How to Stay Stocked on the Essentials During Busy Summers

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When Summer hits, your feet hit the ground running too. With swimming lessons, camping trips, sports camps, trips to the library, family reunions, and late nights, finding time to do your regular errands, like grocery shopping and doing laundry, don’t always get done like they need to be. Unfortunately, this leads to oops moments when you find yourself needing something you don’t have.

Like when you discover you’re out of diapers or wipes right as your child has a major blowout as you’re heading out the door to the avoid oops Running out of diapers and wipes

Or you can’t find any swim diapers and friends are waiting for you at the river to go swimming.

Or you run out of Charmin toilet paper when you’ve already sat down and done your thing.

Or you’re cleaning up your kitchen and the Bounty paper towel roll is bare, the Cascade dishwasher detergent tub is empty, and you are out of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser kitchen & dish scrubbers to clean the dishes piled up in the avoid the oops

Or you’re packing a picnic lunch and can’t find any Bounty napkins.

Or you’re starting that giant load of laundry after your camping trip and are completely out of Tide laundry detergent or Bounce fabric softener sheets.

These moments are not enjoyable. At all. You want to avoid them as much as possible.

So, make things easy on yourself and your family during the busy summer (or whatever busy season you have) season and place an order online at and never run out of a P&G essential household product.Walmart online delivery avoid the oops

You can shop the following categories:

When you hit $50, your order ships for free to your home. It may not be as fast as Amazon Prime’s 2-Day shipping, but you also don’t need any membership to use either. With it shipped right to your home, you don’t have to worry about finding room in the back of your car for these bulky, heavy items. They’ll come right to you so you can keep your car stocked with all the swimming, picnic, sporting, camping, hiking, summer adventure gear you may need there instead (and not risk forgetting those items when you need them!).walmart avoid the oops online delivery

As an added tip, you can even order your groceries online with Walmart Grocery, when you’re hanging out during your child’s swim lessons or something, and schedule them for a pickup at a time convenient to you. No more late night grocery runs to Walmart for you this summer. You prefer your running to be during the long summer days, doing fun things, not errands like grocery shopping.

When did you run out of something you really needed at the wrong time?

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