Is Stitch Fix Right for Frugal People? My Honest Review

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Though I was given a $20 credit to try Stitch Fix for free what follows is my honest Stitch Fix Review as a frugal, simple person.

Fashionable is not a word I use to describe myself. Now or ever. I think I can look nice, but fashion-forward or stylish are not qualities I seek out in my life (while modesty I do seek out).

It’s not really me, especially because I am a stay-at-home mom with kids that frequently wipe boogers on my shirts, pull my hair, break my necklaces, and ooze out poop from their diapers onto my lap.

Thus, fashion-forward clothes are not a big priority in my day-to-day life.

However, I no longer want to buy throwaway items. I want timeless pieces of higher quality, yet without a ridiculous cost. So, I decided to try out the extremely popular personal styling service Stitch Fix.
Because Stitch Fix is awesome to bloggers, they let me try my first Fix risk-free by covering my $20 styling fee in exchange for this honest review.

To say I was skeptical about this service is an understatement. I have seen friends, online and in real life, rave about Stitch Fix, but I have always thought this service sounded extremely expensive and clearly designed for people into shopping, spending money, and fashion. I wasn’t sure how the pros and cons of Stitch Fix weighed in my favor.

I am also super picky about what I am looking for in clothing with hem lengths, materials, etc. I doubted Stitch Fix would mesh with my frugal self who isn’t into fashion.  

Great honest Stitch Review from a cheap frugal person like me! I've always wanted to try out their styling services but wondered if it was really worth the expense.

**Try out Stitch Fix NOW and see if it’s right for you.**

Below you will find the Stitch Fix Style Quiz I took after creating my account, to give you an idea of how they decide what to put in your Fix for you. Then you’ll see what I received in my first box, what I honestly thought of each piece (sharing both positive and negative reviews), how much each Stitch Fix item cost, and if I think Stitch Fix is worth it or not as a frugal person.

Stitch Fix Style Quiz

Before you get your first Stitch Fix box of clothing and accessory goodies in the mail, you take their Stitch Fix Style Quiz.

Here’s what the Stitch Fix Style Quiz asks:

How often do you dress for the following occasions:

  • work/business casual
  • cocktail/wedding/event
  • laid-back casual
  • date night/night out

Answer Options:

  • Most of the time
  • About once or twice a week
  • About once or twice a month
  • Rarely

How much should your Fix selections focus on the following Occasions?:

  • Work/business casual
  • cocktail/wedding/event
  • laid-back casual
  • date night/night out

Answer Options:

  • Frequently: As much as I can get!
  • Consistently: at least one piece per shipment
  • Sometimes: if my stylist really loves it for me
  • Rarely: very little, or only when I specifically ask for it

Do you wear mostly jeans/pants or dresses?

  • Mostly jeans
  • Mostly dresses
  • Healthy mix of both

How adventurous do you want your Fix selections to be?:

  • Frequently: Adventure is my middle name!
  • Sometimes: I like trying new trends,
  • Occasionally: some unique pieces are fine,
  • Never: please keep my clothes timeless (what I chose)

Would you like to incorporate more of the following styles into your wardrobe?

  • Boho
  • Casual
  • Classic
  • Edgy
  • Glamorous
  • Preppy
  • Romantic

How would you characterize your accessory and jewelry style?

  • Mostly classic
  • Mostly statement
  • Healthy mix of both

What is your preferred tone of jewelry?

  • Mostly gold tones
  • Mostly silver tones
  • Healthy mix of both

Are your ears pierced? Yes/No

Is there anything you’d like to avoid in your shipment?

  • Apparel to Avoid: Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Outer Layers
  • Accessories to Avoid: Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Scarves, Bags, Flats, Heels, Booties, Sandals, Fashion Sneakers
  • Colors to Avoid: Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Gold, Green, Grey, Navy, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Teal, White, Yellow
  • Prints to Avoid: Animal Print, Floral, Paisley, Plaid, Polka Dots, Stripes, Novelty Print (ex. birds)
  • Fabrics to Avoid: Faux fur, fur, leather, pleather, polyester, wool

What do you think of the styles below? (They have some images you click on that you like)

Stitch Fix Style Quiz – SECOND PAGE: FIT/CUT

How do you prefer clothes to fit your top half?

  • Tight
  • Fitted
  • Straight
  • Loose
  • Oversized

How do you prefer clothes to fit your bottom half?

  • Tight
  • Fitted
  • Straight
  • Loose

What type of Jeans do you prefer:

  • Style: Skinny, straight, bootcut, wide
  • Rise: low, mid, high
  • Length: Ankle (28″-29″), Regular (30″-32″), Long (33″-35″)

What featured do you like to flaunt vs. downplay?

  • Arms: I love showing them off!, Sometimes I’ll flaunt them; flaunt only for special ocasions, I’d prefer to keep them covered
  • Shoulders:  I love showing them off!, Sometimes I’ll flaunt them; flaunt only for special ocasions, I’d prefer to keep them covered
  • Back:  I love showing them off!, Sometimes I’ll flaunt them; flaunt only for special ocasions, I’d prefer to keep them covered
  • Cleavage:  I love showing them off!, Sometimes I’ll flaunt them; flaunt only for special ocasions, I’d prefer to keep them covered
  • Midsection:  I love form-fitting styles!, sometimes I’ll wear form-fitting, form-fitting for special occassions, I’d prefer a more relxaed fit
  • Rear: I love form-fitting styles!, sometimes I’ll wear form-fitting, form-fitting for special occassions, I’d prefer a more relxaed fit
  • Legs:  I love showing them off!, Sometimes I’ll flaunt them; flaunt only for special ocasions, I’d prefer to keep them covered

Stitch Fix Style Quiz – PAGE 3: SIZE

How tall are you?
What is your weight?
What sizes* do you typically wear in…?

  • dress
  • shirt & blouse
  • bra
  • pants
  • jean waist
  • skirt
  • shoe

*Stitch Fix carries women’s sizes XS-XL and 0-14, Plus Sizes from 14W-24W and 1X-3Xmen’s sizes XS-XXL and maternity.

Are you pregnant and interested in maternity clothing?
How would you characterize your proportions?

  • Arms: short, average, long
  • Shoulders: narrow, average, broad
  • Torso: short, average, long
  • Hips: narrow, average, broad
  • Legs: short, average, long

Are you curvy on your bottom half? YES/NO

Stitch Fix Style Quiz – PAGE 4: More About You

When is your birthday?
How much would you ideally spend on items in each of the following categories?: Accessories, bottoms, dresses, jewelry, outer layers, tops, shoes

  • The cheaper, the better (obviously the one I chose for every category)
  • $50-100
  • $100-150
  • $150-200
  • $200+

What is your primary occupation?
Are you a parent? YES/NO
Share your social media profiles, so your Stylist can get to know you better. This step is optional and confidential. It will be used only for styling purposes.

Anything else your Stylist should know? Share more about your lifestyle, physical features, body shape or favorite brands.
This is what I said:

I am a busy, blogging, church-going, wife, and momma to four young kids. As a Mormon, I need clothes that cover my shoulders and have some sleeves (and don’t have too big of an armpit hole either). I love dressing up for church on Sundays, but otherwise don’t. I live in Texas and it’s HOT most of the year, so I want clothes I don’t have to layer (aka no undershirt needed) so they need to be thicker. Need shorts/skirts/dresses that come to the knee.  I like to look nice, but am NOT into fashion/trends.

And that’s the end of the Quiz!

Schedule Your First Stitch Fix

After finishing your style profile, you need to order in the next 30 minutes. You can select the date you want the Fix to be sent to you and choose if you want it to continue automatically every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month, or every 3 months. You can cancel any time or schedule them on an as-wanted basis.

*Ready to Give Stitch Fix A Go?

Your scheduled Stitch Fix of five new items should arrive around your scheduled date. Mine came about 3 or more days ahead of time. It came in the mail and when I opened it up it looked like this:

My Honest Stitch Fix Review – August 2016

Everything came nicely folded and wrapped in my Stitch Fix box that I received the end of August 2016. A style guide – showing how to wear each particular piece with various shoes, accessories, and other clothing – and personalized letter from your stylist  is included in the box, along with pricing and ordering details.

Stitch Fix Item #1 – Loveappella Bremond Lace Detail Knit Top – $48

The first item I tried on was this Loveappella Bremond Lace Detail Knit Top. I kinda liked it, and kinda didn’t. I am a fan of lace, but thought it was weird to have a half-lace back. It was also slightly itchy on the arms. I also didn’t like that you could see through the lace part a little bit.  The looser fit was fine on me and I liked the cut of the piece.

Overall, I thought it was pretty, but slightly odd. I tried it with the skirt that came in my Fix and with a pair of dark washed skinny jeans (that are too tight thanks to the pregnancy weight I have not lost). I decided not to keep it because it was nearly $50 for a top that was just okay. This similar top from Macy’s is almost half the price right now.

Stitch Fix Item #2 – Le Lis Elle Faux Suede Skirt – $58

Next up was this very pretty Le Lis Elle Faux Suede Skirt. I am a fan of pencil skirts (I own several) that hit at the knee. This skirt had a nice soft lining inside too. It was a pull on skirt with no zippers.

I really liked it! It was soft and lined and beautiful. I tried it with the above lace knit top and with an Old Navy light pink V-neck longsleeved shirt tucked in that I own already. I liked the skirt better with a tucked in top instead of a long loose one.

But for almost $60 I couldn’t justify it. Especially because it is a hand wash only skirt. I pretty much only buy clothes that do NOT need special care (i.e. not dry clean only or hand wash only). I forget to tell that to my stylist though! That’s something I would add in my note at the end for my next box.

I found this cute floral pencil skirt at Macy’s and a very similar patterned pencil skirt on Amazon.

P.S. The shoes are ShoeMint 4″ heels I picked up used from ThredUp for only $18.90 and absolutely love them! They were originally $100. You can Get $20 Off Your First Order of $20 or more at ThredUp!  


Stitch Fix Item #3 – Papermoon Shablis Scoop Neck Knit Top – $44

Next was this fun little Papermoon Shablis Scoop Neck Knit Top. It had a fun light pinkish orange pop of color at the end of the sleeves and around the neckline. The pattern was also fun. It was a looser fit and hung longer in the back. I tried it on with my Old Navy tight dark washed skinny jeans. I liked it. The sleeves were a bit odd to have the color on them, but I like color and things a bit quirkier sometimes. However, the price – $44 for a graphic T-shirt? – prompted me to pass it up for now.

I do like this similar red top from Macy’s!


Stitch Fix Item #4 – 41Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan – $48

Clearly, fall was on my stylist’s mind as I was sent this warm 41Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan in burnt orange. I have never worn a cardigan in my life, but can see the appeal somewhat. You can wrap yourself up in one and hide that lumpy mid-section. I was super impressed that the sleeves were actually long enough for my long arms (I’m 5′ 9″). There was no belt, buttons, or ties in the front, and I’m not exactly sure how you’re supposed to let cardigans lie, like if you should try to pull the sides more together or not so much.

I found a very similar cardigan on Amazon (for less).

As I live in Texas, and do not have a need for warmer pieces like cardigans for like 9 months of the year at the moment, I decided to pass it along too, because if I’m spending $48 I want to be able to wear it frequently, and love it when I do. stitch-fix-review-41hawthorn-abrianna-longsleeve-knit-cardigan-burnt-orange

Stitch Fix Item #5 – Marlyn Schiff Delilah Round Crystal Earrings – $28

I don’t wear earrings super often, thanks to the grabby hands of infants, and my sensitive ears. But, I do enjoy wearing earrings and am definitely looking to beef up my earring options as mine are pretty sparse.

I tried these Marlyn Schiff Delilah Round Crystal Earrings on and loved them! They are super pretty and sparkly! And with them being both gold and silver, versatile! And at only $28, I said YES! With my $20 styling fee credit, I only paid $8 for a pair of brand new beautiful earrings. I have received compliments when I’ve worn them too. I cannot wear them all day though, as they start to irritate my ears (but most earrings do this to me). stitch-fix-review-marilyn-schiff-delilah-round-crystal-earrings

Deciding What to Keep in Your Stitch Fix

The good news is that if something doesn’t fit, because it’s the wrong size, you can request an exchange when on the checkout page.

However, you have a whopping THREE days to decide if you want to keep the items you receive.

I was shocked by this quick return window. As an indecisive, count-all-my-pennies tightwad, sometimes I need to try things on a few times, stare in the mirror a bit, and ask opinions of friends and family, before knowing if I really do love something. My first initial reaction may not be the final reaction. Sometimes you need a little time to mull over important (and expensive) purchases decisions.

Whatever you decide, you need to drop off the items in the mailbox three days after receiving your box in order to not be charged for all five items. If you are busy, and don’t have time to run to the post office, or life happens, this could be an issue. However, you can extend your return window by contacting them (should something arise).

How Much Stitch Fix Costs

The biggest hurdle for truly loving several of the pieces that my Stitch Fix stylist picked out for me was the cost. If all of these items had been $20, I likely would have kept them all. I didn’t hate anything, and liked something about every piece I received. But, as money was a little tight at the time I received this box, I was extra picky about saying Y-E-S.

The breakdown of my Stitch Fix Box Cost:

Subtotal: $226.00

Buy 5 Discount of 25%: -$56.50

Styling Fee purchase (credit): -$20.00

Total for all 5 pieces: $149.50 (or only $29.90/piece). 

*Additional Sales Tax may apply.

Honestly, it’s a pretty sweet deal when you consider that it’s only $30 a piece!  But, I almost never spend $30 on a top. Or a bottom for that matter. And certainly not on five $30 items at once.

Normal Stitch Fix Cost

What I don’t love about Stitch Fix is that you are charged a $20 styling fee for every box. Should I not have loved or wanted anything in my box, and sent it all back, I would be out $20! The styling fee does not roll over into the next box and has to be credited toward an item in that box. Of course, the Stitch Fix Style Quiz and your stylist work hard to ensure that you’ll like at least one of the five pieces enough to keep it.

If I hadn’t received a $20 credit, I still would have kept the crystal earrings, because I wouldn’t want to lose out on the $20 I already spent!

As a frugal person, I can’t justify wasting $20, so I’d be “forced” into buying at least one item I received.

Is Stitch Fix Worth It for Frugal People?

And that is the crux of Stitch Fix. You HAVE to be willing to spend at least $20 per shipment. As a frugal person you can look at this in one of two ways:

  1. Being roped into spending at least $20 on clothing items I may like, but not truly love, in order to retain my $20 investment, is not a right fit for myself and my need to only buy clothing that is at a great price, no matter how stylish or high quality these items may be. I don’t have that much money in our clothing budget for myself.
  2. Forcing myself to spend $20-150 on new clothing that is fashionable, high quality, and I love is totally worth the expense. It’s time to stop buying cheap clothing that I usually hate and doesn’t last and invest in great pieces. It’s time to start thinking quality over quantity and spend my clothing budget on quality items.

Honestly, it’ll come down to you to decide which one of these two frugal people you are. I, myself, waver between the two regularly, especially as our income increases.

This means, for myself, I will not regularly schedule Stitch Fix deliveries. But, it does mean I will keep them on the table for when I need some new wardrobe pieces, or should a special occasion arise and I need something special.

For a full list of all the Stitch Fix Pros and Cons be sure to check out my review of my third Stitch Fix box!

But, honestly, I much prefer ordering clothes from ThredUp. It’s used, name brand, fashionable clothing, at a deep discount.  Should Stitch Fix ever partner up with a site like ThredUp , or ThredUp offer Stitch Fix like styling services, it would be the ultimate combination for my frugal “wanna have nicer clothes” self. If you want to try out ThredUp, use my referral link for $20 off your first purchase of $20 or more.

**Update: I did find a place that offers personal styling services with thrift pieces delivered to your door! It’s called Thrift Fix ! For $35 you can get a box of 2-3 used clothing items, $55 for 4-5 items, and $75 for 2-3 vintage pieces! Get 10% off Your First Thrift Fix with Code WUF217.**

I also still like hitting up great sales and discounts from higher end stores, scoring great quality pieces inexpensively. Plus, I get to try them on before I buy too, and return them after I buy them, should I change my mind for any reason.

Stitch Fix Referral Program Overview

If you love Stitch Fix or want your less-than-fashionable friend (aka someone like me) to get some great new pieces for their wardrobe, you can refer them to try Stitch Fix! When you refer a friend with your personal, unique referral link, you will receive a $25 Stitch Fix credit as soon as your friend’s first Fix is shipped! However, there is a $600 referral cap for the year, an FYI, in case you get more than 24 friends to try out Stitch Fix within one calendar year!

You can also buy a friend, who would love their services, a gift card!

So try your first Stitch Fix and start referring friends!

I’m curious to try them out again and see if my stylist finds even better pieces for me as I continue to give her feedback and what exactly I like and am looking for in my clothes. Stitch Fix claims that the more Fixes you do, the better they’ll get! (I will update this post with more thoughts the next box I get.)

**Check out my December 2016 Stitch Fix Review and see what I kept the second time, and my January 2017 Stitch Fix Review to see my third box and all the pros and cons of their service.**

**Check out my list of 16 Stitch Fix Alternatives if you’d like to try out similar but different services!**Stitch Fix Alternatives - Stitch Fix competitors

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  1. Amy Fredrickson says

    Thanks for a thorough review! I’ve been wondering about them, because I kind of hate shopping for clothes! I’ve always thought I would like new clothes if only someone else would pick them out for me. Haha. I might look into doing it every 3 months, to me that’s reasonable as long as I find one thing I like from each box.

  2. Becca says

    Thanks for the review. You look so cute in everything! I love fashion but I hate my body right now, so I don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes. When I was a teenager I used to buy fashion magazines, dissect them for the trends, and then shop my closet to recreate my own copy-cat looks, and go to the second hand shop with a list of items I wanted to complete the trendy looks. These days, I tend to skip the fashion magazine, but I still have a list of clothing items I’d like. Once or twice a year I hit up a local second-hand shop that always has a buy-a-bag-of-clothing for $10 sale. (They provide the bags, and they’re big. I can usually fit between 30 and 50 items in a bag.) I shop for myself and for my kids, and since it’s so cheap, I don’t mind taking a risk on something that isn’t my/their normal style. I’ve actually managed to find quite a few brand-new or like-new name-brand items this way.

  3. says

    I’m with you. I’ve thought a lot about Stitch Fix because I HATE shopping and love the idea of someone else (who is at least somewhat fashionable, unlike me, lol) finding things for me. But I just can’t justify the expense right now as a work-at-home mom. Thanks so much for the honest review! I imagine I’d probably feel about the same way.

  4. says

    I thought all those clothes looked great on you, but I was a bit surprised at the prices. I’m used to paying much less, but I tend to shop by price vs. quality as well. I am trying to retrain my brain to look for more quality clothes that I can keep for many years, because right now my closet is full of clothes that I hate. I need a new wardrobe, but it will be so expensive to replace everything! I might try StitchFix in the future now that I know what to expect.

    • says

      Right. If you hate shopping and sick of your same cheap-o clothes that you end up hating after a while, I think StitchFix could totally be worth it. My husband tried to remind me of the true Value of items versus cost (but he isn’t inheritedly frugal like me). Retraining the brain for sure.

    • says

      I wanted to be honest, because I have seen many just rave about it, and as a frugal person I don’t get it!! Yea nice new clothes!! For over $150!! My frugal person is dying inside! I can usually get like a dozen pieces of clothing or more (depending on who they are for) for $150!! And have the option to return them beyond 3 days….


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