Six Months Old and Adorable

September 26th, 2013 2 Comments

My baby boy is six months old.  Half a year has already flown by.  And I can’t believe how quickly it has gone!  When did half a year happen? When did Michael get so old?

We had his 6 month appointment today and he was 19lbs 10 oz and 27.5″ long.

Michael is a big baby.  But, he’s still just my sweet little babe.  He is “crawling” of sorts.  He scoots backwards well, roll all around the room, and has learned how to go forward by rocking from side to side and rolling around. He can’t sit up by himself yet.6 months He sometimes “talks,” babbling “Dad, Dad, Dad” and “Ma Ma Ma” among other things, and generally does so at a loud volume, especially at church.

He sleeps fairly well, going back to bed after he gets up in the morning for a little bit. He then takes a long afternoon nap along with his sisters (2-3 hours of quiet every day!  I am a lucky mom).  In the past two or three weeks he’s been getting up once or twice a night, with a few nights where he slept through the whole night.  However, he is a light sleeper, and doesn’t stay asleep in his car seat or at church for very long.  But, he does often fall asleep pretty well when he’s in the ErgoBaby carrier, but not while in a stroller.

Michael is in 6-9 month clothes, though some are already a little snug!  He’s already in size 3 diapers (has been for about a month).  However, he has only a handful of times shot out at us while changing his diaper. 6 month old

Michael is super ticklish.  And it’s awesome.  He gives the best, biggest smiles and laughs, melting my heart every time.

Little Mike loves his big sisters and often stares and coos and grabs their hair.  And they love him!  They love bringing him toys, giving him hugs and kisses, and making sure I know if he’s awake, hungry, or tired.  They are mommy’s little helpers.

Mike is a drooly kid, but still has no teeth.  He’s had a few Cheerios, a bite of a cracker, and the taste of an apple and a banana.  We’ll be working on introducing some baby food in the coming weeks, but so far he’s only had breast milk straight from mom.  He’s tried drinking from a bottle once or twice (and the girls loved trying to give Michael a bottle!), but he didn’t care for it much, making a disgusted face every time.  6 months

And Michael is just a sweetie.  He makes us all so happy.  He’s such a perfect baby.  He doesn’t fuss much at all, mostly content to just roll around the floor all day.  When he cries, it’s usually for a reason.

We are seriously extremely happy and blessed to have him in our lives.  He is a gift from heaven.  Three kids hasn’t been challenging much at all…. yet.

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The author of What's up Fagans?, she is a stay-at-home mom to twin daughters and a bouncing baby boy. She loves her simple life and works hard to make it great. She reads books, exercises, draws, sings, teaches, and much more.

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He is adorable! I love the big, beautiful eyes!

    Thank you! It’s his most talked about feature for sure!