13+ Fun and Meaningful Family Easter Traditions

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The great thing about holidays is that they allow for some great family traditions, and Easter is full of great traditions. As a young family we are still developing and fine tuning and experimenting with different family Easter traditions both religious and secular. Great ideas on how to celebrate Easter as a family! Love these family Easter tradition ideas that are about DOING and memories. As a child, I greatly enjoyed Easter! Our family had only one, giant Easter basket, as opposed to one for each family member. The large basket was filled with fake grass and with candies, jelly beans, and large chocolate bunnies.

You better believe we fought for the best candies and who would get the large bunnies as a large family.

For years I didn’t even realize that in other homes every member received their own individual Easter baskets (and I still think it’s a little silly and excessive to have more than one, even though we’ve now done separate ones for our kids too) and that kids also would receive toys in addition to candy for Easter. I was blissfully unaware for years that we did things differently in our home.

Though, one year there was a solo stuffed bunny in the basket that my sister and I fought over, and I won (though younger), and I prized that little white bunny (which I named Katie) for years and years, collecting several other stuffed bunnies to create a stuffed bunny family, and even made up a story about Katie and her bunny family and wrote it in a blank hardcover book for school.

That one gift had quite an impact on my young self, huh?

Plus, our one Easter basket had to be found on Easter morning!

The Easter Bunny would leave a trail of clues, often near an Easter egg that we had dyed (and dyed with simple food coloring and vinegar – none of those kit things – and drawn on with wax crayons).  The clues would somehow hint at another room in the house (or outside the house) where the next clue would be found.

It was super fun to figure out the little riddles and clues and find the Easter basket together on Easter morning with my family.  It was also fun to age up and be the one who set up the Easter basket scavenger hunt, posing as the Easter bunny.

We would then get dressed and ready for church, often sporting new Easter dresses.

My mother would also often sing the “Here comes Peter Cottontail” song during Easter season too.

And the best Easter tradition we had was making an Easter Bunny cake every year with two round cake pans. It is a tradition most of my siblings have continued in their own families, mine included! My husband and I made our first Easter bunny cake together right after we started dating eight years ago.

Easter bunny cakes aren't about perfection, they are about tradition. | whatsupfagans.com

It’s fun continuing family traditions with your kids. They had a blast helping decorate our cake last year, dying eggs, and eating candy from their baskets.

Great ideas on how to celebrate Easter as a family! Love these family Easter tradition ideas that are about DOING and memories.

13 More Family Easter Tradition Ideas

I asked others about their family Easter traditions, as well as how they work the true meaning of Easter – the celebration of Christ’s victory over death and sin – into their traditions. The following are some of the great ideas that were shared (I picked non-recipe ideas – I’m focusing on things you can DO as a family, not bake/eat as a family, even though an Easter brunch or lunch with ham is a pretty common Easter tradition).

What are your family Easter traditions? What did you do as a kid and what are you doing with your own children?

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    You guys have way more Easter traditions than my family did growing up! We always do the Easter egg hunt and dye eggs, but that’s basically it for us! I want to start doing more fun things now that my oldest is 3 and will remember things! Thanks for the ideas!

    • says

      It wasn’t until I started writing this post that I realized that we actually had quite a few Easter traditions! It is a ton of fun to do them with kids and make it fun and special.

  2. says

    When our kids got old enough to have Easter baskets, Phillip was all “Where should we hide them??” I was SO confused. I’d never heard of this tradition growing up. Ours were always just sitting there when we woke up.

  3. says

    Holidays and such celebrations bring family and friends together. These bring excitement in our lives and we get energized and a positive feel with such activities. Well it really depends how much organized one is with planning the celebration or party. Easter is one of my favorites from the childhood and I have great memories with my younger ones and cousins. I still have few of the bunny toys in my closet which is my favorite bunny. Egg hunts and Easter baskets, fun activities for kids where Easter crafts making and decorating the cupcakes was followed in our family and still I continue this with my wife and kids. My little one really likes to decorate the Easter eggs with glitters and sometimes with small beads.

  4. says

    Growing up as a child in Africa, we had no Easter tradition in our home . But since I started having kids, I find it very important to create some kind of traditions . It gives your children something special to look forward to and seeing the excitement on their faces, brings a total joy.

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