Where to Get Affordable Maternity Clothes that Rock

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Want adorable, yet affordable, cheap maternity clothes or even free maternity clothes? Read on.

Pregnancy lasts a mere nine months and the first three months of your pregnancy you can pretty much get away with no one even knowing you are pregnant. You may even be able to get by with some baggy jeans, sweat pants, skirts, or using a rubber band around your pants button and buttonhole for a while without having to spend any money on maternity clothes for the first trimester.

However, if you are anything like me, I cannot escape wearing maternity clothes: my belly gets huge. But, who wants to spend a regular wardrobe price on clothes they are only going to wear for 6ish months? Certainly not my frugal self. So if you want to know where to get maternity clothes for free, cheap, inexpensive, or at a doable price and on maternity clothes that will actually work for all of those six months, and also make your pregnant self look good, attractive, and not like a giant fashionless blimp, then this is the list for you.

An awesome list of places of where to get maternity clothes that rock but don't cost very much! Great tips on where to find clothes for pregnant women free, secondhand, or new but inexpensively, which is perfect since pregnancy is so short!Where to Get Free Maternity Clothes

You can get maternity clothes for free or cheap the same way you get any clothes for free or cheap – friends and family! Chances are you know someone who has been pregnant but isn’t currently pregnant, but still have their maternity clothes in storage. If you are about the same size/build, ask to borrow them! They don’t need them but you certainly do.

If you don’t have any friends your size or they aren’t willing to share or buy you maternity clothes for you as an awesome pregnancy gift, you can always check or ask on sites like Freecycle or Craigslist for free maternity clothes. You can also check on your local Facebook Community Garage Sale Groups if someone is giving away maternity clothes (or perhaps would let you borrow them).

Where to Get Cheap Secondhand Maternity Clothes

To get cheap maternity clothes, secondhand is definitely the way to go still. Remember, some people have only wore these clothes a handful of times over 6-9 months but may have spent a good amount of money on their clothing and it’s likely still in great condition. There are lots of great stores, online retailers where you can get secondhand maternity clothes for cheap.

Brick and mortar stores that sell cheap secondhand maternity clothes:

  1. Goodwill
  2. Once Upon a Child
  3. Salvation Army
  4. Other local thrift stores like Kid to Kid

Online Sites that Sell Cheap Secondhand Maternity Clothes:

  1. Swap.com (Read more about how their site works HERE)
  2. ThredUp. Use my referral linkto get $20 for free (just pay S&H or order $79+ for free shipping). I love them! Check out this post for more info on them and Swap.
  3. Ebay.*

Other places to get Cheap Secondhand Maternity clothes

  1. Garage sales
  2. Craigslist
  3. Bookoo
  4. Local Facebook Garage Sales page
  5. Consignment Sales

If you want to save even more on your maternity clothes, use cash back sites like ShopAtHome.com, Ebates, or Upromise. The reason is that by using these sites, you can save even more money on your maternity clothes purchases!  To read more about these three cash back sites, how I use them and why, read THIS post. I will put an * next to stores that offer cash back through at least one of these three sites. Many of the following links are also my affiliates for your convenience.

Where to Buy Cheap New Maternity Clothes

Sometimes it still is nice to just go into a store and buy maternity clothes that are new, current, what you want and need, and readily available in your size. So, buying new will likely happen, at least for a few of the pieces in your maternity wardrobe. But, no one wants to spend a fortune on these clothes. So the following are stores where you can buy maternity clothes inexpensively.Pink Blush Maternity Top from Zulily

Discount Maternity Clothing Sites

  1. Zulily* If you are new to Zulily, click here to register.
  2. Overstock*
  3. Light In The Box*

Great Discount Maternity Clothing Stores

  1. Ross Dress for Less
  2. Burlington Coat Factory
  3. H&M

Great Retail Stores that Sell Inexpensive Maternity Clothes

  1. Walmart*
  2. Target Liz Lange Maternity*
  3. Sears* and Kmart*
  4. JCPenney*
  5. Old Navy*
  6. Kohls*

Where to Buy Maternity Clothes for Good Prices

  1. Macys*
  2. Gap*
  3. Nordstrom*
  4. Nordstrom Rack*
  5. Ann Taylor Loft*
  6. JCrew*
  7. Amazon*

Maternity Clothing Stores that Don’t Have Outrageous Prices

  1. Motherhood Maternity*
  2. Destination Maternity*
  3. A Pea in the Pod*
  4. Pink Blush Maternity
  5. Milan Maternity

What is your favorite place to shop for maternity clothes?

An awesome list of places of where to get maternity clothes that rock but don't cost very much! Great tips on where to find clothes for pregnant women free, secondhand, or new but inexpensively, which is perfect since pregnancy is so short!

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  1. says

    “But, who wants to spend a regular wardrobe price on clothes they are only going to wear for 6ish months?” I always THINK that which is why I dress like a hobo when I’m pregnant… but really, I’m in those clothes for 9 months postpartum, too. Combine that with the fact that I’ve had 5 babies, and I’ve probably wear my maternity stuff more than my regular clothes over the last 10 years!

    • says

      Ha ha ha. Good point! So it might be worth investing a bit more in them then huh? And I wear some of my maternity things postpartum for a while too (that belly doesn’t magically disappear the day after giving birth!).

  2. says

    My favorite is Old navy…they have the cutest clothes and great jeans with the elastic…I wore these months after I had my son 🙂

  3. Katie says

    I love getting maternity clothes. haha. I don’t wear any yet (last time I didn’t until 25 weeks…and it’s looking like it will probably be about the same this time. Lucky me!), but once I start do, I love them. I got all my maternity clothes at Target, Old Navy, and Motherhood Maternity for killer deals. I need to get some different clothes for thisb aby though, since it’s a completely different season. Sweaters don’t do well for me in the summer 🙂 Thanks for all these tips!

  4. Desiree says

    I went to the salvation army and got skirts and dresses. They fit better longer, and the clothes I wore to the delivery room still fit months later. Plus you don’t have to deal with that “mom” look- just throw on a maxi skirt with no zippers or buttons, a tank top, and a jacket or shoulder covering. The only thing I ever had to replace were all my stretched-out tank tops at $2 apiece

      • says

        I’d have to say shopping thrift stores/consignment, Burlington Coat Factory, and Old Navy are at the top of my list! Old Navy’s clothes aren’t the highest quality, but I’m okay with that since the prices are so low. I think with each pregnancy I’ll want to change things up anyway 🙂

        • says

          The vast majority of my maternity clothes have come from Old Navy too, and they are cheap…. but not the best. I will definitely shop around more next time. My favorite thing though is to just ask my friends if I can borrow theirs! 🙂


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