How to Prep Your Vehicle for a New Baby Like A Pro

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Oh my word. Can you believe I have less than a month now until baby number four arrives?! With another babe on the way, I’m trying my best to finish up some last minute checklists and prep for the new baby, or what many would call nesting. And one area that I really need to prep is my car. Sure, creating a nursery is fun and exciting, but prepping your car for a new baby is about safety and convenience when away from the home.

How to prepare for a new baby - make sure you prep your car!4 Things You Need to do to Prep Your Car for a New Baby

1. Get needed car maintenance.

One of the most dangerous things we can do as parents is to drive around with our kids in the car. Accidents happen everyday. So, it’s important that we do our best to make sure our car is in top-notch condition.

If your car needs an oil change, new tires, new belts, new brakes, or the AC or heater fixed, get the work done now. Not only will it be easier not to worry about taking a newborn to the mechanics with you, or being without a car for a few days once they arrive, but you’ll be more confident that your car won’t break down, your child won’t overheat or freeze, and you’ll be able to better avoid an accident. Plus, living without working AC in your car is miserable with a summer pregnancy (ask me how I know….).

How to prepare for a new baby - make sure you prep your car!2. Clean it out.

Living in your car lately as you go to your weekly doctor appointments? Make sure to spend time removing all the unnecessary clutter, trash, and junk in your car. When you have a newborn, you’ll likely need the space! Plus, it’s safer to not have extra debris and items in a car in the case of an accident anyway.

Start by removing all the obvious trash and clutter, shaking out rugs, and removing older kids car seats and cleaning under them. Then access what is in your trunk,storage compartments, glove compartments, backseat pockets and under seats. Take out what you don’t need.

Now vacuum it! Get out your canister vacuum attachments and really clean the seats, floors, and trunk. If you have a shampooer, figure out how to shampoo your carpet and upholestry. If you are too big, pregnant, and tired to want to do that yourself, have your husband to do it for you, hire a neighbor to do it, or pay to have a car wash place detail it instead.How to prepare for a new baby - make sure you prep your car!Once it is all cleaned out, keep it smelling fresh by putting in a PERK Fresh Link auto air freshener. PERK is a fun, colorful air freshener that can be clipped anywhere (rearview mirror, headrest, gearshift, grab bars, etc) and linked together for personalized fragrance combos.How to prepare for a new baby - make sure you prep your car!They have some great fragrances like Golden Vanilla, Caribbean Colada, and New Car. PERK can be found at Walmart, Target, Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, Meijer, Kroger, Pep Boys, Publix, CVS, and pretty much anywhere auto air fresheners are sold.

3. Install all the Car Seats Properly

One of the most important things you need to do before a new baby comes is buy and properly install a car seat into your vehicle. Please be sure to check over my Car Seat Safety 101 post for help on buying car seats, installing them, and using them properly. And if you have a big family, here are 5 Things Big Families Need to Consider When Buying Car Seats. The important thing when installing a car seat is to always, always read the instruction manuals for the seat and your car. You can also have your seats inspected at many local fire departments and other health facilities before baby arrives to make sure they are in there correctly.

4. Load your car with baby essentials.

Now that your car is in good shape, clean, and has the car seat installed properly, the last thing to do is stock your car with stuff you will need for the baby. Keeping an extra bag or other storage container in the car with diaper, wipes, changes of clothing, jackets, burp rags, etc is a pretty good idea. Sometimes we forget to restock the diaper bag with these items, so having extra in the car can be a lifesaver!

Other items to load in your car are a stroller, baby carrier, sun visors for the windows, baby hats, umbrellas, baby safe sunblock and bug spray, and so on.


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Now, tell me, how do you prep your vehicle for a new arrival?

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  1. says

    Those look so much better than the cans, bags and trees that usually hang in my truck. I have to try these out. Thankfully I don’t have to prep for a new baby anymore, but my truck needs cleaned out so bad.

  2. nicole dziedzic says

    We prepare for baby by keeping a checklist and getting all the essentials we need. Especially a safe car seat!

    • says

      Thanks Chelsea! I’m excited too. And I have to say, having a clean car is SO NICE!! Got it hand-washed this week and it’s just so pretty inside and out now. Still need that darn AC fixed though…

  3. Becca says

    My car is so filthy, and it’s the middle of winter here now so the last thing I want to do is go out there and wash it. I kind of keep hoping there’ll be a really localised tornado that will carry my car away so I won’t have to deal with cleaning it. But then I suppose that’d be classed as an “act of God” so my insurance wouldn’t cover a new car, anyway . . . . Ho hum, guess I’d better suck it up and get it done after all. Those air fresheners are mega-cool. Much better than any others I’ve seen!

    • says

      Ha ha ha. Yeah, winters are tough. I love how clean my car is now though! It was worth all the sweating and back ache this week. And the air fresheners are pretty cool. Good luck if you enter the giveaway.

  4. katie picklesimer says

    Clean the car and go to the local fire department for baby car seat installation. They tell you how to properly install a seat.

  5. Leigh Anne Borders says

    My idea of getting ready for baby is to purchase those things I need ahead of time, stockpile diapers and wipes, and get plenty of rest!

  6. Annette says

    It’s been a long time since I prepped for a new baby, but I start with a good housecleaning. Then I make a list of things I’ll need and get those if they aren’t gifted tome.


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