A Year of Dates: Month Seven Date Nights

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In case you missed it – I gave my husband a year of date nights for Christmas last year. I planned out 24 date night ideas, two each month, one date night in and one date night out. We’ve been greatly enjoying our time dating this year! Our date nights haven’t always gone according to my original plans, but I am happy to say that overall we’ve been on WAY more dates that the year before!

A year of dates Art 075

My July my envelope read:

Dear Josh,
We may never have taken a honey moon here, but it has always been top of our list.
This month let’s take a trip to Hawaii from the comfort of our own home!
And then let’s go enjoy the great outdoors and games that can be had at Great Times.

The Date Night In

July is my birthday month. It is also a month that certainly brought with it a change of plans. So, while I didn’t actually do the date night in idea for a romantic “trip to Hawaii” (via Love Actually) we did end up going to a real beach at the ocean. So I call that a total win. We might have brought our kids with us to the beach, but we got out together and had a blast.

*If you want more great date night in ideas, I would totally check out The Dating Divas Ultimate Date Night Book. It has all the printables and everything laid out for you and is awesome!

The Date Night Out

And Great Times is a local arcade/sports complex type place in Indianapolis. I love going mini-golfing, and they even have a play area that we scored free tickets to from the summer reading program, but we never did manage to get there this summer or this year.  We’ve had “great times” outside of their establishment though.  Does that count?

What dates have you and your S/O gone on lately? What’s your favorite date night?

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    We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon but I think it’s a great idea to re-create it at home because we won’t be able to go back for a long, long time! I think I may use this idea for Xmas or his birthday-thanks!


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