Baby Gender Reveal with Siblings – 8 Fun Ideas that Involve the Kids

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Now that we’ve officially announced our new pregnancy, we’re excited to do the next big announcement – the baby gender reveal!

Next week I am having my 20-week ultrasound and we will be finding out the gender of our baby!  We don’t really have any strong opinions on whether baby #4 will be a boy or a girl. Even after looking over this infographic featuring some old wives tales about gender predictions, we’re still pretty evenly split!  And there are seriously pros and cons to have either gender.

If we have another boy, it will even things out with two boys and two girls, and perhaps give Michael a better playmate. If it’s another girl, then we can go through all of the hand-me down clothes we’ve kept from our twin girls and purge them down finally. We have a boy’s name picked out (first name at least) and agreed upon, and we have at least a few possible contenders if is a girl. Needless to say, we’re excited to figure it out either way!Baby Gender Reveal with Siblings - Ideas for involving the kids in the announcement!

However, my husband and I have never really done one of these trendy “Gender Reveals.”

We’ve never thrown a party, or posted some gender-hinting picture on Facebook or our blog. We’ve pretty much just shared the news – “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl and a girl!” But, I really think it would be fun to finally do a festive little picture to share with our family, friends, and fans.

And while a cupcake with either pink or blue inside is cute (and yummy), we are currently forgoing desserts at the moment, and I think including the whole family, or at least big brother and sisters, is fun and a little more unique. So, I’ve collected some ideas to get the wheels turning on how we might do a gender reveal with siblings to share our good news. (Update: We did the first picture below with suckers! Enjoy!)

Baby Gender Reveal with Sibling

Use Game pieces, Props, or Suckers!:

DIY Black and White Suckers Gender Reveal with SiblingsFatherhood and Education: You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too – What’s up Fagans?

Genderreveal1Use the Game of Life Car Pieces – From Make the Best of Everything

Gender Reveal - Baby #2 | ALLterNATIVElearning
Have your older child take out tissue paper and reveal the gender (and maybe even create your own little GIF like above) – From ALLterNATIVE Learning

Use the Sonogram Picture:

Big Brother, Big Sister Gender Reveal - The Nourished Mama
Boy, Girl, or Monkey Gender Reveal
– From The Nourished Mama

Colored Hand Prints

Then there is the popular colored hand prints on mom’s shirt, with the rest of the pictures being black and white. Pretty cute, and can involve all the kids, and mom’s cute baby bump.

Gender Reveal IdeasSource – Orchard Girls

Colored Balloon Release

Have your kids releasing balloons from a box, or from a bag!

It-is-a-boy-2Source – Two Peas and Their Pod

It's a Boy Collage at lifeyourway.netSource – Life Your Way

Colored Glitter or Pinata

Gender Reveal Sibling GlitterSource – Elizabeth Frederick Photography

DIY Mini Pinanatas from Juneberry Lane

Spell it Out – Just Tell Us!

Via Jo Vega Photography

Gender Reveal Party

I really liked that Amanda of The Educators’ Spin On It wanted to throw a Gender Reveal party for her kids to get excited about the new baby. She threw together a frugal, and last minute, “What will baby BEE” party that is pretty adorable, and got her two older kids involved in the party-making details. The secret answer was in the bee cake pops.

Science Experiment!

Angela of Teaching Mama set up a little science experiment to announce to her boys what the gender of their baby would be via a Gender Reveal Volcano! How fun and easy!

Gender Reveal Volcano!

Head over to the Dating Divas for 100 gender reveal announcement ideas, including a few other ideas for gender reveals with siblings!
Pregnancy Reveal Box

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    I feel like these gender reveal moments only became a thing after we had had our first son. We did wait to reveal the gender at our shower for him, but we didn’t do anything creative or fun- we just announced it. And with the second we were tired and things were a little crazy at the time so we just told people. I say you go for the volcano reveal. I think that would be the most exciting!


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