6 Legit Ways to Score Free Samples in the Mail (Some Monthly!)

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Free Samples. They are part of the reason you love having a membership to places like Sam’s Club. You can sample some free food while shopping and score another free sample from their in-store Sample Kiosk called a Freeosk. Free samples are why you love attending events that will be giving away SWAG.  At home parties, you like having little samples, little taste, little trials, of a product before you commit to the real deal.

Free samples are awesome mainly because, well, they are free. Plus, if you like them, they often come with a high value coupon so you can pick up more. And I love having travel sized toothpastes and lotions and other things for when we go on vacation!

It’s a big win for the consumer (which is you).

But, you most certainly don’t need to have or pay for a Sam’s Club Membership or attend some event or host a direct sales party for your friend (though all of those are good!). You can receive awesome free samples from a variety of places simply by entering your email and some basic information about yourself/household. Some online sites give you monthly free samples of different products.

I have tried out several of the following free sample websites and services. However, always read the fine print before you start signing up for anything you don’t have to – you do want these to actually be FREE samples, not samples that cost you $15+ after shipping and signing up for 10 other offers along the way. Be aware of scams (I tried hard to make sure these were all very legit sample websites – if one isn’t, please let me know!). I want free samples but I am always afraid of scams. So grateful for this list of websites and places where to get free samples that are legit. Plus, they're great samples!

Online Websites Offering Legit Free Samples in the Mail

1) PINCHme Monthly Sample Boxes

PINCHme is an online destination that lets you try products from leading brands, completely for FREE! All they ask is for your feedback on the products. Every month, an amazing range of free samples are released on PINCHme for members to claim. These samples include pet, grocery, baby, beauty, home and personal care.

They recently sent me a Premium Blogger Box which showcased samples that have been featured on PINCHme.com in past, present, and/or future Sample Days. Regular members do not receive boxes quite this size. Who doesn't love FREE samples? PINCHme offers completely free samples to people every single month! I need to sign up!I thought it was pretty cool to get these samples, even though I’m not usually one for all the personal care products (like the Pond’s anti-wrinkle cream). I will totally be using the Nexcare bandages, have used the Boon Snug Spout which turn regular cups into sippy cups (which are genius by the way!) with my almost one year old baby, already know that the Balmex diaper rash cream is amazing (because it’s so needed when your child gets a terrible diaper rash and you want to cry like your baby), and I never say no to a good Kashi GOLEAN bar!

I like that many of the products have coupons attached so that I can save on them if I do decide I like them. I love couponing and saving money at the grocery store, especially on everyday essentials.

There are lots of things to love about the PINCHme sample boxes! If you want to receive one yourself be sure to PINCHme for this month’s Sample Tuesday!

Here’s How It Works:

1. Sign up for free now on PINCHme.com
2. Complete your member profile
3. Order free samples relevant to you
4. Give your feedback!

Why You Should Sign Up:

● 100% FREE to join, no credit card required
● Free shipping on all box orders
● New products each and every month
● Join over 2 Million+ happy PINCHers nationwide
● Products include grocery, baby, pet, beauty, home and personal care

PINCHme - Sample Tuesday - July2016 - 2.jpg

Signup for PINCHme soon so you can request your samples of choice for this month! If you miss it, just be sure you’re ready for the next Sample Tuesday.

2.) P&G Everyday

P&G Everyday is a community where you get loads of great tips and inspiration, recipes and advice. As a registered member you will also receive great deals, coupons and samples of exclusive P&G products, which make it easier than ever to get the quality that you want from brands like: Pampers, Tide, Bounty, Crest, Always, Mr. Clean, Cascade, DAWN, Charmin, Gillette, DURACELL, Swiffer, OldSpice, Febreze, and IAMS. Sign up here

3.) EverydayFamily.com

When I was having my first kids (they were twins), I definitely signed up for EverydayFamily.com. By registering with EverydayFamily.com you will receive stage based pregnancy and baby email newsletters, offers and weekly coupon alerts as well as access to free baby samples, baby coupons, baby magazines and more! I loved getting those magazines for free! Click Here to sign up and you will even get a FREE 8×10 Photo Canvas!

4.) Enfamil Family Beginnings

Formula is expensive, but if you sign up for Enfamil Family Beginnings you can receive up to $325 in FREE gifts including coupons, formula samples, Belly Badges™, and more.! We’ve used Enfamil before with our twins, and I loved receiving the freebies in the mail. If I remember right it included things like formula samples, bottles, an Enfamil Pack n’ Cool, and a diaper bag, among other items. Plus, this give you trusted advice for every stage of your baby’s development and discounts on Enfamil products. Sign up HERE.

5.) Whole mom Baby Samples

Want Free Baby Samples? Sign up to receive free baby products every month in the mail!

6.) Influenster

Discover. Review. Share. Influenster is a free-to-join community of trendsetters, social media hotshots, and educated consumers who live to give opinions of products and experiences.

I joined Influenster back in February 2014 when it was invite only and you had to know someone who knew someone to join. It’s not like that anymore. You won’t receive free samples and products every month from Influenster. They will send you emails asking you to answer a few quick questions to see if you qualify for their next VoxBox. If you don’t qualify (which I often don’t for one reason or another – I’m not really into makeup or skin care so they aren’t a great fit for me usually) don’t worry! One will come along that you do qualify for and then you’ll have a cute little VoxBox appear in your mailbox shortly thereafter.

The best box I received was from Victoria’s Secret Sport! I was sent brand new Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra and workout capri pants. Considering they retail for like $40-60 each, this was quite the free sample! Unfortunately I didn’t love either one, but, I have them as backups if I need them. I also received coupons for free food/products and samples like Popchips, Mr. Sketch Scented Marker, and goodnessknows snack squares.

Then there was the time they sent me Reese’s Spreads too…

You can try to “auto-qualify” for an upcoming box by completing badges, reviews, and using their new app. There are different ways to add influence and earn badges on their platform which help you get more free stuff. Influenster is it’s own social platform. Sign up for Influenster and get in line for your first box!  

I wish I had more great sites that offer valuable free samples for you, but these will certainly get you started receiving some free samples in the mail! Do you know of another great place for receiving free samples? Let me know!

*Bonus* – BzzAgent is another site that sends you products to try out for free! You will need to review them on social channels and/or a blog though. You can learn more here.

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