How to Clean Your Cleaning Tools Properly

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Are you using your cleaning tools properly? Are you cleaning them the right way? Today I have Beverly talking cleaning tools, supplies, and how to care for them like a pro.

Having the right tools for any work can inspire excellent results. A house cleaning task is easy, enjoyable and satisfactory when we have handy tools and enough supplies for the work. Nevertheless, the job can get a little complicated, and perhaps dangerous, if we do not know how to use different tools properly. Here are the must-have tools in our cleaning cabinets and their respective uses.

cleaning tools - supplies every home needs and how to properly clean the tools.Cleaning Tools

Brooms and Dustpans

Many of us prefer sweeping particles and debris off the floor before mopping it. This makes it helpful to own a broom. Finding one with hardy bristles and handle will come in handy when sweeping almost any surface, including carpets. A broom goes in hand with a dustpan. Dustpans are not just effective when collecting the gathered debris but also cleaning spills.


Any flooring job is hardly manageable without this tool. It may be necessary to look for one designed with a microfiber cloth for an effective job. This type of material produces excellent results on any hard floor without leaving lint behind. Microfiber cloths are designed from well-knitted polyester and are gentle enough to use even on soft surfaces.


A cleaning job is not complete without getting rid of dust from different surfaces. Aren’t we satisfied to breathe fresh air in our homes after every cleaning task? We can achieve this by investing in some materials useful for dusting.

A good idea is to choose a duster with an extendable handle. Dusting requires a versatile tool that can reach both level and high surfaces for a thorough cleaning. Are you always stuck when it comes to removing dust from the ceiling because of your short height? An extendable duster is your perfect cleaning companion.

cleaning tools - brushesBrushes

These are wide and varied. Think of a toilet brush. It is important to keep a specific brush for the toilet to prevent germs from spreading. Buying different colors to serve in specific areas helps in differentiating which brush to use in a certain room or surface. The design of the brush can also aid in determining where to use it. For instance, there are grout brushes which are narrow in design to enable effective scrubbing and sweeping between the small grout lines to clear off any dirt.

A toothbrush can also perform miraculously when you want to do some detailed cleaning. Do you have challenges reaching those sink rims, grout, and others? Get a used toothbrush, disinfect it and set aside for use in these corners and fissures within your home.


These are handy components in our cleaning collections. From dishes to counter tops, these sponges perform an excellent job in removing tough stains. When you want to do heavy scrubbing on a delicate surface, these are the items to go for. Some handy ones come with both an abrasive and microfiber sides, to tackle almost any scrubbing job one may think tools - sponges and cloths and rags


These could be white towels, microfiber cloths or recycled materials from old tees. Their main purpose is to wipe water, dirt and particles off surfaces such as countertops in the kitchen, tables in the living area and any other surface. It is also common to keep white towels for the kitchen specifically for cleaning and drying utensils.

A Cleaning Bucket

Do you fill your sink with cleaning materials? Many of us are culprits here. We can do better, however. A bucket not only organizes our cleaning materials but also comes in handy when mopping the floors. Finding one with a strong, comfortable handle makes your work easy when you want to move around during the cleaning exercise.

Overview of common cleaning tools most people use in their homes as well as how to properly clean and sanitize them so they'll keep it clean.How to Clean Your House Cleaning Tools

Proper use of cleaning equipment guarantees excellent results. Nonetheless, proper care increases their lifespan. Besides, if we do not clean them we create a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This means we are spreading germs and particles into our houses in the name of cleaning when we use filthy tools.

Brooms and Brushes

These include the sweeping broom, toilet brushes, grout brushes, cleaning toothbrushes and others. They collect a lot of debris during work and some may stick in their bristles. Now, we cannot assume that brooms and brushes do not require cleaning, or have some self-cleaning mechanism, can we? So, how can we clean our brushes and broom effectively?

It may be necessary to don a pair of gloves during this exercise. Pick any visible materials stuck in the bristles such as hairs, dander, and debris. Fill a sink or cleaning bucket with warm water and detergent. Dip your brushes and leave them here for about 30 minutes. Remove them, rinse with clean water and hang them outside to dry.


An effective, risk-free method of cleaning and sanitizing sponges involves soaking them in hot water with a detergent that contains some bleaching abilities. With this practice, you will remove dirty, debris as well as kill germs whilst restore its color. Hang them to dry under the sun. It is a good practice to clean or at least rinse and dry sponges after every use.


These can be effectively laundered just like other clothes. Of importance is to beware of the material and its requirements for laundering. If these are microfiber cloths, it will do a lot of damage if we add fabric softeners used for removing static attraction on clothes. Microfiber cloths are also better dried under the sun as opposed to machine-drying.

Mop Heads

We can also clean these in a laundry machine after removing any debris, dander or hair trapped in the cloth. Put in a plain detergent and hot water. After the cleaning cycle, it is alright to hang them outside to dry.

beverlyBeverly Jenkins is proud of her staff at The Tidy Maids house cleaning service in Raleigh, NC. She has 24 years of experience in house cleaning, customer service, and business operations. She knows all the tips and tricks and do-it-yourself hacks when it comes to cleaning and her clients’ homes are the best proof for that.


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