Parenting Book Review Theme Week and Giveaways!!

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I love reading parenting books. And I love sharing parenting book reviews with my readers.  This week over at How do you do it? – Where Mothers of Multiples Tell It Like It Is – we are having a parenting book review theme week! I’m so happy! I’m hoping it will help me find my next great parenting book to read. *My affiliate links are used in this post.*

Parenting Book Review Week and Giveaways!Parenting Book Reviews:

Yesterday I put together a post highlighting all the parenting book reviews I’ve shared here on What’s up Fagans? over the years. I would definitely check it out!

Today, I shared my book review of Be the Mom. Later this week I’m reviewing Twin Manibreasto – A Story of Milk and Multiples.

Other books being reviewed this week (links will be added when published):

Parenting Book Review GiveawayFlash Parenting Book Giveaways!

And, we are also doing five different giveaways on How do you do it? this week as well!

These are short, flash giveaways! Make sure to check back with HDYDI this week and enter each day (and leave comments, and find a new parenting book to pick up!).

Now tell me, what parenting books have you read? Which ones are you favorite and least favorite?




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