Laundry Cheat Sheets – 3 Free Printables for Your Laundry Room

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Wash. Dry. Fold. Repeat.

It’s kinda the story of our lives as laundry is one of those thing we have to keep doing until we die.

But, not all clothes are made the same, and neither are the stains they accumulate.

I did a little work and found out how to remove some common stains, what those symbols on clothes actually mean, and found a quote I absolutely love to help keep it all in perspective.

And I’m sharing them with you as a freebie for signing up for my mailing list.

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Printable #1 –

Ever wonder what those symbols on the tags of your clothes actually mean? Me too!

This printable explains the most common laundry symbols so you’ll save your clothes from improper care and handling so they’ll stay nicer longer.

I suggest printing this on the colored paper of your choice and hanging it up in your laundry room for easy reference.

FREE Laundry Symbol Printable! Gonna put in my laundry room so I can care for my clothes properly! Never knew what these clothing tag symbols meant before!

Printable #2 –

Stains happen, and as much as we’d like for them to come out in a regular wash cycle, it doesn’t work that way for all stains. This printable includes 14 common laundry stains and how to remove them. Most even include multiple ideas in case one doesn’t work (or you don’t happen to have one of the cleaning agents on hand at the moment).

Print on the colored paper of your choice and laminate it and put it somewhere handy in your laundry room.

Laundry Stain Removal Guide FREE Printable! Gonna laminate and stick in my laundry room for easy access!

Printable #3 –

When it comes to repetitive tasks, a little inspiration goes a long way. This 10″x8″ printable is a great quote to hang up and read as you do your laundry, particularly if you are in the throes of parenthood.

I totally printed it on cardstock, framed it, and put it up on my wall.

*Printable created by Kerry of

Love this laundry quote from President Thomas S. Monson! Helps me keep things in perspective. FREE Printable!

These are FREE for you to download and print (absent of watermarks) as many times as you want!

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