6 Moments That Will Make You Cry Like Your Baby

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Babies cry. A lot. And sometimes these crying sessions escalate, and their face becomes all red as they cry such big unhappy tears. As a parent you want to help soothe your child when this happens because it is just so sad and breaks your heart as a mom. They are moments that often make you cry like a baby yourself! You really want to do everything you can to end those tears and turn that red unhappy face into a happy one again. As soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we can’t always fix everything or avoid such sad moments from happening. Here are some common things that make babies cry and turn red, and one product that can end the red.

6 Moments that are sure to make you cry like your baby. So sad!! Thankfully there's at least one thing you can fix. 6 Moments that will make you cry like your baby

When your child gets hurt

Children get hurt. It’s just something that unfortunately cannot be avoided. From a bonked head, to cut knee, to a stubbed toe: babies and toddlers and children get hurt, and sometimes bad enough (or what they think is bad enough) to cry and scream and turn beat red. To make it worse, sometimes as a parent we accidentally are the cause of them getting hurt, whether its because we’re brushing their hair, clipping their nails a little too close, or simply knock them over because we couldn’t see them toddling around behind us for that split second. Talk about making us sad too!

When you leave your child

Babies sure do love their mommies and daddies. And this is especially true as they pass the infant stage into the attached toddler phase. The first time you attempt to leave your child, whether at the child watch at the gym, daycare, preschool, or friend’s house, and they scream and cry out “Mommy!!” it totally breaks your heart.

When your child gets gas, constipated, or sick

Have you seen a newborn upset and kicking and screaming simply because they are trying to get their bowel movements going? I have. And it’s sad. Anytime a child doesn’t feel so great and is crying and upset because something hurts, whether it’s their sore throat, eczema, upset stomach, or fever it leaves a parent feeling a bit helpless at times as their baby suffers.

6 Things that will make you cry like your baby. So sad!When your child gets shots

Having to help hold down your child on an examining table at the doctor’s office, so she or he can be pricked by a needle from the nurse, feels like you are untrustworthy. Why would we help someone hurt our child? But, we know we’re doing it to prevent much worse sickness and is for the best. Unfortunately, our baby, who trusted us, doesn’t know that or care. They just know they did not like what just happened and burst out screaming and crying, turning a deep red color as they do. One of the saddest moments of parenting. Thankfully they are short-lived!

When your baby hates riding in the car

For whatever reason, there are some babies that absolutely hate being in the car. Whether it is because they are strapped down, or they can’t see mom or dad, or they hate their seat, or the motion of the car, or whatever other reason, it doesn’t change the fact that for some parents and their babes, car rides are one of the saddest, and longest, experiences for them. Having to hear your child wail and scream every time you get in the car, and there is nothing you can do about it as you safely drive down the road, is pretty darn awful.

When your child gets a terrible diaper rash

Despite our best efforts to prevent diaper rashes by using chemical-free wipes, or sensitive wipes, or changing their diapers as soon as they are soiled, there will be times when our babies will get a nasty diaper rash. And cleaning off their bums when they have said rash? Torture! When your butt feels like it is on fire, the last thing you want is someone rubbing it!

Diaper rash is serious business, and like every mom, you want to fight diaper rash and protect your baby’s bottom from rash and irritation. That’s why a good diaper rash cream is so important! I really like Balmex Diaper Rash Cream because it is proven to reduce redness in one diaper change, making it easy to treat and prevent further irritation. Balmex with ActivGuard helps neutralize harmful irritants found in dirty and wet diapers.Balmex Diaper Rash Cream #EndtheRedSo to stop the red bum and the red cry face, I am switching over to Balmex Diaper Rash cream. It’s pediatrician recommended and formulated with soothing vitamins B5 and E. It is also smooth and easy to put on (which is very important as baby doesn’t want you messing around with that area for long when it’s sore!) and it’s easy to wipe off. It is available at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Toys-R-Us/Babies-R-Us, CVS, and Kmart.

So far I’ve only had to use it once with my 2 year old son. But, that’s it: I only had to use it once and it ended the red right away! I’m sure I will be glad to have this with my newborn here soon as well.

What are somethings that make your child cry so hard they turn red and break your heart in the process? What are those moments that make you cry right along with your baby?There are some sad moments as a parent and these 6 things certainly make baby cry, but you cry too as the parent because you just want to make them better!

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    When I took my oldest daughter to kindergarten the first day, I cried. She told me, “Don’t worry mom. It will be okay.” Which made me cry even more. Also, the first time she got shots, I cried longer than she did. So sad.

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