Tips for Hiring a Moving Company

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When it comes to hiring a moving company, there are lots of things you want. You want the movers to be competent, efficient, reliable, easy to work with, trust-worthy, and professional. Oh, and you want them to be affordable as much as possible too.But there are so many moving companies out there and so many reviews and things to consider.

Many moving companies want to emphasize their top customer service. And customer service is important because you want to know that the people handling all of your personal belongings, who will be in and out of your home, who will know where you live, will be indeed be the safe, friendly, and trustworthy individuals they claim to be.

You also want to be confident that a moving company will not break, wreck, smash, scrape, or dent your personal belongings. You want everything, especially the important items, to be handled appropriately.

And you want the movers to be on time! Moving is one of the most stressful parts of life, and you want to have dependable movers who will show up when they say, complete the job in the time frame they’ve specified, and unload when scheduled too.

The Power of Reviews

The best way to find out this information is through reviews. When you are unfamiliar with a company, and want a second opinion, reviews are extremely helpful! They let you know what some of a company’s potential weak points are, what others did and did not like about their services, and what things they are generally really great at too. It can help you make a more conscience choice about which company to hire.

When you look at some local Toronto moving companies, you’ll notice that United Van Lines doesn’t offer any customer reviews on their website. And Two Men and a Truck offer lots of reviews, but they are through the company’s website, though they do boast a 96% referral rate.

But, when you check out  Tender Touch Moving and Storage you’ll find their reviews of its services through a third party site – – where they have a solid 9.4/10 stars. And there are several third party sites confirming Tender Touch’s competitive edge is in providing outstanding customer service. Tender Touch Moving also boasts an A rating from the Toronto Better Business Bureau and 98% of customers say they’d would use again!

Tender Touch Moving and Storage also has a comprehensive online estimations forms for various types of moves and moving needs, from pianos, to long hauls, to cross-town, to packing supplies, vehicle shipping, and much more. You’ll be getting an accurate estimate, which is much better than many other movers. They also have a per box order form too.

So, when looking to hire a moving company, be sure check out their website, their services, and get a feel for them. But, then make sure you look at some reviews from real customers as well.

Good luck with your next move!

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