Where and How to Get Free Diapers

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Oh, crap. Literally. Your child has done his business but you are out of clean disposable diapers. And you also are unfortunately tight on cash and know you will end up coughing up a few dollars for a small pack of diapers instead of the nice big box, even though you know they are much more expensive per diaper than what the larger box offers.

Sometimes you just wish you could get a little handout, a little help, now and then and get some of these never-ending diapers for free. But, how to get free diapers? Can you really get diapers free? And where can you get free diapers?

Because diapers are a basic health and sanitation need for babies, there are many organization dedicated to helping you diaper your baby. There are also companies offering free diapers as samples, as well as charitable people offering up some as well.What a great list and resource on knowing where and how to get free diapers! Every little bit helps save money on baby!

Where and How to Get Free Diapers

So, if paying for diapers every month is difficult, or if you just want a little cushion, or you just like free diapers (who doesn’t?), here are places to go to get free diapers:

1) Family and Friends.

Never underestimate the love and charity of your family and friends. Some friends have diapers their child outgrew too fast and have stowed away in their closet, begging to be used to assist you. Your parents may be willing to set up a subscribe and save subscription for you through Amazon and pay for your diapers monthly as a little gift for you. Or they may love buying diapers for you from a store. You never know unless you ask.

2) Local Free Sites and Groups

Sometimes a parent will buy a brand of diapers that gives their child a rash, leaving them stuck with dozens, maybe even hundreds, of diapers that they cannot use for fear of massive diaper rash. These people then take to online groups like Craiglist, FreeCycle, or local Facebook yard sale or freebie groups. Even if they aren’t giving the diapers away, many of them drastically slice the cost of the diapers.

3) Hospital

When you are at the hospital having your baby, they will supply you with your baby’s diapering needs. When it comes time to leave take all the diapers and wipes that are in your room. You could also ask for more to take home with you.

4) Diaper Banks, Churches, and Charities

Did you know that many communities have their own diaper banks? Try googling your town’s name, or your state’s name, followed by “diaper bank” and see what you find. Many food banks or other local charities and churches offer diapering assistance at no cost.

5) Honest Diapers

Honest Company’s diapers are made from sustainably harvested pulp, naturally derived odor-inhibitors, and plant-based materials. They include NO fragrances, lotions, latex, chlorine processing, phthaltaes, optical brighteners, or organotins and come in adorable patterns with a secure fit. I haven’t tried them yet, but I hope to soon. You can get a FREE trial of Honest Diapers and Wipes HERE.

6) EverydayHappy Diaper Kit Free Trial

If you are wanting to try out a new brand of diapers, especially one that are free of harsh chemicals, toxins, latex, optical brighteners and made with a secure fit, then you should look into EverydayHappy’s Diaper Kit Free Trial. I tried them out, and you can checkout my EveryDayHappy review HERE. Otherwise, sign up for a sign up for a Free Trial of EveryDayHappy products and let me know what you think!

7) Everyday Family

When you register with EverydayFamily.com you receive receive stage based pregnancy and baby email newsletters, offers and weekly coupon alerts as well as access to free baby samples, baby coupons, baby magazines and more! You can join for free HERE. New members are entered to win free diapers for a year, too!

8) Seventh Generation

Trying out different diapers is important, especially if your child has sensitive skin. Seventh Generation diapers are free of chlorine processing, hypoallergenic, and free of fragrances, inks, and petroleum-based lotions. They have a unbleached brown core fiber and offer premium absorbancy and leak protection. You can get Seventh Generation Free Trial of Diapers HERE.

9) Huggies rewards and Pampers Rewards

If you buy Huggies or Pampers diapers, both of them offer rewards for entering codes found on packages, or special promo codes you find online. You can also earn points for doing other things like watching their videos, leaving reviews, or reading their articles. Your points can add up overtime and equal coupons for free diapers (or other rewards). Signup for Pampers Rewards HERE and/or the Huggies Rewards HERE.

10) Signing up for Baby Registries

Sometimes when you complete a baby registry you are often given free diapers and other coupons or freebies (like bottles or formula samples). I am not sure which stores offer what exactly, but most will offer you a discount on items left on your registry after your baby’s arrival (and that someone didn’t buy you), often including diapers and wipes! Target Baby Registry offers a free welcome gift for $60 worth of coupons and handpicked samples of their favorite brands. And Amazon Baby Registry‘s Welcome Box is valued at $35 and currently offers a package of baby wipes (among other items). See my full list of 5 Best Baby Registry Stores to see what other sites are offering.

11) Write to the Diaper Companies

Sometimes, a written letter or email telling a diaper company about your baby’s birth (especially if you have multiples) asking for a product to sample can result in some free diapers. I wouldn’t really recommend going the “sob story” route too strong, but companies want to know you, their customer. If you ever have faulty diapers, be sure to contact them as most have a guarantee and will replace your defective diapers for free.

How to Get Cheap Diapers

Diaper Coupons

If you can’t get free diapers today, at least there are always coupons to help you bring down the cost. Be sure to check coupons.com and redplum.com for current diaper coupons and wipes coupons. I also strongly recommend joining P&G Everyday where you can receive coupons and samples of various P&G products, including diapers. PGE-Acquisition-iMedia-300x250-static (1)


I also like taking advantage of Target‘s coupon policy and their diaper gift card promotions. Learn more about how I use print coupons, apps, and sales to save big money buying diapers from Target HERE.

Amazon Mom

Otherwise, another great option to save money on diapers is signing up for Amazon Family. You have to become an Amazon Prime Member (which means paying $99/year, however you can Try Amazon Prime with their 30-Day Free Trial first!) but you will get free two-day shipping on millions of items and unlimited music and video streaming along with your awesome diaper savings of 20% off diaper subscriptions! Plus, you can get a 15% Amazon Baby Registry completion discount. The diaper boxes from Amazon are also bigger and will cost less per diaper often than your local stores, plus you won’t have to spend gas to go pick it up!

I hope you learned how to get free diapers! How do you save on diapers and wipes for your baby?What a great list and resource on knowing where and how to get free diapers! Every little bit helps save money on baby!

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