The Great Big List of Free Stuff for Moms – Pregnant, New, or Nursing

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I am a sucker for free stuff, especially free stuff for moms that I want or need. And baby gear, coupons, parenting advice, breastfeeding supplies, toys for my kids and other stuff for new moms is what I need! So, I’ve put together a great list of discounts, deals, and freebies for new moms, pregnant women, and babies.

Not every item on this list is 100% free; some simply require you to sign up for a newsletter while others require you to buy the product the coupon is intended for, pay shipping and handling fees, or do actually cost a few dollars, but are a great deal. I’ve tried to include all that information for you so there will be no surprises later.

But, I feel like each of these items or deals are awesome savings for great products and opportunities, especially for new moms who want or need baby gear, coupons, samples, toys, or supplies. Enjoy my list of freebies for new moms and their kids! Some of these would make great gifts for expecting moms too!

My affiliate links are used in this post.Check out this huge list of awesome freebies for new moms, pregnant women, and babies! I am pinning and sharing for sure!

Free Stuff for Moms

Newsletters and Samples

When I was a pregnant woman, I heard that I needed to sign up for various mailing lists so that I would be in the know about free samples, discounts, and freebies. In fact, it was when I was pregnant that set up my first “junk email” where I would send all of my company sign ups, in order to make sure my personal email address stayed personal. I would still check my “junk email” address every day or so to make sure I didn’t miss any great deals or freebies and then delete truly unwanted emails. (I also periodically go through and unsubscribe from ones I don’t like. I recommend that too.) I still use this system today and am still signed up for several great new mom mailing lists! The following are some lists (and their benefits) that you should seriously consider signing up for in order to take advantage of so many great resources for new moms!

When I was having my first kids (they were twins), I definitely signed up for By registering with you will receive stage based pregnancy and baby email newsletters, offers and weekly coupon alerts as well as access to free baby samples, baby coupons, baby magazines and more! I loved getting those magazines for free! Click Here to sign up! They are a great way to find free resources for new moms and dads.

Baby Registries

Another great way to get free samples and cheaper costs on items you need is by signing up for baby registries! Check out my post on the 5 Best Baby Registry Stores and Sites and be sure to sign up for one or more of them so you can save and get free stuff too. best baby registries stores free baby gifts

Enfamil Family Beginnings

Formula is expensive, but if you sign up for Enfamil Family Beginnings you can receive up to $325 in FREE gifts including coupons, formula samples, Belly Badges™, and more.! We’ve used Enfamil before with our twins, and I loved receiving the freebies in the mail. If I remember right it included things like formula samples, bottles, an Enfamil Pack n’ Cool, and a diaper bag, among other items. Plus, this give you trusted advice for every stage of your baby’s development and discounts on Enfamil products. Sign up for Enfamiil Family Beginnings HERE.

Whole Mom Baby Samples

When you sign up with Whole Mom, you will receive free baby products every month! (I believe by mail. I signed up so I’ll find out soon!)

Free Stuff for Pregnant Women and Breastfeeding Moms

Pregnant moms and nursing mom need extra TLC right? Well, here are some great freebies for expecting moms to make those nine months even better.  And for moms who are breastfeeding and nursing their babies, here are some goodies and deals just for you too!.

Daily Deals on Great Brands

If you haven’t been shopping on Zulily, I’m pretty sure you are missing out. Each day zulily posts crazy discounts on name brand clothes, shoes, and accessories (and more) for the whole family. This is especially great for pregnant moms who don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes they will only wear for a couple of months. And while you buy something for yourself, be sure to pick up some cute clothes and goodies for the rest of your family. Oh, and if you invite friends to also score one of their great deals and they do, you can get a $15 credit to your account. Make sure to sign up for their emails for the time being so you can always know what great deal they have going on today.

where to get maternity clothes for less - sidebarIf you are looking for more ways to save money on maternity clothes, you need to check out my post Where to Get Maternity Clothes that Rock but Don’t Break the Bank.

**If you are looking for a great fitness and wellness app for pregnant and new moms, be sure to read about my new favorite one! Bonus: It’s free to download and use!

Free Belly Button Bands

No more maternity pants! Hooray! Belly Button Band products button into your pre-pregnancy pants to adjust to your expanding belly and keep them secure. Wear your favorite jeans all throughout your pregnancy and for the in-between sizes after pregnancy with Belly Button Band! Use the promo code “ENBABY” for 2 FREE Belly Button Bands or 1 FREE Belly Button Body ($40 Value). All you pay are the $11.95 SP&S fees! I will seriously be buying these next time around because I generally hate maternity pants!

Free Nursing Pillow

Select the Nursing Pillow ($39.95 value) of your choice in any of their nine prints. Once you have made your selection, you’ll automatically be directed to the shopping bag. Enter the promo code “ENBABY” and they will deduct 100% off the cost of your selected Nursing Pillow; all you pay are the $12.95 shipping fees. These pillows are so nice and are so valuable as a new mom.

Free Reusable Breast Pads

You can score 10 FREE pairs of designer breast pads (a $35 value)! And there are 30 fun and flirty (since we need something to make us feel sexy postpartum) styles to choose from. Simply go to, select and add 10 pairs to your shopping cart, and then enter promo code “ENBABY” and 100% of the cost will be deducted. You’ll only be responsible for the $10.95 shipping and processing fee. Also, any additional pairs are only $2. These are great gifts for new moms too (and something they often forget they’ll need to buy).

Free Nursing Cover

I had an Uddercover nursing cover with my girls and I loved the pretty design and how easy it was to use and wear. Unfortunately, I lost it. Thanks to this offer I can score a free one! You can get a free patterned breastfeeding cover (a $34.95 value) with the promo code “ENBABY.”  This promo code will take off 100% of the nursing cover purchase and all you are required to pay are the $11.95 shipping fees. 

Diaper Savings

Disposable diapers can quickly eat up your budget if you let them. Trust me, with twins, I am very acquainted with the costs! The following are some ways you can score diapers for less, all of which I have tried and experimented with.  I recently wrote a post on 11 places to get free diapers (and a few places to get them for cheap too). What a great list and resource on knowing where and how to get free diapers! Every little bit helps save money on baby!

Free Trail of Honest Company Diapers

If you are leery of those chemicals and things in diapers, you should give Honest Company diapers a try! Right now you can get a FREE trial of their safe and stylish diapers and wipes with a small S&H fee of $5.95.

Amazon Family

When you join Amazon Family you can order diapers at 15-20% off, delivered monthly or bi-monthly to your door (along with other household or baby supplies for extra savings). I used to use Amazon Family religiously when my twins were babies (I desperately needed diaper savings!).

 Pampers Rewards

If you buy Pampers diapers, you need to sign up for the Pampers Rewards program! You collect points for every package of diapers or wipes you buy which can be redeemed on gifts and prizes. You can also earn points for reviewing their products, reading select articles, watching promoted videos and more. Join Pampers Rewards Program and receive 100 free points to get you started!

Diaper Coupons

However, I like couponing, and found a great way to score cheap diapers at Target. Just be sure to look online for coupons and then save in the store.

Freebies & Discounts for Babies

It’s one thing to score great freebies and discounts for you as a new mom or dad, it’s another to be able to score some great deals for your child or because of your child. The following are some great ways to treat your kid.

Free Tickets to the Circus!

The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey offer FREE tickets to babies as part of their “Baby’s First Circus” program for parents of newborns (up to 12 months old and living in the continental United States). Click here to learn more!

Free Baby Leggings/Leg Warmers!

Aren’t baby leg warmers just so cute?! You can use promo code “ENBABY” for 5 FREE baby leggings (a $50 value)! There are 70+ styles to choose from in both boy and girl options. Click on “Shop Now” and select any 5 baby leggings you like. Once you have made your selection, you’ll automatically be directed to the shopping bag. Enter the promo code “ENBABY” and they will deduct 100% off the cost of your selected baby leggings – all you pay is the $12.95 SP&S fees!

Baby Einstein Free Book Bundle

Introduce your baby to language, music, animals, nature, and art with a FREE Baby Einstein book bundle! You only pay $4.99 shipping and handling and have no obligation to buy anything else. You’ll receive 3 new age-appropriate books each month from Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries.

Free Baby Sling from Seven Slings

Baby slings are so popular right now and a great way to carry around your newborn! You can get a free baby carrier (a $39.95 value) with promo code “ENBABY” but you are required to pay the $11.95 shipping fees. Be sure to go to the sizing page so that you can get the right size carrier for your body.

Free Car Seat Canopy

I really could have used one of these, especially during church when everyone wants to ooh and ahh over my (trying to sleep, but light sleeper) newborn! I’ve never had one but I feel like they are all the rage right now, and for good reason – they are smart and cute! So make sure to score one for yourself or a friend using promo code “ENBABY” for a free car seat canopy (a $49.95 value), just pay $12.95 for shipping.

Dr. Seuss Book Club Deal

Reading to your kids from infancy is very important to a growing child’s development. It’s been shown to enhance academic success, social and communication skills, healthy expressions of emotions, better memory, concentration, and vocabulary. So a great way to build your child’s library is with the Dr. Seuss & His Friends book club! Joining a book club can offer an abundance of advantages to both parents and children. Plus, the books are at a killer price $3.95 for 5 books plus free shipping and come with other great resources and activities! Sign up HERE now!

5 Free Books from Babsy B

The Babsy B books are board books for babies that feature text, illustrations, and colors the have been researched to help oral language development and be very age appropriate. Perfect for children from birth to age three. After you select which five books you would like (a $40 value), you can use code ENBABY at checkout to get the books for FREE!  Just pay $13.99 shipping and handling.

Elmo’s Learning Adventure

Get your child preschool-ready with Elmo’s Learning Adventure! The FREE introductory kit includes 3 hardcover books, 3 activity books, 18 Learning Adventure Cards and a storage case. Elmo’s Learning Adventure helps guide your growing child through subjects like discovery, health & fitness, friendship, words, critical thinking, colors & shapes, numbers, reading & writing and everyday routines. Just pay $4.99 shipping and handling and you’ll even get a FREE Learning Adventure Storage Case, too! Get it HERE.

99 Cent Disney Princess Books

The magical story of Disney’s Cinderella shows young readers that true goodness and purity of heart will ultimately be rewarded, and that with enough hope, friendship, and love, anything is possible. In celebration of Cinderella’s 65th anniversary and the opening of Disney’s live-action movie, get Cinderella and favorites for 99 cents each plus a free activity book and coloring printables with promotion code MIDNIGHT. Sign up HERE.

Free Eskimo Kids Hat

Available in all sizes, including for babies (and adults), you can grab an adorable Faux Fur hat for Free from Eskimo Kids by using promo code ENBABY. They have wolf, cheetah, polar bear, snow leopard, grizzly bear, red fox, pink cat, moose, panda bear, zebra, lion, koala bear, shepherd, gray cat, white rabbit, hound dog, hyena, and brown rabbit hats for babies! The hats are retailed at $34.95, but you get it free with $12.99 shipping and handling.

The CuteKid Scholarship Contest

Do You Have A CuteKid? Of course you do! Enter your child’s photo into the Cute Kid’s monthly photo contest for a chance to win a monthly prize of $500-$1000 as well as the $25,000 college tuition fund grand prize! You can enter kids from birth to age 12, including multiples. For signing up you’ll receive a free $50+ value canvas portrait (of said cute kid, or whatever) and a full year subscription to Parenting Magazine, among other great offers. Sign up now! There is a $19.95 registration fee per photo.

FREE Disney Parks Vacation Planning DVD

Now that you have a child, it’s the perfect excuse to plan a trip to Disney Parks! Save yourself some time and energy by requesting a FREE Disney Parks Vacation Planning DVD. Click the banner to sign up:

I hope you found something great to take advantage of for yourself or someone else! Feel free to share this with others so they can take advantage of these deals and freebies for new moms while they last. And let me know which ones you take advantage of!

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