What’s up Fagans? Fridays Feb 2014

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We had such a great week here in the Fagan home!

1. Despite a great week, we were bummed that we ended up canceling our Valentine’s Day date due to a fresh dumping of 5-6 inches of snow that night. My plan to attend the Indiana Art Fair didn’t happen.  Our Valentine’s Day still hasn’t happened yet either.

2. On Saturday we went to my in-laws house! My father-in-law is doing better after his knee surgery, and we all had a great time painting, reading books, and eating good food.

3. Sunday we finally went to church, after what felt like a month-long absence, as we were no longer sick. After church we went to a friend’s house to eat a delicious dinner.

4. Monday we had swim lessons at the YMCA again, and I was able to run on the treadmill. I love having a regular time to go to the gym, even if I only get 20 minutes to run. Wednesday was our last swim lesson for this session and we were given little “report cards” on the girls, the first time we’ve ever received official reports on them. It was super weird to see what someone else thought about my child, written down on paper, with dashes and pluses. Both girls are doing swimmingly (ha) and love their lessons, and we’ll be signing them up for another session soon.

5. Tuesday I went to a local blogging workshop put on by the Indiana Family of Farmers. It was held at the Soybean Coalition. It was great connecting with all of these fabulous women and local bloggers. I learned a lot about blogging and what to do after you post thanks to Beckie of Infarrantly Creative. I am thankful I was able to have someone watch my kids so I could attend.

6. Wednesday, to celebrate the end of swim lessons, I took the girls to McDonald’s. Plus, we ran two other errands – going to the Post Office and the library – and my kids were all so well behaved and didn’t fuss when I said it was time to leave. Sometimes I am amazed at what wonderful girls I am raising. I am so glad that they no longer throw fits about everything.

7. My baby boy is 11 months old today!! Can you believe in one month he will be one year old? We also caught on film him taking 2 steps. He doesn’t do it often, but walking is not far away for this little babe.

8. It warmed up considerably this week and I made a snowman with Lisa out in the backyard. We decorated it with blackberries, baby carrot, pencils, scarf, and a hat. The girls were so concerned about their snowman losing its decorations. They also enjoyed playing with their neighbor friends, sloshing around in the giant puddle, and running around outside again. Is spring really coming?!Snowman9. I went to book club where we discussed the great book Unbroken: A WWII story of survival, resilience, and redemption. I will be reviewing it on my friend’s blog Hezzi-D’s Books and Cooks on Tuesday, so check it out then! (Affiliate link)

10. It felt great to finally get some checks in the mail for my blog! Plus, I wrote a new sponsored post, have the my best traffic ever lately, had several giveaways end on HDYDI, a Valentine’s Day flash giveaway on my Facebook page, and a new giveaway start today on my blog!

11. And, Josh got accepted into a Ph.D. program!! He honestly couldn’t believe he got accepted into a program! I knew he would get accepted all along. I still suspect we’ll receive many more acceptance letters in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for what we decide!

Have a great weekend!



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    Sounds like a good week for the Fagan family! Congrats to Josh on the acceptance. I was secretly hoping he would only get accepted to Greely sp ypu would have no choice but Colorado! Haha. I want to hear what you learned from Becky!

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    Thanks for the book review! I’ve had a lot of people viewing it! I am sooo tired of all the snow and it’s supposed to dump a lot more this weekend!