12 Free DIY Popcorn Box Printables for a Better Family Movie Night

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I love watching movies, and I love it even more when I get to eat a giant bowl of yummy popcorn as I do it. As a kid we regularly made and ate popcorn as a family, as we crowded onto the couch to watch a movie, TV show, or Packers football game. It was one of our great family traditions. We would either get out our air pop machine, and drizzle fresh butter on top, and lots of salt, or occasionally get some special popcorn topping to put on it.

Most often though we enjoyed microwave popcorn, and several bags, because one bag is not enough to satisfy much more than two people. Instead of fancy popcorn boxes, bowls, or containers, my family always put our popcorn into an empty (and clean) gallon ice cream container! We passed the container around, and everyone would take turns taking giant handfuls and then shoving that into their mouth, until it was passed over to them again.

Man, I loved that.

With my own family now, I certainly still enjoy watching movies, mostly at home through VidAngel for just $1 a night, and I usually enjoy popping some popcorn to go along with it, and my kids love doing it with me.

But, sometimes it’s fun to make movie night a bit more special. Today, I did what my kids frequently want me to help them do – build a fort! My kids and I put together a simple sheet fort in our living room. We moved out the ottoman, brought in our tall, wood, dining chairs (thankfully they are “bar height”) and our queen-sized bed sheet.

We clipped the sheets to the chair rungs with those giant bag clips from the kitchen (the ones with magnetic so you can stick them on the fridge), put a stool on the couch upside down to elevate the height, and voila! A simple, easy, and totally awesome (to young children) fort was born! We spent some time together as a family watching some shows and playing some videos games, all while snacking on some Pop Secret Popcorn.Spend some time with your kids and help them create a fort in your living room! And then enjoy a movie and a snack! #PopSecretForts #sp

Pop Secret ran a #PopSecretsForts contest on their Facebook page, where we shared a photo of our kids’ awesome forts and were entered to win a Pop Secret Prize Pack! Popcorn and forts are always a good combination for a fun family night.

I wasn’t on top of the ball enough before we began our popcorn snacking to make cute popcorn boxes for us (as a bowl works fine), but I have to say, making cute individual popcorn boxes is so fun, especially if hosting a fun party, whether for adults or children. They just add that special touch to the night. So, I put together a little collection of 12 Free DIY Popcorn Box Templates from around the web that you can easily download, print, and assemble (with your kids perhaps!) for your next movie event.

**If you want to save money on the ink so you can print these printables in color, be sure to read my post about the HP Instant Ink Program!

12 DIY Popcorn Box Template Free Printables

12 Free Popcorn Box Template Printables

Popcorn Box Template and Movie Night Stub Printables

I love that this one also comes with cute movie tickets printables! It would be cute to stick in a “Year of Dates” gift! Above templates found at Long Live Learning.
Popcorn Box Tutorial Template DIYTutorial & Template found at One Charming Party

Free-Printable-Popcorn-Boxes-by-Design-Eat-Repeat-printable-popcornTemplate & Tutorial found at Design, Eat, Repeat.

Printable-Popcorn-Boxes-by-Design-Eat-RepeatTemplate found at Simple As That Blog (designed by Design, Eat, Repeat)

 POPCORN box WITH score lines

Plain & score line templates, in case you have a great paper one hand your want to us, found at MelStampz.blogspot.com.
PopcornBox11Tutorial and Template found at Minted

Roadtrip Popcorn Box TemplateColored and To-Be Colored Templates found at The Imagination Box

Popcorn Box TemplateFor a box that can close, this template from SavannahJane_02 is perfect.

Popcorn Box Football Theme Template printableSince popcorn is the perfect snack for game days too – tutorial at Hostess with the Mostess

Popcorn Bag tutorialThis tutorial for these cute bags is over at The Candy Tree.

popcorn-box for Valetine's DayThis is actually for Valentine’s Day! How cute! Tutorial and Template found at A Craft A Day

Popcorn Box Printable ChristianDownload a Ready-to-Color or Precolored Template (and/or their Christian ones) at Guildcraft Arts and Crafts

Bonus: You can print out blank personalized Ticket Stubs or invites from ThisMamaLoves.com:



Have a great night full of Pop Secret Popcorn goodness!

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