Are Little Boys Really That Different From Little Girls?

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My son just turned two years old two weeks ago! In his two years of life, he hasn’t been all that different in temperament or disposition from his twin older sisters. Certainly his personality is different than both of theirs, or more of a mix of the two, kind of like his looks fall somewhere in between his fraternal twin sisters’ very different appearances, too. But, one thing is for sure: he’s adorable and I love him like crazy.A 2 Year Old Boy Isn't so Different from a 2 Year Old Girl

Having a single child has been so different from having twins. I instantly fell in love with my son, which isn’t something I can honestly say happened with my twins, for various reasons (C-section, how long it took until I held them, and other things). With my son as a newborn I just couldn’t get enough of him! He made me feel so happy.  And compared to having two newborns and two one-year olds, the first two years of his life have been so much simpler and easier. And in many ways I feel like he’s been spoiled, except in the amount of pictures and videos taken of him department.

But, I don’t mind snuggling with him for a long time, in part because I don’t have to worry about another child who needs me.  In so many ways, he has been so incredibly easy in comparison. In many ways having a son has been easier than having the girls. Granted he’s a single baby and not twins. While he did wake up during the night more frequently and consistently at night than his sisters, he was a pretty easy babe and a not too terrible toddler (yet).

Because, my son Michael is such a sweet guy, with the longest eye lashes, and biggest blue eyes around. He’s been winning hearts of old ladies since the day he was born with those eyes! He’s a true charmer, and loves to smile, wave and say hi to strangers, and then slouch his head back into his shoulders all bashful like.  He loves to shake people’s hands and isn’t really afraid of people, though he is a bit of dogs. Michael snuggles frequently, and will find his way into your lap or immediately next to you, preferably with a blanket nearby, multiple times in a day. He also loves giving kisses, receiving kisses, and resting his head on you.

Michael naps without much of a fight, as long as he’s at home, even though he can now climb out of his crib like a pro. At nap time he likes to have a drink of water (or “cup” as he says), be sung a song, be tucked in with blankets with his head on his pillow, and have his belly rubbed. He sleeps through the night, and first thing in the morning may climb out of the crib, and run into our room, and snuggle with mom and dad in our bed.

When he isn’t snuggling, being held, or in your lap, he’s often begging for food. He can eat! Right now he will try and eat most things presented to him, which is awesome. He loves bananas, yogurt, toast, butter, peanut butter, milk and cereal for breakfast, pasta, grapes, peanut butter sandwiches, cheese, crackers, and more.Riding a Bike

Just like his older sister Alison, our son still sucks his two middle fingers on his left hand. But, unlike his sisters, recently stopped breastfeeding officially at 23 months, whereas I stopped nursing my twins at 13 months. It’s been a little bittersweet, but I’m thrilled he still gives me plenty of snuggles!

Our son loves to scream, makes some sort of (loud) sound every minute when he’s awake, especially at places like church, and will say the word “yep” instead of answering questions or repeating words you asked him to say. Mikey hasn’t been the quickest talker (and neither were his sisters), but what he says is nice and clear. But, with two older sisters, and more individual attention, he may not feel the need to articulate as many words yet. At two years old his best words are: yep, no, mine, momma, dada, Ali, shoes, go, car, dada (banana), cup (which is any body of water), juice, up, help, toast, toes, eyes, elbow, nose, cheek, boob, butt, butter, choo-choo (train), why (as in Super Why!), ow-wa (owie), pot-pie (potty), owl, dog, kitty, blurdie (birdie) and pretty.

Mikey has shown interest in using the potty for months, and we’ve made half-hearted attempts at potty training him here and there. He loves to sit on the “pot-pie” or “pot-pot” and try to go potty, and on the real toilet, mostly so he can grab toilet paper and wipe, even though he hasn’t used the facilities. One of his best and clearest words is “butt” and will go up and touch people’s butts (and yes, even a few strangers before to mortification) and say the word “butt.” When someone farts, he also exclaims “Butt!” (We are totally potty-humor people in this house, so we roll with it.)

However, Michael it seems still isn’t quite ready to be potty trained, though we’ll still appease him for the time being with sitting sessions on the toilet before bed or baths. But, he’s funny because he will, after having a bowel movement, often let us know he needs a diaper change by bringing over the wipes and a fresh Huggies® Diaper and then proceed to lie down. He may still make us chase him around a bit after his bottom has been wiped, but eventually begs to have his diaper put on.

Are little boys really that different from little girls? Because everyone seems to say Raising boys is tougher!One of the biggest differences between our twins and our son is the diaper brand we use. We were told by many friends that Huggies diapers work better for boys, and they were right – they do! We’ve used many different styles of Huggies and recently tried out their new Huggies® Snug & Dry Ultra Diapers at They offer Ultra Protection and Ultra Value, which is perfect for a diaper.

undefinedI really liked the quilted liner and felt that it locked away the wetness better and kept my son dry all 12 hours he sleeps at night, which sometimes is hard to do (he likes to have that cup of water before bed!). The great thing about diapers that work all night, is that I can put him back in the same Jammies again the next night and not have to change his sheets as often. And he just doesn’t reek of urine. Definite plus!
Huggies Snug and Dry Ultra have an awesome quilted liner to keep baby feeling dry.Other exciting things about our son is that he is finally getting to the point where he is more playing with his older sisters instead of simply besides them. He didn’t use to understand that his sisters were running away from him, but now he gets it, and will scream and chase them, especially when he’s wearing a dinosaur or skeleton or bug on his shirt! My kids have always loved being chased and running. And my son can now run and definitely bolts!

In the last week, we’ve lost him twice in a store (Best Buy and then Hobby Lobby) when we put him down for 3 seconds. The first time my husband had him and put him down to get a cart to put him in, and then he was gone. The second time I had taken him out of the cart and into the bathroom so his sister could use the facilities, but as I was waiting on Alison to finish drying her hands for four extra seconds, he had bolted out the door and disappeared, right to the front of the store (thankfully he didn’t go out of the store!). We also have to watch him and the front door, because if it is unlocked, he will open it and bolt away, sometimes straight across our little parking lot. The same is true when we are all leaving to get in the car. He’ll make a dash for it as I’m working to lock the apartment door, and put the diaper bag in the car. And he doesn’t much care for holding hands while walking (but none of my kids really have).Besides the obvious differences, little boys are often touted as being harder to raise. But, are little boys really worse than little girls?

But so many of those stereotypical “boy” experiences we haven’t really had. He didn’t run before he could walk. He doesn’t constantly destroy things, and has in fact put far less objects into his mouth than even one of his sisters ever did in one year’s time. He only peed during a diaper change like a handful of times (as did his sisters in those newborn days).

He does climb more, but I attribute that more to having hard floors and the dining chairs right in the kitchen in our new home than him just being extra good at climbing. He has yielded knives and scissors more than his sisters did at his age, but mostly because he has sisters who leave them out and pushes those chairs up to the counter with ease. He eats just as much as they did. He loves to tell us what he thinks is pretty, putting on other people’s shoes, and recently snuggling and caring for his sister’s baby dolls. Sure, he loves cars and his brand new train set, but so did my daughters. For me, I just don’t understand how my son is really any different than having a daughter other than natural disposition, private parts, and his attentiveness to the television screen at a much younger age.

What have been the difference between your sons and your daughters? Have they been more pronounced than they have so far for me? 

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  1. says

    My baby wants to run before he can walk, or crawl, that’s for sure since he is kicking around so much and is so squirmy heh. We like Huggies brand too. We’ve been able to try lots of brands from all the diapers we got at our shower.

  2. says

    I know what you mean….I could snuggle my little girl all day long! I haven’t noticed much difference between her and my son…other than she “talks” a LOT more….I’m sure I’ll start to notice other things once she gets older since she’s only 3 months right now.

  3. says

    My kids are all grown up. When my son was young, we had to watch him like a hawk. He was always trying to break something and succeeded quite frequently. The girls weren’t really like that at all. Silly boys.

  4. says

    I don’t think their are a whole lot of differences between boys and girls. I know my brother ate more then I did but we liked to play with a lot of the same things and I was the one who ran before I walked, not him.

  5. says

    I have all boys so I can’t relate, but I can relate to having twins and a singleton! Weirdly, my eldest was harder than my twins. I think it’s temperament, sleep habits, and first-time parenthood. Yes, twins were physically harder (and twins PLUS a toddler was hard) but because I felt like I knew what I was doing, mentally it was easier.

  6. Becca says

    My daughter is 8, my son is 6. They are different people with different personalities, but I don’t think it has anything to do with their sex or gender.

    One of my saddest moments with my daughter happened when we were in a toy store when she was 3. She was quite enamoured of this big dump truck – her eyes grew wide and she crept up to touch it – and then she jumped back suddenly and said, “Oh! Girls can’t play with trucks!” I said, “Who told you that? Girls can so play with trucks!” She said that the other girls at her preschool made fun of her for playing with trucks and cars. I thought that was horrible – because if it’s happening that way, you know they’re also making fun of the boys for playing with dolls – and why should a male child have to deny his nurturing side, or a female child have to deny her adventurous side?

    • says

      Yes, they probably are. I don’t like it either. We bought our girls matchbox cars one Christmas. And try to encourage them in being active and adventurous. My son today put on his sister’s Elsa dress up costume and pink dress up heels. And I didn’t tell him no. The only gender thing I’ve denied my son so far is painting his finger nails and toe nails, which made me a little sad to do because he wanted his done too. :/

  7. Katie says

    I do think there are differences between boys and girls (just from my experience working in a daycare, being around all my nieces and nephews, etc.) but there are lot of similarities, too! I think a lot of it comes down to just being different children and personalities.

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