-in-a-box-delivered-to-homeHello Fresh

In Hello Fresh meal boxes you get exactly what you need to cook delicious healthy meals in only 30 minutes! The ingredients come from local suppliers, and boxes are packed with sustainable insulation materials, in a 100% recyclable box. You can get a $50 Discount on your First two Boxes ($25 off each) with Code HELLO50FRESH. Valid for new customers only. Classic, Veggie or Family Box. We’ve received Hello Fresh ourselves – see my Hello Fresh review to what we thought about their service!


Pregnant women and new moms need healthy snacks, so gift them a subscription to Graze! They send delicious perfectly portioned healthy snacks straight to your (or your friend’s) mailbox on a regular basis, either weekly or bi-weekly. Start receiving snacks by mail today by signing up for Graze. Join today and get your first box for FREE! Only pay a $1 shipping fee.

House Cleaning Services Gifts for Pregnant Women

Everyone wants a break from cleaning their house, especially when very large and with child, yet the nesting is going in full force. And moms are so exhausted postpartum to want to clean anything but themselves and baby every few days. Either clean their house for them, or gift them a house cleaning service or an iRobot. Or both. Groupon has some good carpet cleaning and housecleaning services deals and Groupons are easy to gift.

Entertaining Gifts for Pregnant Women

Books & Kindle PaperWhite

I love my Kindle PaperWhite! It’s perfect for those late night feedings with a new baby! Because the back-light on the screen is adjustable, you can set it down low, keep the lights off or dim in the middle of the night, and still read a book while feeding a baby, as you only need one hand to hold it open. It’s awesome! Gift your book reading pregnant pal or wife a Kindle PaperWhite and maybe a few good books too!

VidAngel Gift Card

I am a huge fan of VidAngel (see my VidAngel Review for more information)! My husband and I use their service weekly. You get to filter out swear words, nudity, sex, gore, or whatever you don’t want to hear or view in popular movies, and watch the movies from the comfort of your own home, for just $1/night! Love!  Gift the pregnant women in your life a VidAngel Gift Card so she can binge out on her favorite new or old movies and TV shows from the comfort of her own home without exposing little junior to inappropriate things. It’s perfect for those insomnia pregnancy nights or long days and nights with a new baby.

Pampering Gifts for Pregnant Women


I have never gone in for a massage while pregnant, but it sounds amazing. There is so much weight and pressure and pain when you are pregnant, and a good massage can alleviate some of that discomfort, even if it’s just a footrub, head massage, or hand massage!  Your friend may also love a chiropractic or acupuncture session too.

If you’re a husband looking for a great gift for your pregnant wife, look into MELT Couple’s Massage course. It’s super easy to learn how to give your own fantastic massages. You can gift these couples Massage Courses too.  Otherwise, I’m a sucker for Groupon deals for discounted massage, chiropractic and acupuncture sessions!

Pedicure & Manicure & Hair

A great gift for pregnant women is some pampering! Treat your pregnant wife or friend to a pedicure, manicure, hair cut, or makeover. I know I always need a trim at about 4 months after baby comes when the postpartum hair loss kicks in big time! Some pregnant women also want to feel as beautiful as they can when they are giving birth, and they can’t quite paint their own toes at the end. Gift them a certificate to their favorite local spa or pick them up a Groupon deal for a local place.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks

A large majority of women get stretch marks from pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Help a sister out by gifting her a bottle of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks!

Club Membership Gifts for Pregnant Women

Amazon Prime Membership

Time is limited and shopping with kids is a pain at times. A great pregnancy gift is an Amazon Prime Membership! She can save a 15% on on diapers, wipes, and all things baby, having them regularly and automatically shipped to her door, and get FREE 2-Day Shipping on just about everything else on Amazon. Oh, and watch some free videos, and get a free Kindle book every month too, among other great benefits. Give the Gift of Amazon Prime to expecting moms you know and they’ll love you forever. Or at least for the year their membership is good for.

Sam’s Club Membership

I really believe there are some serious benefits and reasons that every new mom should have a Sam’s Club Membership.  Not only can new moms save on diapers, formula, wipes, baby foods, laundry detergent, and other household goods, but there are the savings on gas, groceries, and all sorts of other things. We have been Sam’s Club members for over two years now and love them, and our membership totally pays for itself and then some. Use my Sam’s Club referral link when purchasing a new Sam’s Club membership and you will receive a $20 e-gift card too!

Even though pregnant women need lots of items for their babies, they also need lots of stuff for themselves! I hope you found some inspiration for ideas of Christmas gifts for pregnant women or baby shower gifts or even birthday gifts for expecting moms! Whatever the occasion, treat the woman who’s expecting with extra love and attention by supporting the amazing changes she is currently undergoing and will face very shortly.

What did you always wish you were gifted as a pregnant woman?

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