What Second Time Moms Actually Need on their Baby Registry List

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I am now pregnant with baby #4. And while it is not traditional for women past their first pregnancy to have a baby shower, it doesn’t mean that these second time moms don’t need a few things for their latest additions. Even with baby #4 there will be several things we’ll need. So, I put together a baby registry list for ideas of what to both put on a registry, so others will know what to gift to a second time mom, and what you’ll need for baby number two.
When you're expecting a baby that isn't your first, there are still things you will need on your baby gift registry. And these 10+ items really are all items a second time mom needs for a new baby.

Create a Baby Registry

Even though this is not your first baby, I do suggest creating a baby gift registry online. It can really help anyone looking to gift you something, an easy point of reference for what you want, and from where, and how many, and what colors, or style, etc. You can also get specific about what brands you prefer, especially for things like formula, pumping equipment, bottles, and diapers. Walmart.com has a baby registry checklist. If you want more options check out my post The 5 Best Baby Registry Stores to Use if You Love Saving Money. It’s a pretty good breakdown of the perks for registering with the various stores.best baby registries stores free baby gifts

Here’s also my list of recommended must-have baby items to put on your list.

Maternity Clothes

If you are expecting your latest addition in a different season than your last child, you will likely be needing new maternity clothes, as those shorts won’t cut in the winter, and that sweater won’t breathe in the summer. So, a great gift idea is to ask for gift cards to different stores that sell maternity clothes, whether a local boutique, an online shop, or big retailer. Gift cards will make it easy to pick out what you really want, and what will fit your new figure the best. Ask for a gift card to Stitch Fix! They offer maternity clothes, or you can save it for some great clothes postpartum.

See my post on where to get maternity clothes that rock but don’t break the bank!An awesome list of places of where to get maternity clothes that rock but don't cost very much! Great tips on where to find clothes for pregnant women free, secondhand, or new but inexpensively, which is perfect since pregnancy is so short!

Diapers and Wipes

This is one of the easiest, and best gifts, you can give to a new mom, as this is one of the biggest necessities they will need – diapers and wipes!

I put Pampers Swaddlers Super Pack on my registry, as their newborn diapers are awesome. I have always felt they did an excellent job handling the newborn poo. I would suggest putting size 1 and size 2 diapers on your registry, as newborn sizes are quickly outgrown, and some babies, are really too big at birth, to use them for more than a week or two, if at all (like my babies). Asking for bigger sizes ensures you can use them longer and not have extra diapers in the wrong size, that you just can’t use or risk a blow-out or leak every time.

If you really need diapers, check out my post Where and How to Get Free Diapers.What a great list and resource on knowing where and how to get free diapers! Every little bit helps save money on baby!My favorite wipes are the Pampers Sensitive Wipes. I’ve used them for all of my kids, even though they don’t necessarily have “sensitive” skin. I just love how soft, wet, and strong they are. And being sensitive, they don’t cause any diaper issues for my kids. There are several different Pampers Baby Basics for Any Mom on Walmart.com’s Parent & Baby Center that would be great to put on your baby registry.

Breastfeeding Supplies

Are you a breastfeeder? Then you may be needing a few supplies for this second baby. The following are great gift ideas of some needed supplies for nursing moms:

Bottles and Formula and Pacifiers

If you don’t exclusively breastfeed, you may need some new bottles, or maybe just new bottle valves or nipples, as they can start to break down or get dingy over time. You may also want to see if you need things like bottle brushes, and drying racks. And if you are bottle feeding, cans of formula can save the new mom some major money. Just be sure it is the brand she really wants and uses, which is why a registry is a helpful reference. And, if you need some new pacifiers, put them on the registry too.

If you want some free samples of formula and many other items be sure to check out The Great Big List of Free Stuff Moms – Pregnant, New, or NursingCheck out this huge list of awesome freebies for new moms, pregnant women, and babies! I am pinning and sharing for sure!

Feeding Supplies

Feeding supplies for babies tend to be made out of plastic and sometimes start to break down a bit, or get chewed on a little too much. Asking for, and registering for some new baby feeding supplies is a good idea for a second baby. Some ideas of what you may need are:

  • High Chair or Booster seat (especially if your other child still uses one)
  • Bibs (I prefer ones without Velcro so baby can’t pull them off as easily like these ones)
  • Plates, cups, bowls
  • Forks, Spoons
  • Jar Baby food
  • Toddler foods (like the ones in canisters and pouches)
  • Car Seat

    Car seats are designed to last for years, so if your older child is still in theirs, chances are you’ll be needing another one. As this is an expensive must-have purchase, it can be a good idea to save up any gift cards or money received for this big purchase and make it yourself. Or ask friends and family to put their money together toward one.  Be sure you are installing it correctly by looking over my Car Seat Safety 101 post. I think this Britax seat looks amazing (I haven’t loved some of my Graco infant car seats).

Top-Rated Infant Car Seats $100 or Less

Top-Rated Convertible Car Seats $200 or Less

Some more articles to checkout:


If you are expecting an opposite gender baby, this will definitely be on your list! I have found though, that simply asking people for clothes, is a great way to go. Many are ready to part with large quantity of small baby clothes that they will no longer need to store/save. Hand-me-downs are a great way to save on clothes. You can even buy great secondhand clothes online. Check out my post on my 3 favorite online consignment shops for kids (and women, including pregnancy) clothes.I didn't know about these three online consignment shops that sell thrift store used clothing and toys for women and kids! This is such a great money saving tip!! I know where I'm shopping for clothes from now on.

Of course, picking out a few items that you specifically want, like a certain style of pajamas, or a coming home outfit, can be beneficial for your gift registry. However, I find that most people will just buy whatever they think is cute to give you, and not reference the registry when it comes to clothes shopping. Just be grateful for what you receive (if anything), but ask for receipts in case they don’t pay attention to things like sizes, and what season your baby will be wearing that size in. If you need to pick some up yourself, check out my post on how to maximize your savings on Carter’s baby clothes!

RELATED: 7 Tips Worth Embracing to Save Money on Kids Clothes

Crib or Bed

Depending on the age of your older child, you may need to buy another crib. Or you may have to look into upgrading your older child to a bigger bed, so that the crib is free for the new arrival. Either way, you will likely have to figure out sleeping arrangements. That may mean a pack n’ play for the baby for a while, or a bassinet or co-sleeper, until you are ready to purchase a twin bed or toddler bed for your other child.

Double Stroller

If you still have a younger child, you may need to look into upgrading to a double stroller. This is another bigger purchase. We used this one for our twins, but love the versatility of this one (and it has great reviews)!

Best Rated Double Strollers

However, a double stroller may be postponed (or avoided altogether) if you use the following item:

Baby Carrier

A sturdy, supportive baby carrier can be a great way to make your single stroller be your only stroller. You can then push your toddler and carry your baby. Perhaps by the time your baby is ready to sit in the stroller, your older child will be ready to walk more on their own. (If not a sit n’ stand stroller can work well too.) This is really a personal preference thing, obviously, but having a baby carrier can be great for outings with an older child in tow besides. I love my Ergobaby but also love the looks (and that baby can face out) in the LilleBaby and the Beco! I am all for those ergo designs. But, some people prefer softer, less bulky carriers like the Moby Wraps  (which are very comfortable, especially for newborns) or slings. You can grab a free baby sling here with code ENBABY (you just have to pay $11.95 S&H fees).

For newborn babies the best baby carriers are:

For older infants and toddlers the best baby carriers are ergonomically designed for good back support even after long hours of carrying a heavy child (aka an older child):


Sometimes with having multiple children, you really do have a lot of what you need, or can easily pick up the few things you might stand in need of having, or have budgeted for them. So, if you are looking for some extra suggestions on what friends and family can get you, think about maybe a video Baby Monitor, Black-Out Curtains, Wall Decals, fast digital thermometers, books, toys, bathtub bather, hooded towels, or a changing table/dresser. Really, anything that’s a little bit of a luxury, might be a fun extra to pick up this time around, or ask for as a gift.
And if you didn’t get around to taking a prenatal class the first go around, this online prenatal class will have you feeling confidence in the labor room.

You can also tell people to look over this list of gifts for expecting women for some more personal gift ideas!Gifts for pregnant women don't have to focus on the baby! What a great list of thoughtful gifts for expecting moms that are just for her! I would have loved these type of pregnancy gifts.

So tell me, what do you feel you need as a second time mom? What gifts would you like to receive from your baby registry?
Visit Sponsor's SiteWhen you're expecting a baby that isn't your first, there are still things you will need on your baby gift registry. And these 10+ items really are all items a second time mom needs for a new baby.

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  1. says

    These are all great ideas! I’m not a second-time mom yet, but I think you are definitely right on – especially diapers. And I totally think it’s fun/fine to give a baby shower for subsequent babies – maybe just on a different scale (maybe just going out to lunch with your girlfriends, or a diaper shower? I just like parties. haha)

    • says

      Parties are always fun! I didn’t go into the party idea too much for second time moms (post for another day?) but things like a diaper party are awesome! Or getting pampered with other ladies, or a simple lunch where people can gift you some needed things, are really great.

  2. says

    I’m so thankful that I am past the having a baby stage. Really. I usually give diaper, wipes and something personal when I ‘m giving a baby gift. Congratulations to you my friend.

  3. Wendy says

    We’re due w/ our 5th in 7 weeks. My teen daughter and a friend are hosting a “sprinkle” for me since it’s been about 6 years since I’ve done this newborn gig! 🙂 I’ve asked for consumables like baby laundry detergent, baby wash and diaper rash cream as well as a new temporal thermometer. I also specified that I’m cool w/ gently used items. My SIL has loaned me her bassinet and a bouncy seat and family has been shopping at thrift stores for little clothes. Having been there-done that, I’m just thrilled to get some of the things we need again!

  4. says

    Loved reading this post! My husband and I are trying for our second baby, so fingers crossed this will be me soon. I agree with everything on your list. I know the most important will be diapers. I also have a bassinet on my list, and something for carrying around baby with me during the day while I work.

  5. Emily says

    Depending on the age spread, a double stroller can come in handy. My kids are 11 months apart, and I’m not sure how I would survive without my double stroller.

  6. Lauren says

    Great blog! My list consists of a 2nd humidifier, a double jogger ( kids will be 17 months apart), princess potty, a 2nd monitor ( prefer video this time around for the older child and then give hers to baby), a 2nd sound machine, diapers, wipes, potty training pants, toddler mattress and convertible crib, and a hospital grade thermometer. Pretty simple since we have a baby already and haven’t got rid of anything except a swing which we won’t need 2nd time around.


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