A Year of Dates: Month Ten Date Night Ideas

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In case you missed it, I gave my husband a year of dates for Christmas last year, because the gift of love is the best gift of all! I gave him 12 envelopes, 1 for each month, and each month I planned out two dates, one date night in, one date night out. Over the last year, we have had a great time going on more dates than we have in the past, even if our planned dates haven’t always gone according to my master plan. The important this is that we prioritized spending time together and going out on dates. *Disclosure: Affiliate links are used in this post.*One Year of planned date nights. 24 dates for the year, one date night in and one date night out per month! Put all you need in the envelopes and gift it as a gift!

The Invite Envelope

October was our month 10. Here is what my envelope read:

Dear Josh,

It’s your turn to pick: we’ll play the video game of your choice, but I’ll choose the prizes for the winners and the loser.

And then let’s see how well we can conquer rocky grounds on our date out this month.



The Date Night In

Josh and I have enjoyed playing some video games on our PlayStation 3, namely the LEGO games. But, in October, we didn’t end up playing a video game of my husband choice for our date night in. We played a card game of his choice instead!

My husband got into Magic: The Gathering this fall, and we played together several times, at night, after the kids went to bed.  The good news is that I, in my middle school years, played Magic with my older brothers sometimes, so I actually enjoyed playing. Plus, I won the first like five games against him (using one of his decks) and it was actually a lot of fun!

The Date Night Out

For our date night out we were supposed to go rock climbing. I see package deals on rock climbing on Groupon all the time, and remember enjoying going rock climbing a couple times back in college. However, none of those times was with my husband, who has never gone rock climbing. But, we didn’t end up doing it, for various reasons. I hope that someday we will though!

In October, we DID get to go on a date night out though. My in-laws offered to come up on a Friday night and let my husband and I go out sans kids! We were excited and wanted to hit up a movie. However, the movie vouchers I had were actually expired, which we realized after we arrived at the theater. So, faced with limited time and an evening now free (because we didn’t want to see anything playing badly enough to pay full price), we improvised and decided to walk around some stores. Not super romantic or out of the ordinary, but we checked out Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Michaels looking at things we’d like for “our future home.” There are so many things we want some day – KitchenAid Mixers, floor mats, new cookware, a food processor, over the oven microwave, lamps, pretty shower curtains, etc. We also like to talk about how we’ll decorate someday, testing out each others style aesthetics, which, thankfully, seem to line up fairly well. We also talked about other things, and our date night out turned out quite well! I love talking to my husband. It’s how I fell in love with him in the first place. It was still a great date in my book.

What dates have you gone on lately?

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    I like the idea of dates as a Christmas gift. I hate planning and I don’t think I could do quite so many without going nuts, but I’m sure I could adjust the number to something manageable.

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