How to Save Money on Groceries Without Ever Leaving Home

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I hate grocery shopping. And it’s not even because I have four kids that join me when I go. The main reason for my disdain is the high grocery bill at the end and still feeling like we don’t have any food a few days later.

My frugal nature encourages me to find ways to save money on groceries. I clip coupons. I shop sales. I stockpile when the price is right. I use money saving couponing apps on my phone. I buy generic. I avoid eating out too!

Nonetheless, I always spend more than I want to, because I want to spend $0 on food. I know. It’s unrealistic, cause, well, I need to eat and so does my family, and it isn’t going to magically appear.

Since moving to Texas two years ago, my diligence in these good money saving habits have fallen off the deep end. As much as I love H-E-B here in Texas, I miss Kroger: they made it easy to coupon and save money on groceries, which I did.

Life moves on, our family grows, and I want new, easier, smarter ways to save money on groceries and everyday necessities like toilet paper too. That’s why I’m sharing five easy, smart ways to save money on groceries and food that require no coupon clipping. You won’t even have to leave home to get the discounts! I’m talking about online grocery shopping. 

Online Grocery Shopping

I am super drawn into online grocery shopping and how magical it sounds to avoid going up and down aisles, making impulse buys, waiting to checkout, parking in the parking lots, and managing four small children who are oblivious to other people in the store. I also love the idea of not having to backtrack across the store when I remember that I forgot the eggs when I’m now over by the produce.

But, every time I’ve looked into online grocery shopping and online grocery stores, the prices always seem ridiculously high, or they didn’t carry the foods I like to eat, or only sold large quantities of those items, etc. It’s never really seemed super feasible from a financial standpoint, and that is immensely important to me. I choose savings over inconvenience most of the time.

Enter the promo codes! 

I’m always one who is up for trying new things, especially when new things come at a steep discount, like first time customer offers and deals online. I rarely forget to cancel subscriptions that I don’t wish to continue past the trial period, so I’ve been able to try new products and services for free or for markedly less than their normal rates numerous times. Even if it’s a one-time purchase, a one-time deal, I’ll take it. Savings are savings, and I want to save money on groceries, even if it means buying from five different online grocery stores.

I looked online and found a few great online grocery stores that either deliver or allow for store pickup that will save you money on groceries (at least initially) as well as other household essentials thanks to their first time customer savings!

If you want to try out online grocery shopping, here's how to make it much more affordable! Save money on groceries without coupons or leaving home!5 Ways to Save on Groceries with Online Grocery Shopping

1.) Walmart Grocery Pick-Up: $10 of FREE Groceries

Our local Walmart recently launched this sweet feature called Walmart Grocery Pickup service. Basically, you order online, schedule a pickup time, and your groceries are ready for you at that time. There’s no getting out of your car! It’s a huge win for people like me who very much dislike grocery shopping (and taking kids grocery shopping).Walmar Grocery 10 dollar referral credit codeYou can check out my review of Walmart Grocery, and then try it out yourself (assuming your Walmart store is participating) and save $10 off your first $50 order. That’s $10 of FREE groceries! The savings is valid for first time customers only. Only one discount code per order. Offer not transferable and does not apply to alcohol purchases. Customer responsible for all applicable taxes. Offer expires December 31, 2016. Use my referral code RD3XBB1B at check out!

2.) Thrive Market – Extra 15% Off First Order; Up to 50% Off Everyday

Never pay retail again! At Thrive Market you can get healthy groceries (which we all know are the most expensive groceries to buy) delivered to your door at up to 50% off everyday. With free shipping on orders over $49, and an EXTRA 15% off your first order (and a free gift from Fourth & Heart if your order is $59+), it’s a great way to save on healthy groceries. I don’t eat a ton of fancy organic, vegan, health food, but their prices make them not so crazy to think about when I do want to eat healthier. And essentially, some the food will be free food with the big discount on my first order! Shop the world’s best natural, organic products always 25%-50% below retail. Never pay full retail for healthy groceries again.

3.) PeaPod  – $15 or $20 Off Your First Order

If you are one of the lucky people who live in Chicagoland, Milwaukee, Southeast Wisconsin (where I’m from), Indianapolis (where we used to live), Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Southern New Hampshire, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Southeast Pennsylvania, then you can use Peapod, America’s largest online internet grocery shopping and delivery service.

They offer your favorite national brands and even money-saving grocery store brands on a wide variety of food. Their service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They hand-select the produce and have well-priced organics. You can Get $15 Off Your First Order at with code PPCJ15 through 12/31/16. The discount is only valid for local home delivery of Peapod groceries and requires a $60 minimum delivery and is valid only for new customers. Or you can use code 60DAYSFREE to get $20 off your first order of $75 or more and 60 days of free delivery.

If you run a business, you can get get $20 off your first business order of $75 or more with code B2B20CJ at!

4.) –  Get 15% off first THREE orders. is an online shopping site that offers savings on products in nearly every category, from electronics to apparel to groceries! Jet makes saving money easier than ever by offering customers unique ways to save every time they shop Jet. Learn more about how it works here.

With millions of products on their site, Jet has something for everyone, including the best brands in every category, and always at competitive prices. One of the newest features at Jet is their Specialty Grocery shop! You can find your favorite specialty products, from coconut oil to apple cider vinegar. Plus the Jet Wholesale store offers amazing value size products to help you save extra on your household essentials.

They seriously have some amazing prices which will definitely help you save money on groceries this month and for the next thanks to the fact that you can Save 15% Off Your First THREE Orders with Code TRIPLE15.  There is free shipping on orders over $35, and many items are available for 2-day delivery!

5.) Amazon Subscribe & Save – 15% Off Orders

With Amazon Subscribe & Save, you can have your favorite grocery and household items delivered to your door once a month, with free shipping, that you can cancel anytime. With Subscribe & Save, you always receive a discount (or coupon) on top of the Amazon and Amazon Marketplace’s everyday low price, and can save 15% on your entire order when you receive 5 or more subscriptions on your monthly delivery day.

To set up a subscription, select the items you want to subscribe to, like baby formula, bottled water, protein supplements, or toilet paper, that are eligible for subscription. Amazon makes it easy to save money on grocery and everyday essential items you use regularly, monthly. I used to use it for regular deliveries of diapers and wipes when my twins were babies. It saved us a bundle!

While I can’t actually spend zero dollars on food and never have to go grocery shopping at all, I’m glad that I can at least skip the grocery store a few times and not feel guilty, because I figured out ways to buy groceries online for less than normal. So until I can afford a personal shopper and chef, I guess these deals will have to do.

*Bonus* Graze Snack Box – Get a FREE Sample Box!

Okay, a Graze snack box isn’t quite grocery shopping, but you can still score free food, which is why I’m telling you about it!

Each graze box is made up of perfectly portioned snacks customized for each individual based on taste preferences and dietary requirements, but always free from genetically engineered ingredients, artificial flavor or colors, high fructose corn syrup, and trans fats. These healthy snack boxes are available as a weekly or bi-weekly nationwide delivery to your home or office. Several different box options showcase their assortment of 100+ snacks including the Variety Box, Sharing Box, Calorie Count Box, Sugar Count Box, and more. You can get your first 4 snack sampler Graze Box for FREE with a $1 shipping fee.

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  1. says

    These are awesome! I still have yet to try grocery shopping online. I look forward to getting out of the house! I’m sure I won’t as much once we have another baby, but for now, I do 🙂 But I definitely am saving this post for the future!

    • says

      As you are in Texas, you can try out H-E-B’s pick up service! I haven’t tried it yet, as it’s in the next town over, and I hear they charge a fee for their service, BUT they apply all the store coupons and meal deal stuff to your order, which can make it less than Walmart perhaps since you can’t apply any coupons to the online orders there. Once I try it, I will write up a review of it. And are you pregnant? Or just projecting? 😉

  2. Al Warren says

    I am wondering if buying produce on line would be a good idea? I would like to know if quality is good or do you get older items you may not like?


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