Am I As Committed to My Faith as I am My Marriage?

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“Commitment is an act, not a word.” – Jean Paul Sartre

“Once you have commitment, you need the discipline and the hard work to get you there.” – Haile Gebrselassie

Are you are as committed to your husband as you are to God? 

My husband is such a stubborn man. And I am such a stubborn woman. And one of the things we are most stubborn about is protecting our marriage. We are stubbornly committed to each other, our vows and our covenants. We are stubborn in that we don’t want just an “okay” marriage and will purposefully work harder to reconnect during difficult times or when we aren’t as united. We are stubborn in our resolve to avoid divorce and an unhappy marriage.Yes! I so needed this reminder about being committed to my husband and committed to my God and my faith. Sometimes it's easier to be a good wife than a great Christian.And when I reflect upon our marriage of 7 years next month, I see that we’ve done a pretty good job of keeping our marriage strong. We’ve made it a point to communicate often, to work toward goals together, to support each other, respect each other, encourage the other when they are down, and connect intimately.

Having a great marriage takes a good amount of work. When my husband and I get lazy in our communications to each other, saying things in the wrong tone of voice, or trying to problem solve instead of listen, we often have negative feelings toward each other and we get out of sync.

When my husband and I get lazy in the amount of quality time we spend together, playing, interacting, and being fully present (aka not playing around on our cell phones or other screens) our relationship is just okay instead of great.

When my husband and I don’t take the time to be affectionate toward each other, forgoing those kisses and embraces when one of us comes or goes, our marital unity starts to undo itself.

However, when we do make time to be affectionate toward each other, spend quality time together, and effectively communicate, we are so in sync (though not necessary in full agreeance) and united as we lead our family.

The other day I thought about our commitment to each other and how blessed we are for making it a priority and being stubborn about it.

And then I thought about God. And my relationship to Him. . . .

Head over to one of my very favorite blogs Equipping Godly Women (where I am guest posting today) to find out more about how our marriage relationship is similar to our relationship to Christ. 

The best way to Divorce-proof your marriage!

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    Marriage needs intentional steeping of our attention x2! You have such good words of wisdom! I noticed how you are uplifting of who your husband is – I think that’s an important ingredient to any successful marriage! Congratulations on those 7 years!

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    Such a great post! It really gives a new perspective to being the “bride of Christ”. I love the encouragement and eye opening idea of how our relationship with Christ should be. It’s definitely a goal I need to improve drastically on. Thanks for the example and motivation.

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