Small Apartment Organization Ideas

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If you are like me, and live in a relatively small apartment, organization and storage are super important, especially when there are several people living in a small space. So, I’ve decided to put together a list of small apartment organization ideas and suggestions so that you can better manage the space that you are blessed to have. Small space living doesn’t have to be cramped and miserable. In a small apartment organization ideas are very helpful! These are some great tips, including some DIY ideas for storage solutions. These will help me manage our home.

First, I wanted to share what I have done in the various apartments I have lived in. I recently shared 15 Apartment Organization and Storage Solution Ideas here on What’s up Fagans? Practicality and functionality are very important to me, although, not necessarily aesthetics!

My friend Paula over at Beauty Through Imperfection wrote How to Organize a Small House – 5 Creative Ways to Make Space When There is None, and I agree with all of her tips!

And Shelby of Hello Nature Blog seems to get it, as she’s like me and has made some big moves and lived in some small apartments in the space of just 7 years. Here Small Space Living post has some more great general ideas on organizing the space you have.

Small Space Living reshoot_pinterest

And Rachel of A Mother Far From Home has some Easy and Effortless Organization with Kids. Organizing with kids really is a new, exciting challenge in a small apartment! Here #2 and #5 tips are very helpful.

But in case you need some more kid organization ideas, Moms & Crafters wrote about a Simple Toy and Book Storage Solution DIY Hack involving an over-the-door shoe holder, and includes a full tutorial.

If you love your beauty products, but they are taking over your bathroom, My Beauty Box Review has 5 Dollar Store Hacks for Uncluttered Cosmetics.

Ann of Ann’s Entitled Life has a great post and instructions on Closet Organization, using some Closet-Maid organizational shelves.

And if you are working on decluttering, Moms & Crafters has a 3 Step Plan on How to Organize Your Home that help you get purging.

And if your small apartment has a small kitchen, Atlanta’s Frugal Mom has shared these two awesome DIY kitchen projects, a DIY Pot Rack, which will give you Extra Cabinet Space for Less than $20 and a great tutorial on making a DIY Rollout Pantry Shelving unit.

DIY Rollout Pantry - 13sqft of space for $60!

My friend Julie shared about how she put all of her Home Office in a Basket. She’s a blogger who works from home, and this simple organization trick really eliminates a lot of clutter (I should know as my desk if full of trash at the moment!).

If you are still looking for some creative solutions to your small space organization, Simple Thrifty has a an awesome 30 Clever Organizational Ideas post I would recommend checking out! It has ideas to implement all around your home.

What are your favorite small apartment organization and storage solutions? 


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    This is awesome! My apartment may be tiny, but it’s my home. I’d love to build a roll-out shelf to save on space; it would take a good deal of time but I would be so proud of myself. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    This is awesome! I just moved into a small apartment, and I’m finding that it’s difficult to move everything from my storage unit into my new home. I’m learning that every inch of space counts, so I’ll look into a DIY pot rack and roll-out pantry shelf. I think those would make the biggest impact right now. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    When I moved here, I had 2 hooks, on each side of my stove back splash. I just ignored them, until recently. I saw a post hanging their copper pots on the wall… Ding! Light bulb! I hung my 2 purple skillets there, and I couldn’t be happier! Of course, their bottoms are spic and span shiny like a mag, but oh well!

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