A Year of Dates – Month Six Date Night Ideas

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In case you missed it, for Christmas this last year I gave my husband a year of date night ideas. I planned two date ideas for each month – one is an date night in, and the other is a date night out.  He just has to pick the days to do them. It has been so much fun doing these date ideas this year! (Even if we do them late and out of order sometimes.)

Date night in and date night out ideas!

June’s Date Night Envelope

The invite for this month read:

Dear Josh, 
You are my Superman! And one night this month I will show you just how much I love my Man of Steel.
And then we’ll get to see how steely you and I are as we go for a ride around town while only supported by two wheels.

The Date Night In

Month six was June, and June marks my husband’s birthday.  So, I wanted to do something extra special for him on his birthday.

I got this awesome date night kit called “You’re My Superman” from Definitionoflove.com.  I love their date kits – they come with a bunch of ideas and suggestions to make your themed date night awesome whether at home or out. However, they are no longer up and running (I apologize!) but if you want to find some other great date night in ideas, I would definitely recommend The Dating Divas Ultimate Date Night Book. It’s got everything you need to plan and have awesome dates!

Date Night In Idea - You're my Superman Date Night Kit for Husband

The first thing I did was print out the kit’s little “Super S” cards and write little love notes about the things I appreciate and admire about my husband, leaving them all around the house for him to find throughout the day.  I came up with attributes that begin with the letters of “super.” For example, one card said,

Super things I love about you:

Sweet! You are so thoughtful and loving to me and the kids!
Unwavering! You are diligent and thorough with the tasks you are faced with.
Prayerful – You are a good example and reminder to me to pray more often.
Entertaining – Your sense of humor is so fun and engaging.
Resilient – You don’t let bad things keep you down for long. You always get back up.

I also sent him some sexy texts during the day, playing on the Man of Steel and Superman theme. I also left him other notes and “coupons.” My husband loved it and felt very super on his birthday! We should really have watched the movies too!

The Date Night Out

For our date out we were supposed to go on a bike ride together.  As Josh was on a huge biking kick anyways this summer, it was a perfect idea. However, I didn’t have my bike during June, but in July when we visited his parents (where my bike was on loan), Josh and I were able to leave the kids briefly (like 10 minutes) and go for a little bike ride around their neighborhood!  So, we did indeed get to go out on a very mini-date out doing what I had originally planned.

But, in June we went out to an Indianapolis Indians Game right after Josh’s birthday, so I totally count that as a date night out we had that month, even if our kiddos were with us.  Josh loves baseball and it was a free event I got to go to because of blogging.

What have you done with your spouse lately? Tell me about your last date! Do you have favorite date night ideas?

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  1. Deirdre says

    I love this idea! I tried clicking on the link for definitionoflove.com and an error popped up. Can you help me out? I was hoping to access the printables you talked about in your post! Thank you!

    • says

      You aren’t the first to tell me this! I am bummed because they appear to no longer be doing business, as they are no longer selling their printables. I am toying with making my own, but it probably won’t be done anytime soon. Sorry!

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