A Year of Dating: Month Nine Date Nights

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In case you missed it – I gave my husband a year of date nights for Christmas last year. I planned out 24 date night ideas, two dates a month, one date night in and one date night out. We’ve been greatly enjoying our time dating this year! Our date nights haven’t always gone according to my original plans, but I am happy to say that overall we’ve been on WAY more dates that the year before!

One Year of Dating - Date Nights Ideas

The Invitation

In September my “One Year of Dating” envelope for my husband read:

Dear Josh,

Who says you need to go outside to experience the great outdoors? I’m bringing it to you this month!

But, we’ll still get outside to enjoy an evening of park sporting goodness with friends.



The Date Night In

I love camping but I knew that with a new baby we probably wouldn’t get the chance to go this summer (although we did take our twins camping when they were only a few months old), but I figured that maybe we could still experience the great outdoors with this cute date night idea, Gone Campin’, from Love Actually.  However, we didn’t end up doing this date and I don’t know if we will this year. I’ll have to save it for next year.  But, I totally love it.  And you don’t actually need to set up your tent inside (I honestly question if our would fit inside our tiny apartment) but you can just make a cool fort with blankets, and lay under your glow in the dark stars. Again, make sure to invite your spouse to this date, to get them excited and totally on board. I love the invitation Love Actually made for it. I can’t stop chuckling to myself about the innuendos in it!

(For more date night ideas be sure to check out The Dating Diva’s Ultimate Date Night ebook!)

The Date NightOut

As September is still a warm month, I thought I would take advantage of that and have a fun double/group date at the park, and throw around a baseball, Frisbee or football, or shoot some hoops or (try to) play some tennis. My husband loves playing sports and so do I, so I figured it would be the perfect, fun little date, especially with some of our closest friends along for the fun.  But, we didn’t quite do this date as originally intended.

(If you want to have regular monthly group dates, The Dating Divas has an awesome kit and tips for getting one going and having a lot of fun!)

However, in September, for Labor Day, we went over to a friend’s house, grilled out in their backyard, let the kids play, and then we played some ladder ball and croquet. And, in June, for my husband’s birthday, we did get together with a bunch of friends at the park, and did throw around a baseball for a while. Plus, this summer we went to a church picnic and threw around a Frisbee for a while as well. And, we often went out in the backyard and threw around a Frisbee or baseball or ball this summer. We’ve also recently  played racquetball together at the YMCA while our kids are in the child watch. So, I guess you could say we’ve had lots of fun time together outside and playing sports.

What have you done with your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend lately for date nights?

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  1. says

    Cute idea! The last fun thing we did was make a fire in the fireplace, have homemade hot cocoa and marshmallows, and just sit in front of the fire and enjoy each other.

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing the ideas, we always need more date night suggestions. This week we’re visiting a bakery and some antique shops. 🙂

    Stopping in from Creative K Kids linky.

  3. says

    Absolutely love this idea. Date nights don’t happen that much over here, we try to, but with a little one and no babysit it’s not always easy. Definitely thinking about this, especially the nights in!

  4. says

    Wow, so creative, fun and practical, Katelyn! My husband and I spent good money on a gift that provided “mystery” dates for “him” and for “her.” Honestly, we didn’t do many of them, but it was something that I remember being really excited about. So this is very exciting to me to get your great ideas for free! Thanks for doing all the hard “thinking” for us and I’ll have to let you know how this goes for us!

    • says

      Well, thanks Beth! I wish most of the date ideas were super original and all my own, but I link to what I used or where I found my inspiration (most of which are free anyway!). Have fun dating!

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