Year of Date Night Ideas: Month Eight

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In case you missed it – I gave my husband a year of date nights for Christmas last year. I planned out 24 date night ideas, two each month, one date night in and one date night out. We’ve been greatly enjoying our time dating this year! Our date nights haven’t always gone according to my original plans, but I am happy to say that overall we’ve been on WAY more dates that the year before!

A year of dates Art 075August’s Date Night Ideas envelope read:

Dear Josh,

I love you so much and miss you when you are gone at school all day. So, let me show you how much I love my student spouse with a special night at home.

And then let’s do something we did often when we were in college, bowling, but with a romantic twist!



The Date Night In

I really do miss my husband when he’s gone all day at school. The kids miss him too. I really love my husband and want him to always feel appreciated and special. That’s why I chose to plan this at-home date night called “Lovin’ Your Student Spouse 101” from Love Actually.  It’s such a cute idea and very fun and romantic too! I love that the date night is broken down into class period like in school. We haven’t done this date yet, but is definitely one I’m going to plan for us soon! Although, in talking to Josh about it, he said, maybe we can skip the Math period. He’s already doing enough as it is.

(For more date night ideas, be sure to check out The Dating Diva’s Ultimate Date Night Book!)

The Date Night Out

I like going bowling. Josh sometimes likes going bowling. Sometimes an old injury/surgery on his hand makes bowling painful, and then not very fun. While we didn’t end up going bowling in August, we DID go bowling this year, right before our son was born in March. I think I’ll count that as our (family) date night out.  It was a lot of fun, despite me looking (and feeling) like a had a huge bowling ball under my shirt the whole time (although that would’ve been smaller than what I actually had going on under my shirt). I even took a “snowman” picture of my wonderfully overdue pregnant self.Pregnant bowling family date night out collage

What fun dates have you done with your significant other lately?

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