How to Remove Pee Stain from a Mattress

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One of my daughters unfortunately has an issue with wetting the bed at night. While she’s been potty trained for over a year, and doesn’t wet her bed all the time, it’s still a fairly regular occurrence. And despite putting waterproof mattress protectors under our daughter’s sheets, their twin mattresses got pee stains on them. Which stank (literally) because they were new mattresses. And I really wanted to remove the stain and the smell. So thanks to a post from the Inspired Housewife, I got to work on removing the stains (and then bought a better waterproof mattress cover).

How to Remove Pee Stains from your mattress, and remove the smell!

The Pee Stained Mattresses Before Cleaning:

First, I want to show you just how bad my kid’s mattresses were:

Pee Stains on Mattress 2 Pee Stains on Mattress

Yuck! Definitely not what I want my kids mattresses to look like, and the smell was not so hot!

Pee Stain Removing Cleaning Solution:

So, first I grabbed an empty spray bottle and poured in about 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide, 3 tablespoons for baking soda (add with a funnel. *If you have problems with clogging, try using less baking soda), and a drop of liquid hand dish washing soap. You can also add in a drop of lavender or other essential oil to help give the mattress a great smell and neutralize the smell already there. Plus, lavender oil is said to help induce sleep!   Spin everything around a little bit, but don’t shake it up too much or it may bubble up way too much.Cleaning Solution ingredients to remove pee stain from mattress.Then spray it all over your mattress and get it nice and wet, especially on the nice yellow pee stains. Removing pee stains from mattress

And that’s it! Just make sure to use the mixture right away for best results. Within a few minutes you will start to see the stains disappear! It’s really that simple! I had to make another bottle since I had quite the area to cover with two twin mattresses, so I ended up spraying both mattresses twice as I had extra solution made up. I also realized I forgot to get the sides of the mattress (who knew there were stains there too?).

But, the end results were pretty great! There may have been a slight yellow residue, but much improved. To get rid of the gritty baking soda residue on top of the mattresses, I waited an hour or so, or until the mattresses were dry, and then vacuumed them with my Kirby vacuum, which is a great thing to do to as part of your regular mattress care anyway.

Vacuum your mattress

The Mattress After Removing the Stains:

Here are the results!:Remove Pee Stains from Mattress AFTER Remove Pee Stains AFTER 2

How to Remove Pee Stain from Mattress: So helpful with young kids!

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What have you done to remove a pee stain from a mattress?


      • says

        Yes, it completely got rid of the smell, so much so that the cat didn’t pee on it again (which they may do if you don’t get rid of the smell completely). I haven’t used it on carpeting, but it didn’t discolor the couches that I used. As always, you can test on a small spot first.

      • says

        I believe the hydrogen peroxide worked to remove the stain and the baking soda worked to get rid of the smell, thus why they are a great combination! I have never used it on carpet, but you could definitely give a try. If you are worried about the peroxide lightening your carpet, you can try a small area, or someone has recommended using vinegar instead of the peroxide.

    • says

      I love my Kirby vacuum for sure, and it is some ways perfect for vacuuming mattresses, but your regular vacuum or canister vacuum should work as well. In this case you just want to get the gritty baking soda residue off.

  1. Jennifer Wolfe says

    This is great!! Might this work on carpet? Our little dog has the occasional accident, but it’s always in the same area and we don’t always catch it quickly. Thanks.

    • Triscuit says

      The peroxide is an antibacterial and baking soda is a deodorizer so I would believe that it would get rid of the smell, as long as you saturate the mattress well. I’m using a different method (vinegar and baking soda) but I wanted a back up in case the stain remains. This looks like a good one to me.

  2. Rachel Hagen says

    And to clarify, you spray the mixture EVERYWHERE, not just on the pee stain, right? We’ve only had our mattress a week, and our little boy climbed into bed with us and wet it. 🙁

    • says

      I had someone comment about that on Pinterest as well. I didn’t have that problem. Either try using less baking soda, or get a better spray bottle perhaps. I don’t know! Good luck!

      • Kayla says

        Thanks for the reply. I ended up using the spray bottle with a dawn dish soap cap and using my finger as a regulator, like spraying a hose. It got the job done and the mattress looks and smells so clean! Thanks!

  3. Ayesha says

    Hi I may give it a try this week. Do you think it would work for general staining of the mattress as well and how long will take for the mattress to dry. As weather is so cold these days. Thanks xx

    • says

      I am so excited for you to try it! I hope it works for you! I don’t know about general staining, but it’s sure work a shot! It took maybe 3 hours to be completely dry, and we didn’t put them outside. You can put a fan on them to help them dry (or a ceiling fan).

    • says

      I do not believe you have to use Ajax. It was just what we had/used at the time. I would imagine a drop of a different detergent would work just as well. Good luck!

  4. Carol S says

    I just got back from trying this technique on the mattress in our motor home
    The pee stain from a grandchild was close to 2 years old!
    Guess what….. it works!!!
    The stain disappeared before my eyes!!!!
    Once dry I may spray it again after I see it in better lite than the storage place offered but it is really remarkable!!
    Thank you so much!!!!

  5. Stacie O says

    Tried this!! Worked amazing didn’t have oil scenes but had a bottle of febreze with about 1/4 or so left popped that open and worked great, and didn’t need to use a new spray bottle ? thanks!!

  6. Sylvia says

    OMGee!!!! I really wish I would have taken “before” pictures because this really works! Like really really! Thanks so much!

  7. says

    We have the same issue with our mattress and we just use baking soda to clean it, We have to wait about 30 minutes before cleaning all, our children are 8 and 12 but they can not clean their mattress themselves

  8. Brittany says

    Awesome. Thank you. I’ve got 5 stray kittens that got dumped on us and we had one puke on our mattress wafted I stripped it to wash the bedding. I was looking for somethi,g that I might have around the house and found this worked wonders to get the stain and smell out. Now to try it on kiddos mattress that has a pre stain.

  9. Carly says

    Baking soda is also a good idea to use in your wash if it particularly smelly/dirty. It boosts the power of the detergent and also gets out any odours.

    I had a dying cat who was incontinent . I put clean towels under him every night whjich were soaked by the morning. I would just wash them like normal with half a cup of baking soda and one would never have known they had been peed on.

  10. Linda says

    So I tried this following your directions and it didn’t work at all. The stains are still there.

    • says

      No! That stinks! I’ve had it work for a lot of people. You can try another application and see if it makes a difference? Best of luck figuring it out.


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