The Cheap Easy Way to Get Your Faucet Shiny Again

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The one room of the house I hate cleaning the most is the bathroom. The toilet isn’t really that big of a deal, and is fairly easy to clean (and I have my favorite toilet bowl cleaner). Nor do I mind the counter or the mirror.

It’s the shower/tub area that really turn me off. The tile walls, the tub, the faucets, the hard-water residue, the shower curtains, the shower head, and sometimes the mold all taunt out “We are hard to clean, will take you far too long and hurt your back, and the chemicals you use will give you a headache! Sucks to be you!”I love when a cleaning product is inexpensive, non-toxic, and does a fantastic job. You can clean your bathroom faucets and really get them to shine.

I have tried various bathroom cleaning products over the years. Some promise to blast through the dirt and grime, but kinda feel like they are slowing killing you via the terrible fumes they put off, even with the window open and the bathroom vent on.

I prefer natural, non-toxic products as much as I can around the house because I have kids and desire to get cancer from things other than my cleaning supplies.

But, green cleaners aren’t always great cleaners. They sometimes lack those more caustic agents that are found in their chemical-laden counterparts. And sometimes these green cleaners are ridiculously expensive, and I prefer to spend my money on things that dirty my home, not clean it.

Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar is both non-toxic and affordable, so I tested it out in the dreaded bathroom.Use Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar to shine and clean bathrooms and faucets.I am a huge fan of cleaning with vinegar. It does a great job, is affordable, non-toxic, and very versatile. You can use it for a lot of cleaning jobs around the house, like cleaning stove drip pans, copper pots, and stinky sippy cups and towels among many others.

Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar is the first ever cleaning vinegar product packaged in a spray bottle, and comes in Aroma Controlled or Citrus Mint varieties to combat the powerful smell that is vinegar. Four Monks has 6% acidity which is 20% stronger than traditional vinegar, but it’s still gentle on surfaces. They use White Distilled Vinegar made from corn.  It still has a very strong smell, but the 24 oz spray bottle was super handy to use.  It’s great for kitchen, bathroom, laundry, pets, automotive, and outdoor uses (though I wanted to tackle the bathroom).

I used to work in custodial services and we frequently cleaned with vinegar solutions, especially the sinks! I wanted to see how Four Monks would handle the hard water marks and general grime found on my bathroom shower faucets.

Before Cleaning with Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar

Here’s the before:

Before Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar Bathroom Shower Faucet
Before Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar Bathroom Tub Faucet

How to Clean Bathroom Faucets with Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar

I used the Citrus Mint scented bottle and sprayed the faucets all over.
Spraying Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar in Bathroom

Then I used a little sponge and wiped the vinegar around, scrubbing a little. Cleaning Four Monks Vinegar Bathroom
Cleaning Four Monks Vinegar Bathtub
Then I dried the bathroom faucets with a dry towel and this is what I had after:

Bathroom Faucets After Cleaning with Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar

After cleaning bathroom Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar
After Cleaning Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar

They were so shiny!  I’m sure if I wanted to I could probably get them even shinier by using a paste of 2 tablespoons salt and 1 teaspoon Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar and polishing them up. I found that tip (and other great ones I am dying to try out) on their website.

If you want to try Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar, pick up a coupon and grab a bottle from a Walmart Supercenter. It’s located in the Vinegar to clean bathroom faucets so they are shiny before and after picture

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  • (1) Small white sponge
  • (1) Yellow hand towel
  • (1) Pair of blue rubber gloves
  • (4) “Monk cards” with ideas on how to use their product around your home
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This post is sponsored by Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar, but all opinions are my own. #FourMonksClean

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  1. says

    Wow your before and after of your faucet is insane! I also seriously hate cleaning the shower stall. I swear, no matter what I do I can’t get it cleaned. I’ve heard of Four Monks and should probably check them out lol.

  2. Andoni says

      Hi Katelyn
    A question? Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar
    I imagine that the composition is:
    Water. Sodium bicarbonate. Citric acid. White vinegar (with a concentration of 3% -5%)

    • says

      Just grabbed my bottle. The ingredients are listed as followed: Distilled vinegar from corn (diluted with water to 6% acidity). That’s it. It also says that product is 20% stronger than traditional vinegar but gentle on surfaces.

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