50+ Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Deep Cleaning Your House

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I am not exactly a clean freak. I mean I’m not even OCD, nor am I germophobe, and generally messy things don’t bother me too much. But, I do actually find great pleasure in really, really deep cleaning my house. So, to commemorate the start of Spring and spring cleaning, I put together spring cleaning tips and tricks for deep cleaning your house!

Basically, I’ve scrounged the internet, asked other bloggers, and put together links to the best spring cleaning/deep cleaning/general cleaning tips and tricks to be found, so you too can deep clean your home this spring (or whenever it is you get around to it!). To make it easier to navigate, I’m dividing the cleaning tips by rooms! Tackle one room at a time and don’t get overwhelmed, okay?

*If you pin from this post, please pin the first main collage image only. If you want to pin a specific cleaning post, then please click to that post to pin. Thanks!*50+ Cleaning Tips and Tricks to deep clean every room in your home! This is an awesome list to help with spring cleaning! | whatsupfagans.com

Spring Cleaning Tips to Deep Clean the Kitchen

Cleaning Tip: How to Clean Your Oven Greenly with Baking SodaHow to Clean Your Oven Greenly with Baking Soda – whatsupfagans.com

A pinterest cleaning experiment - What really is the BEST way to clean stove drip pans? What methods work better than others? Come find out! | whatsupfagans.comHow to Clean Stove Drip Pans – whatsupfagans.com

In only 5 minutes, and one ingredient, your dirty nasty pans can be shiny again! | whatsupfagans.comHow to Clean Stainless Steel – whatsupfagans.com

How to clean your copper pots bottoms with vinegar - a home cleaning tip.How to Clean Copper Pots Bottoms – whatsupfagans.com

Deep Clean Your Freezer - Scratch MommyaClean and Organize Your Freezer – ScratchMommy.com

How to Clean a Microwave in 5 MinutesHow to Clean a Microwave in just 5 Minutes with Vinegar and Steam – PracticallyFunctional.net

how-to-clean-dishwasher-with-tang - one creative mommyClean your Dishwasher with Tang – OneCreativeMommy.com

Deep Cleaning Tips - deodorize and sharpen your disposal stockpilling momsDeodorize and sharpen your disposal – StockpilingMoms.com

How-to-clean-the-kitchen-sink - deep cleaning tips and tricks4 Different ways to Clean the Kitchen Sink – AskAnnaMoseley.com

Household Cleaning Tips - Clean stove gratesClean Your Stove Grates with Ammonia – – SimplyRealMoms.com

Spring Cleaning Tips - Cleaning Cast Iron 101Cast Iron 101: Basic Cleaning and Seasoning – FrugalLivingNW.com

how to clean burnt pots and scorched pans - Household Cleaning Trick How to Clean Burnt Pots and Scorched Pans – ApartmentTherapy.com

DIY tutorial on how to remove scratches from plates and bowls.How to Remove Scratches from Your Dinnerware – What’s up Fagans?

Cleaning tips - deep cleaning oven ventsBest Way to Clean Your Oven Vents – TheManlyHousekeeper.com

DIY Dishwasher Tune Up - Household Cleaning TrickDIY Dishwasher Tune Up – TheQuickandTheHungry.blogspot.com

Spring Clean-Stainless-SteelClean Your Toaster and Other Stainless Steel with Bar Keeper’s Friend – AReal-LifeHousewife.com

How to clean stainless steel without harsh chemicals or productsHow to Clean Stainless Steel Without Harsh Chemicals or Products – AReal-LifeHousewife.com

Cleaning Trick - Remove stench from Sippy Cups - icanteachmychild.comRemove the Stench from Sippy Cups – ICanTeachMyChild.com

Spring Cleaning Tips to Deep Clean the Dining Room

Spring Cleaning Tips - Clean White Spots in wood - stockpillingmomsClean White Spots or Rings out of Wood – StockpilingMoms.com

Housekeeping Cleaning Tips - Clean wood tablesHow to Care for Wood Furniture – AnnsEntitledLife.com

Housekeeping Cleaning Tips - Clean microfiber chairs with windex!How to Clean Microfiber Chairs the Easy way – MakingtheWorldCuter.com

Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks - Get Kool-Aid out of carpetsHow to Remove Kool-Aid from White Carpet – ehow.com

Spring Cleaning Tips to Deep Clean the Bathroom

Hang-a-brush-with-dish-soap-and-vinegar-in-the-shower-for-easy-cleaning - practically functionalClean Your Shower While in the Shower with a Dish Brush – practicallyfunctional.com

How-to-clean-your-drain-naturally5How to Clean Your Drain Naturally – StockpilingMoms.com

Household Cleaning Tips - ShowerDoorCleaner-400x300Baking Soda Shower Door Cleaner – StockpilingMoms.com

Shaving-Cream-Cleans-Shower-DoorsShaving Cream and 11 Other Unique Ways to Clean Your Shower Doors! – isavea2z.com

how to clean a shower curtainHow to clean a vinyl or plastic shower curtain – ItsaFabulousLife.comDIY-Mold-RemoverDIY Mold Remover that Works – TheRepoWoman.com

House Cleaning Tips - remove hard water stainsHow to Remove Hard Water Stains – thethriftyhome.com

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks - Cleaning Bathtub GripsBest Way to Clean a Tub’s Anti-Slip Grips – TheManlyHousekeeper.com

Spring Cleaning Tips for Deep Cleaning the Living Room

Use a lint roller to clean lamp shades - Creek Line HouseQuickly Clean Lamp Shades with a Lint Roller – creeklinehouse.com

Top 10 Dusting Tips and Tricks at TidyMom.net
10 Handy Dusting Tips
– tidymom.net

Remove Water Rings
Remove Water Rings Trick
– HomemadeMamas.net

Clean ceiling fan with pillow case
Clean Your Celing Fan with a Pillow Case
– simplystated.realsimple.com
leather sofaHow to Remove Scratches from Leather – mash-upchic.blogspot.com

Spring Cleaning Tips for Deep Cleaning the Bedroom

How to care for your mattress so you can prevent dust mites. So important!How to Care for Your Mattress & Prevent Dust Mites – whatsupfagans.com

How to Remove Pee Stains from your mattress, and remove the smell!How to Remove Pee Stains from a Mattress – What’s up Fagans?

A comparison of 11 popular methods of removing crayon marks from walls! So glad I found this! | whatsupfagans.comA Pinterest Experiment: 11 Different Ways to Remove Crayon from Walls – whatsupfagans.com

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Windows

Household Cleaning Tips: Clean Windows The Easy Way - Practically FunctionalThe Easy Way to Clean Your Windows – practicallyfunctional.com

Household Cleaning Tips - Magic Way to clean Your WIndowsMagic Way to Clean Your Windows – MadeFromPinterest.net

washingwindowsTips for Washing Windows, Sills, and Frames – AskAnnaMoseley.com

miniblinds-dustingchoicesBest Way to Clean Mini Blinds Comparison Test – TheManlyHousekeeper.com

cleaning blinds with vinager 5Clean Dirty Blinds – keephomesimple.blogspot.com

Spring Cleaning Tips for Deep Cleaning the Garage and Car

Tips-for-Winter-Car-Cleaning5 Tips for Winter Car Cleaning – TheNYMelroseFamily.com

truck-cleaner-3Easy Car Upholstery Stain Remover – Inspired-Housewife.com

FH05MAR_CLECAR_01Interior Car Cleaning – familyhandyman.com
Clean Your BBQ Grill
– MadeFromPinterest.net

Spring Cleaning Tips to Deep Clean Closets

closetshelforganization - a dose of paige How to Organize Your Closet Shelves in an Hour or Less – adoseofpaige.com

how to clean your dyson vacuumHow to Deep Clean Your Dyson Vacuum – AskAnnaMoseley.com

Spring Cleaning Tips for Deep Cleaning the Laundry Room

how to clean your iron - spring cleaning tipsHow to Clean Your Iron with Vinegar and Baking Soda – ThriftyandChic.com

Deep Clean Top Loading Laundry Machine - deep cleaning houseHow to Clean a Top Loading Washing Machine – ApartmentTherapy.com

clean_out_dryer_hose - spring cleaning deep cleaning tipsHow to Clean Your Dryer Ducts – PrettyHandyGirl.com

Remove Nail Polish from everything - housekeepers cleaning tipsHow to Remove Nail Polish – bellasugar.com

armpit-stains-44Good Bye Yellow Arm-Pit Stains – OneGoodThingByJillee.com

I hope that all of these amazing finds help you get cleaning your home this Spring! But, if you pin from this post, please pin the first main collage image only. If you want to pin a specific cleaning post, then please click to that post to pin. Thanks!

And be sure to follow my Cleaning board on Pinterest for more great cleaning tips and tricks for deep cleaning your house this Spring!

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    I love it! I found you today via the Hope in Every Season blog hop. So glad I did. I love all the tips and will be bookmarking. I was wondering can I put one picture and a link to your post and feature your article at my sites Spring Cleaning Round Up I am making?

  2. says

    What a great round-up! I definitely need some of these tips. A lot of these I’d never even thought of. Forrest and I were just talking about how we needed to figure out the best way to effectively clean our cast iron skillet 🙂

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    Thank you so much Katelyn for the features of my mattress urine remover and my upholstery cleaner as well. Will be pinning this great all around cleaning list. Amee

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    Katelyn, thanks so much for sharing my tip on cleaning the dishwasher with tang. All of the sudden, I am getting tons of traffic on that post–coming from this one. You rock!

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    The oven is always the last thing on my cleaning list, I just don’t like scrubbing it. If I can find a way to get it to just wipe clean like that, I wouldn’t mind cleaning it at all. I’ve tried a few different methods, ranging from harsh chemicals, to a more natural cleaner. I’ll try your method for this and see if it makes a difference. Thanks for all the great cleaning tips!

  6. Maria says

    Some great deep cleaning tips here. I didn’t even know that you could take the scratches off of plates.

  7. says

    I am big fan of cleaning my house and keep my family safe. Your tips are amazing and I think I am going to use them for cleaning my house in summer.

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    As a housewife, deep cleaning my house is something so important. I have 4 kids. It’s a challenge for me to keep my home clean and tidy all the time. I have had to clean some unbelievable spot in recent months. That’s why I think these tips are really helpful. Thanks for the great article!

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      Yes I agree with you Catherine 🙂 I have had similar issues but they were resolved because of a service I used,, let me know if you need such help again.. and indeed these steps are pretty help ful Thank you fagan! 🙂

  9. eve hunt says

    Thanks Katelyn for sharing these tips. Well I must you are really helping single parents like me. I am mom of two beautiful daughters but when it comes to clean a house and especially their room then it takes my nerves to high level. Managing house and my job is really headache for me. But these steps will lessen my burden. Also, I want to ask you that as I am shifting frequently due to my job so it is really nerve wrecking for me to pack all the things by self. My friend has told me about this bond cleaning service provider in our area Brisbane. I have never heard before about this kind of business. Is it good to hire them.


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