Personalized Love Coupons for Him

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My year of planned dates gift for my husband came to its close last December, and since then we’ve been experimenting with other ways of having regular, exciting, date nights. For a while we’ve been (trying to) take turns planning at-home date nights every Friday or Saturday night, but we’re often too busy during the week to really plan anything very creative. That’s why I am excited to share about these date night love coupon books, or “Love Coupons” from

I love this! I've always wanted to make a personalized Love Coupon Book for him and this make it so easy!

While I know you can always make love coupon books for him yourself, I really like these love coupon books. One, they have cute customizable stick people on each page acting out the coupon’s intended gift. Two, they are printed on high quality, thick paper with high quality ink. Three, they look like real coupons with their perforated, tear-out pages. Four, they provide you with more than 200 great date ideas to choose from! This means less time searching and more time dating! Five, they aren’t very expensive.

To order my Love Coupon booklet I designed stick people to (quasi) represent myself and my husband Josh. While I think his bald headed representation looks a little strange since there are no eyebrows or ears or nose, I do like his facial hair. Next, I picked out our cover image, and then 20 love coupons.

Love Coupon Options

Several coupons are of the “favor” variety like “I’ll wash your car,” “Do laundry for a week,” “Dust the house,” or “Give you a night off.” (These types of love coupons would be perfect for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts too). Other love coupons are date night ideas like playing disc golf, attending concerts, going to the movies, playing board games, or going bowling. Some of the love coupons are actually about love and/or building and strengthening your relationship like writing love letters, five minute kisses, no fighting, and cuddle sessions. And then they have an “adult-only” section of coupons (where you have to enter your birth date to verify you are over 18) with some fun, sexy coupons for your private time together.Personalized Love Coupon Book for Him!

So, for whatever reason you want to gift these love coupons, there are lots of great ideas for you personalize it for the one you love. After you complete your customization, you’ll select your shipping options, and pay. It took me only four days to receive mine in the mail with the standard (FREE USPS) shipping option.

And my husband loved it! He’s very excited about some of coupons I made for us. *wink!*


The LoveCoups books are only $24.95. However, use code SSGEN10 to get 10% off your order!

Use code BOO15 for 15% off now through October 31, 2016.

LoveCoups Fathers Day

So order one now for Christmas or an Anniversary or a birthday!

Have you ever made love coupon books for your spouse/loved one? Did they like it?

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  1. Chelsea Decker says

    I love stuff like this! I love how it’s personalized and not my handmade on scratch paper type!

  2. says

    These are so adorable! I really hope I win…our present home situation could really use an influx of ideas on how to reconnect and this seems to be a super cute way to bring in some fun.