72 Unique At Home Date Night Ideas to Spice Up Your Marriage

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As soon as the door to our kids’ bedroom closes for the night, my husband and I most often retreat to our own spaces, at least during the week.

The evenings are the time that I work on this blog, usually until about midnight every night. My husband is usually exhausted and wants to just be alone for a while after his long days of school and work and enjoys watching some Youtube videos upstairs.

We don’t spend a lot of time just him and I during the week.

I try hard to step away from the computer on the weekends, but weekends are so often filled with family activities, hanging out with friends, or church. While we’ve recently made arrangements for a monthly date night, swapping babysitting with another couple so they can go out too, these dates are often a little shorter as I have a finite time to get away from a nursing baby.

So I recently thought it would be awesome to get back in the groove of having a weekly or bi-weekly at home date night. My husband and I used to do these more often, especially when we were doing our Year of Dates.

But, so many at home date night ideas were well, the same. The hard thing about dating within your own home is that it’s a bit too familiar. Snuggling together on the sofa to watch a movie, eating dinner or dessert together, or playing video games together can feel a bit too commonplace.

The point of dating is not solely just to spend one-on-one time together, but to spend quality time together. In a marriage it’s even more important to use date nights to reconnect, keep the flames alive, make goals together, and have fun!

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Putting together unique at home date nights with all the cute details, themes, official invites, and original ideas really keeps it exciting and romantic! You’ll look forward to dating your spouse again, and without having to pay a babysitter.These are truly more unique at home date night ideas for couples! My husband will love these ideas. So many great printable and themed nights. This will spice up our marriage for sure.

72 Unique At Home Date Night Ideas

These were some of the most original and exciting date night at home ideas I found online:

Blind Date Ideas for Spouse
Blind Date Idea for Couples

I love the themed date night ideas a lot (themes make things easier to plan in my opinion). Cherry of Moms & Munchkins put together “blind date” ideas for her spouse. She planned out nine themed date nights based on a simple word or phrase like “Explosive” or “Out of this World.” She would ask her husband to pick a “blind date box” the night before so she could get ingredients or other supplies they would need the next night, and then set it all up. The surprise element keeps it exciting, and having a simple themed word let’s you explore different activities and ideas. Be sure to check it out.Virtual Vacation – How to Have a Romantic Vacation When You Can’t “Get Away”
Plan out Your Virtual Vacation At Home Date Night

My husband have often talked about places we’d like to visit together someday, and this at home date night idea takes the talking and turns it into doing. And since it’s virtual, you can forgo the cost restrictions, childcare needs, and time restraints. I loved all the ideas of different things to plan and how to make it into a little competition. It may be a great addition to creating your own Adventure Book!

RomCom Bingo Night

Okay, so I said that watching a movie together was same old, same old. BUT I think doing something you love (movies) with a fun twist can spice it up. I love these Bingo cards from eHarmony. Not only do they offer this as a free printable and give romantic comedy movie suggestions, they also offer some ideas on what the winner will receive. Though I think if playing with your spouse, the winnings could be much more creative. 😉 Also check out these super cute Popcorn Printables.

2-Player Board Games for Couples

If you have kids, you know that you are limited by what board and card games you can play during the daylight hours. Showing some competitiveness, and assigning sexy prizes for who wins each round, or sexy punishment for the losers, can make these games even more exciting. Kristy of Dates By Design has 4 posts on suggestions on 2-player board games for couples – Puzzles, Card Games and Classic; Newer, Strategic, and Cooperative Games;  Travel Games and Intimate Games; and Game Apps for Long Distance Connection.

Art Date Night at HomeArt-Themed At Home Date Night

Even if you aren’t an artist, doing something creative and artistic together can be both therapeutic and super fun.  My husband and I once did a date night at home where we painted a joint picture together. The picture turned out very, um, unique shall we say, but it was fun because we could just talk and joke and work on it together.

You could also do a “Pass the Pen” type art game where you draw something, say for a minute, then give it your husband to draw on for the next minute, as on back and forth, adding onto the same image, and creating a unique image at the end. You could also tell a story in a similar fashion, swapping after each sentence or word.

PopSugar has cute instructions on how to make a DIY Sharpie Mug which could be done for a date night at home too.


Spin the Bottle Date Night

No, this isn’t a game for a party of strangers, but for you and the spouse at a date night at home. I had won an awesome Printable Spin the Bottle Date night idea, but the company no longer is up and running, so I love the The Dating Divas Spin the Bottle Free Printable!

Game of Love Bed Sheets!

I had pinned this idea months ago, and as I was looking it over for this post, I found out that you can now buy your own reusable Game of Love Bed Sheets instead of doing it yourself. This is such a fun and romantic way to reconnect. You make up the prompts and ideas to fit you and your husband, but it’ll always end with both of you scoring and winning.

Love Actually Blog At Home Date Night Ideas

The site hasn’t been updated in years (literally) but Love Actually Blog has some cute (and Free!) printables to help you have some unique  at home date nights. Most revolve around food, the bedroom, and holidays. Here are 20 of my favorites:

45 At-home date nights for after the kids are in bed
The Dating Divas At Home Date Night Ideas

Okay, honestly, this is THE place to get awesome and unique date night ideas (among other things!). The Dating Divas are amazing at what they do. They have tons of free date night ideas, especially these 45 fun ones to do at home after the kids go to bed. If you want their best date night ideas though, check out their The Ultimate Date Night Book!  They even have an exclusive online community – Diva Central – where you can get exclusive date ideas and relationship tips too. Some of their awesome and unique date night ideas include:

And finally, a unique date night in idea is to take this awesome Couples Massage Course (it’s online) together!

You can also pick up the 175 Best Date Ideas ebook for even more ideas!

Now I just need to set an at home date night with my husband! He’s going to love these dates and love me more too.

What unique date night idea is your favorite?

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    Thanks for including our list of two-player games for couples on your blog! It’s awesome that you are making the commitment to schedule date nights, and often. It is so important for married couples to make the time to pursue, reconnect, and enjoy time alone with our spouses on a regular schedule. And having friends who can swap babysitting schedules is wonderful.
    – Kristy, DatesByDesign.com

    • says

      You are welcome! It is the first time we’ve done an official date night swap with another couple where it’s lasted more than one time each. It’s great though! Thanks for putting together those great lists of games so that I could share them. 🙂


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